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Lawrence F. Bernstein

(fl Paris, 1540–60). French editor, composer and arranger. He was employed as an editor by Pierre Attaingnant in Paris, where he was known as a ‘musicien compositeur’. The title-pages of books 3, 4 and 5 of Attaingnant’s Danceries state that the music was ‘looked over’ or ‘looked over and corrected’ by Claude Gervaise, sçavant musicien’. After Attaingnant’s death Gervaise continued to give editorial assistance to Marie Lescallopier Attaingnant, who maintained the printing establishment, bringing out volumes of music sporadically until ...


Susan Forscher Weiss

(b Kemnath, c1505; d St Lorenzen am Steinfeld, Lower Austria, c1564). German songbook editor and poet. He studied at the University of Vienna about 1523, but in the mid-1530s he married, had a child, and worked as a Protestant cantor in the city of Amberg in Bavaria. About ...