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Richard Johnston

Guitar, mandolin, and ukulele manufacturer. It was founded in Houston, Texas, in 1976 by Bill Collings (b 1948), who had moved from Ohio to Texas following a failed attempt at medical school. After building a few guitars and some banjos, Collings moved to Austin in ...


John Barnes, Charles Beare and Laurence Libin

Faking musical instruments can involve such acts as creating an entirely new deceptive object, rebuilding an instrument with intent to deceive, conflating parts from different sources to form an instrument with a fictitious history, or forging an inscription on an instrument (and producing false documentation) in order to associate it with an advantageous name or period. A successful faker needs to know what customers want and the extent of their historical knowledge. Fakes can thus shed light on those who were deceived as well as on those responsible for deception. Partly to discourage misrepresentation, during the Middle Ages European trade guilds began to register makers’ marks and require their use on products; bells were perhaps the first instruments to bear such identification. Despite continuing efforts to suppress the practice, and improving methods of detection, faking and forgery, especially of valuable instruments sought by collectors as investments, continue to flourish....


Sarah Deters Richardson

International organization founded in New York in 1988 to offer a forum for the exchange of ideas about the history of brass instruments and their music. Organized by participants in the annual Early Brass Festival (first held in 1985), the HBS is composed of amateur and professional brass musicians and scholars and is concerned with the complete range of brass instruments from ancient times to the present, with a focus on history, the musical literature, and performance practice. The society also aims to bridge the cultural gap between the scholarly music community and musicians who are primarily performers. Since ...


John T. Shepard and Anita Sullivan

An international nonprofit organization of piano tuners and technicians that monitors and maintains standards in the craft, in the absence of government licensing. Formed in 1958 by the merger of the National Association of Piano Tuners (founded 1908) and the American Society of Piano Technicians (founded ...