What's new in March 2018

March 26, 2018


Eight years ago, in response to feedback from scholars, we launched UpdateGMO, a major program to ensure that Grove content remains authoritative and useful to researchers. This update includes 4 new articles that were commissioned through this program.

Thousands of articles have been updated through this program so far, but there is still much work to be done and we need your help. On behalf of the editorial team and Editor in Chief Deane Root, we invite you to participate by contacting the editors to:

  • Submit updates to your articles
  • Suggest corrections, revisions, or new articles
  • Send us your current contact information
  • Tell us what you think

Southeastern and East Central Europe 

Overseen by Editor in Chief Jim Samson, expanding our coverage of Southeastern and East Central Europe is our largest edited online project to date. View the list of countries covered and articles added or updated, which will continue to expand as the project continues. With this update we have added 34 new articles to the collection, including:

New Content from AmeriGrove and the Instruments Dictionary


With this update we note the addition of 30 new articles to Grove Music Online from the second edition of The Grove Dictionary of American Music (AmeriGrove), edited by Charles Hiroshi Garrett. The first edition (1986) is widely considered the definitive reference work on the subject, and while some of the topics in this update appeared in the first edition, all are completely new to Grove Music Online and have been updated for the project.

This AmeriGrove update continues to expand the scope of Grove’s coverage. View the complete list of AmeriGrove articles added to Grove Music Online. Entries added in this update include:

Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments

This update also includes 45 new articles from The Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments, 2nd edition (GDMI). View the complete list of Instruments articles added to Grove Music Online. Entries added in this update include:

Multimedia Links

Some Grove articles now contain links to audio and video recordings and score facsimiles, thanks to partnerships with Alexander Street Press and Naxos Music Library, and are accessible to users/institutions who have subscriptions to these sites. You can find articles that contain multimedia links by entering “multimedia links” in the search bar and pressing enter.

We will continue to add links to multimedia materials with each new update. If you are a Grove author and would like to help us select links for your articles, please contact us.

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