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The Grove Dictionary of American Music

AmeriGrove cover

Second Edition

Edited by Charles Hiroshi Garrett, University of Michigan

The Grove Dictionary of American Music, 2nd edition, published in 2013, is the largest, most comprehensive reference publication on American music. Twenty-five years ago, the four volumes of the first edition of the dictionary initiated a great expansion in American music scholarship. This second edition reflects that growth in scholarship: at eight volumes, it provides greatly expanded coverage, particularly in the areas of popular music, cities and regions, musical theater, opera, concert music, and music technology, as well as the musical traditions of many ethnic and cultural groups. Articles range from small definitions of dance styles and musical terms to mid-length biographies of important performers, composers and music patrons, to longer examinations of larger subjects such as the history of jazz, musical instruments, music education in the United States, and the American history of the orchestra.

Project Editor, Design and Development
Mark Clague, University of Michigan

Advisory Board
Frances R. Aparicio, Lynne Aspnes, Harris M. Berger, José Antonio Bowen, Philip V. Bohlman, David Brackett, Dale Cockrell, James Deaville, Robert Fink, Kyle Gann, Mark Katz, Elise K. Kirk, Ellen Koskoff, Martin Miller Marks, Portia K. Maultsby, Judith McCulloh, David Nicholls, Carol J. Oja, Craig B. Parker, Katherine K. Preston, Thomas L. Riis, Deane L. Root, David Sanjek, Ann Sears, Magen Solomon, Amy Ku‘uleialoha Stillman, James A. Strain, Timothy D. Taylor, Judith Tick, Sherrie Tucker, Graham Wade, Paul F. Wells, Deborah Wong, Josephine Wright

Senior Editorial Board
E. Douglas Bomberger, Carolyn Bryant, Mark Clague, Kevin Fellezs, Daniel Goldmark, Jere T. Humphreys, Tammy L. Kernodle, Beth E. Levy, Alejandro L. Madrid, Travis D. Stimeling, Jacqueline Warwick

Contributing Editors
Elizabeth Aldrich, Bryan Burton, Raoul F. Camus, Esther R. Crookshank, David P. DeVenney, William A. Everett, Emily Daus Ferrigno, Thomas V. Fraschillo, Brian Harker, Loren Kajikawa, John Koegel, Paul R. Laird, Stephen A. Marini, Drew Massey, Michael Meckna, N. Lee Orr, Michael V. Pisani, Arian Sheets, Joanna R. Smolko, Stephanie N. Stallings, Judy S. Tsou, Paul F. Wells, Ron Wiecki, Stephen D. Winick

Assistant Contributing Editor
Sylvia R. Martin

We are currently in the process of putting all of the more than 9,000 entries online, but that project is not yet complete. View a complete list of all entries added to Grove Music Online from the second edition of The Grove Dictionary of American Music, or click on a link below to see which articles were added in a particular update. Click here to view the dictionary’s preface.

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For more information on the 8-volume print set, click here.

The Grove Dictionary of American Music was awarded the 2013 Association of American Publishers Prose Award, Multivolume Reference/Humanities and Social Sciences.

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