What's new in March 2020

March 30, 2020

This update includes five new articles to Grove Music Online.

New Articles

Duke, Vernon
Glanville-Hicks, Peggy
Instrument modifications and extended techniques
Price, Florence Bea(trice)


The update also includes 50 revised articles commissioned through the UpdateGMO program.

Revised Articles

Adam, Theo(dor)
Arnold, Samuel
Bernstein, Elmer
Curtin, Phyllis
De Packh, Maurice
Elfman, Danny
Field, John
Goldenthal, Elliot
Goldsmith, Jerry
Hamlisch, Marvin
Hancock, Herbie
Harnoncourt, Nikolaus
Hayman, Richard (Warren)
Herrmann, Bernard
Hurford, Peter (John)
Knussen, (Stuart) Oliver
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang
Laderman, Ezra
Legrand, Michel
Marini, Biagio
Moross, Jerome
Morricone, Ennio
Nettl, Bruno
Neville Brothers, the
Newman, Alfred
Newman, Randy
Nketia, J(oseph) H(anson) Kwabena
North, Alex
Oliveros, Pauline
Portman, Rachel (Mary Berkeley)
Previn, André
Raksin, David
Rautavaara, Einojuhani
Rosenman, Leonard
Rota, Nino
Rouse, Christopher (Chapman)
Rózsa, Miklós
Schiff, Heinrich
Schwartz, Elliott (Shelling)
Sherrill, Billy [Norris]
Shire, David (Lee)
Steiner, Max(imilian Raoul Walter)
Stothart, Herbert (Pope)
Tiomkin, Dimitri
Uccellini, Marco
Walden, W(illiam) G(arrett) [Snuffy]
Weavers, the
Williams, John (Towner)
Zuckermann, Wolfgang Joachim [Wallace]

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