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Oxford Music Online hosts Grove Music Online and other Oxford music reference works. The site is updated three times per year, with new and updated articles, new tools for navigating content, and improved functionality.

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September 2014 Update

Grove Music Online

New Content


With this update we note the addition of 301 new articles to Grove Music Online from the second edition of The Grove Dictionary of American Music (AmeriGrove), edited by Charles Hiroshi Garrett, including biographies on Enrique Iglesias, Pat Benatar, and Shakira, and subject entries on Latino musicmusical theater, and the temperance songs. The first edition (1986) is widely considered the definitive reference work on the subject, and while some of the topics in this update appeared in the first edition, all are completely new to Grove Music Online and have been updated for the project.

This AmeriGrove update continues to expand the scope of Grove’s coverage, including 43 new articles on film music, 49 on folk music, 60 on Hispanic/Latino music, 96 on popular music, and 9 on Native American music.

Click here for the complete list of AmeriGrove articles added to Grove Music Online.

We invite you to explore this AmeriGrove update through this sampling of entries added:

Film music
Bradley, Scott
Davis, Don
Isham, Mark
Production music
Silvestri, Alan

Popular music post-1945
Coleman, Michael
Folk revival, the
Holt, Bob
Reed, Henry
Wine, Melvin

Hispanic/Latino music
Enrique Iglesias
Latin jazz
Ray, Richie
Ybarra, Eva

Popular music pre-1945
Durante, Jimmy
Hicks, Stanley
Wooding, Sam

Popular music post-1945
Arena rock
Benatar, Pat
Diamond, Neil

Native American music
Native American popular music

Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments

This update also includes 99 new articles from The Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments, 2nd edition (GDMI). New biographies include Adler, Oscar, Anderson, Laurie, and Albani, Mathias, and new subject entries include Abel Hammer Company, Akidi, and ANS.

Click here for the complete list of Instruments articles added to Grove Music Online.

We invite you to explore this Instruments update through this sampling of entries added:

Abbey, John
Adams, Nathan
Allen, Samuel

Subject Entries
Andover Organ Company

Multimedia Links

Several Grove articles now contain links to audio and video recordings and score facsimiles, thanks to partnerships with Alexander Street Press and Naxos Music Library, accessible to users/institutions who have subscriptions to these sites. You can find articles that contain multimedia links by clicking on Advanced Search, entering “multimedia links”, and ticking the Bibliographies box. Below is a list of articles from this update that contain multimedia links:

Gaito, Constantino
Gianneo, Luis
Ginastera, Alberto
Williamson, Malcolm
Senfl, Ludwig

We will continue to add links to multimedia materials with each new update. If you are a Grove author and would like to help us select links for your articles, please contact us.


Five years ago, in response to feedback from scholars, we launched UpdateGMO, a major program to ensure that Grove content remains authoritative and useful to researchers. This update includes 171 articles that were revised or newly commissioned through this program, including updated articles on synaesthesia (see also farblichtmusik and colour and music) as well as the 17th century Italian composer and keyboard virtuoso Girolamo Frescobaldi. A new article on Medievalism has also been added.

Hundreds of articles have been updated through this program so far, but there is still much work to be done and we need your help. On behalf of the editorial team and Editor in Chief Deane Root, we invite you to participate by emailing the editors at updateGMO@oup.com to

  • Submit updates to your articles
  • Suggest corrections, revisions, or new articles
  • Send us your current contact information
  • Tell us what you think

Oxford Index Underbar

You now have access to the Oxford Index underbar (beta), a free tool that generates links to related content from all Oxford University Press online resources, including scholarly monographs, journal articles, and more. For example, if you’re researching “Mozart” on Oxford Music Online, the underbar will draw from a variety of Oxford resources to give you further results on that topic. Clicking the arrows located at the bottom of the browser will expand the underbar, enhancing your search experience. For more information about the Oxford Index discovery service, watch our video or go to the Oxford Index website.

Previous Updates

  • The March 2014 update featured 399 new AmeriGrove articles and 165 new and updated Grove Music Online articles.
  • The January 2014 update featured 399 new AmeriGrove articles, including biographies of Louis Armstrong and George Gershwin.
  • The November 2013 update featured 400 new articles from AmeriGrove, as well as an interview with AmeriGrove’s Editor in Chief, Charles Hiroshi Garrett.
  • The March 2013 update featured 350 new AmeriGrove articles, as well as nearly 200 new articles from the forthcoming Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments.
  • The December 2012 update featured 342 new AmeriGrove articles and introduced new multimedia links.
  • The September 2012 update saw the addition of nearly 200 new AmeriGrove articles and increased coverage of specific music genres including country and bluegrass, musical theater, and hip hop.
  • The March 2012 update increased coverage of American choral music as well as concert music after 1950.(Read the 2012 Letter from the Editor.)
  • The December 2011 update included a focus on Australian composers and musical instruments.
  • The July 2011 update included the first installment of 88 articles from the forthcoming second edition of The Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments as well as 198 new articles from the second edition of The Grove Dictionary of American Music, and featured articles about dance, film music and Hispanic/Latino music.
  • The March 2011 update spotlighted the music education, music and dance, and Hispanic/Latino music articles included in the 198 new articles added from the second edition of The Grove Dictionary of American Music.
  • The November 2010 update featured the continued content expansion of material from the second edition of The Grove Dictionary of American Music, with a focus on 19th-century music, organ music, and scholars and librarians.
  • The June 2010 update further expanded contemporary music coverage in Grove, and introduced 200 articles from the forthcoming second edition of The Grove Dictionary of American Music.
  • The March 2010 update focused primarily on 19th-century American music, introducing 250 new articles from the forthcoming second edition of The Grove Dictionary of American Music.
  • The December 2009 update introduced 100 new articles from the forthcoming second edition of The Grove Dictionary of American Music, including entries on conductors, composers, educators, librarians, and subjects related to band music (instrument makers, bandmasters, and organizations).
  • The September 2009 update focused on contemporary composers and announced the appointment of Deane Root as Editor in Chief. (Read the press release and Dr. Root's first Letter from the Editor.)
  • The June 2009 update focused on new and revised articles on both operas and opera singers, drawn primarily from the Grove Book of Opera Singers.
  • The March 2008 update introduced the relaunch of Grove Music Online. (Read Laura Macy’s Letter from the Editor.).

We invite you to continue to provide us with your thoughts and comments regarding enhancements via the Contact Us form.

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