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Clementi, Muzio  

Leon Plantinga

revised by Luca Lévi Sala

[Clementi, Mutius Philippus Vincentius Franciscus Xaverius]

(b Rome, Jan 23, 1752; d Evesham, Worcs., March 10, 1832). English composer, keyboard player and virtuoso, teacher, music publisher, entrepreneur, and piano manufacturer of Italian birth.

The oldest of seven children of Nicola Clementi (1720–89), a silversmith, and Magdalena (née Kaiser), Clementi began studies in music in Rome at a very early age; his teachers were Antonio Boroni (1738–92), an organist named Cordicelli, Giuseppi Santarelli (1710–90), and possibly Gaetano Carpani. In January 1766, at the age of 13, he secured the post of organist at his home church, S Lorenzo in Damaso. In that year, however, his playing attracted the attention of an English traveller, Peter Beckford (1740–1811), cousin of the novelist William Beckford (1760–1844) and nephew of William Beckford (1709–70), twice Lord Mayor of London. According to Peter Beckford’s own forthright explanation, he ‘bought Clementi of his father for seven years’, and in late ...


Gerle, Hans  

Howard Mayer Brown

revised by Lynda Sayce

(b Nuremberg, c1500; d Nuremberg, 1570). German instrumentalist, lute maker and compiler and arranger of several volumes of instrumental music. He was probably the son of Conrad Gerle (d 1521), a well-known lute maker in Nuremberg. He may be presumed to have spent his life in his native city. He may have been related to Georg Gerle who worked as an instrument maker in Innsbruck during the second half of the 16th century.

Hieronymus Formschneider of Nuremberg published three volumes of music by Hans Gerle: Musica teusch, auf die Instrument der grossen unnd kleinen Geygen, auch Lautten (1532), Tabulatur auff die Laudten (1533) and Eyn newes sehr künstlichs Lautenbuch (1552). On the title-page of the last volume the author called himself ‘Hans Gerle den Eltern’ (the elder), implying the existence of a younger relative with the same forename.

The first volume, ...


Pleyel family (i)  

Rita Benton

Austro-French family of composers, musicians, publishers, and piano makers, active in France. (For the firm of piano makers, see Pleyel.)

Pleyel, Ignace Joseph [Ignaz Josef] (b Ruppersthal, June 18, 1757; d Paris, Nov 14, 1831)

Pleyel, (Joseph Stephen) Camille (b Strasbourg, Dec 18, 1788; d Paris, May 4, 1855)

Pleyel, (Camille) Marie (Denise) Moke (b Paris, Sept 4, 1811; d St Josse-ten-Noode, nr Brussels, March 30, 1875)

BrookSFN.E. Framery: Notice sur Joseph Haydn (Paris, 1810)J.F. Lobstein: Beiträge zur Geschichte der Musik im Elsass und besonders in Strassburg (Strasbourg, 1840), 33ffJ.-B. Weckerlin: Musiciana (Paris, 1877) [incl. several letters to Pleyel]O. Comettant, ed.: Un nid d’autographes (Paris, 1885, 2/1886) [incl. letters to Pleyel]C. Pierre: Les hymnes et chansons de la Révolution (Paris, 1904/R)M. Vogeleis: Quellen und Bausteine zu einer Geschichte der Musik und des Theaters im Elsass...