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Below you will find a sampling of select, freely available articles from Grove Music Online. Please note that these free articles do not feature the full functionality available to Grove Music Online subscribers, including article navigation tools, image viewing options, hover-over text for abbreviations, and OpenURL links. Click here for more information on how to subscribe or recommend this resource for your institution.

Athens, Capital city of Greece

Bulgaria, Country in south-eastern Europe

Carthusians, Monastic order

Davies, Peter Maxwell, English composer

Fromm Music Foundation, Foundation incorporated with the focus of promoting modern music

Fromm, Paul Jakob, American wine merchant, writer on music, and philanthropist of German birth

Gjevelekaj, Gjon, Kosovar composer

International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres, organization formed to promote international cooperation and standardization between libraries

Music Library Association [MLA], organization formed to promote the establishment, growth, and use of music libraries in the United States

The Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca, Romanian opera company, lyric theatre, and ballet

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