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to libretto and lyric writing that influenced all the major theatre songwriters of the postwar American theatre, and his works, particularly Show Boat and those with Rodgers, remain in the popular musical theatre repertory. Works ( selective list ) composers in parentheses; dates those of the first New York performance unless otherwise stated Stage Wildflower (V. Youmans, H. Stothart), Casino, 7 Feb 1923 Rose-Marie (R. Friml), Imperial, 2 Sept 1924 [incl. Indian Love Call, Rose-Marie; films, 1936, 1954] Sunny (J. Kern), New Amsterdam, 22 Sept 1925 [incl.


David Nicholls and Joel Sachs

latina, band, 1939 [arr. pf; 579a, lost] 587 ‡Pastoral and Fiddler’s Delight, 1940; cond. L. Stokowski, New York, 26 July 1940 594 American Melting Pot Set for Chbr Orch, 1940: 1 Chorale (Teutonic-American), 2 Air (Afro-American), 3 Satire (Franco-American), 4 Alapna (Oriental-American), 5 Slavic Dance (Slavic-American), 6 Rhumba with added 8th (Latin-American), 7 Square Dance (Celtic-American); cond. F. Petrides, New York, 3 May 1943 595 58 for Percy, band, 1940 [< f :595a] 597 ‡Ancient Desert Drone, 1940; cond. Grainger


Alec Hyatt King

1813 Polly, or The Sequel to Beggar’s Opera, 1813 The Illusion, 1811 Harlequin Harper, 1813 Remorse, 1814 The Unknown Guest, 1815 The Conquest of Taranto, 1817 The Bride of Abydos, 1818 Abudah, 1819 The Lady and the Devil, 1820 Miscellaneous Various songs and duets; one set of country dances; a ballet, 1810 6 sonatas, A, E♭, F, C, E, G, 2vn, b (London, n.d.) Bibliography BDA DNB ( L.M. Middleton ) LS SartoriL M. Kelly : Reminiscences (London, 1826, 2/1826/ R with introduction by A.H. King); ed. R. Fiske (London, 1975) S.M. Ellis : The Life of Michael Kelly, Musician