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Keith Moore

incorporating a rock group and requiring three conductors. From 1976 he focussed on assimilating the entire American musical tradition, including hymn tunes, marches and ragtime, and with Americana, or, A New Tale of the Genii he began his most ambitious project yet: a cycle of three operas, each encompassing a century of America’s musical heritage. Later works such as Arabesques Redux and The Blue Box use modes taken from jazz and non-Western traditional musics. Works ( selective list ) Dramatic Pyramus and Thisbe (chbr


Reinhold Sietz

revised by Matthias Wiegandt

adverse criticism. An indication of Hiller's pre-eminent position in musical life is given by his voluminous correspondence with composers, performers and publishers, which has yet been edited only partially. Works printed works published in Leipzig unless otherwise stated Operas all published in vocal score Romilda (os, G. Rossi), Milan, Scala, 8 Jan 1839, selected pieces (Milan, c 1839) Der Traum in der Christnacht (3, C. Gollmick, after E. Raupach), Dresden, 9 April 1845 ( c 1845) Konradin, der letzte Hohenstaufen (R. Reinick), Dresden, 13 Oct 1847 Der Advokat


Gerald R. Benjamin

composers and thought that the development of the ‘13th sound’ revolution would in itself be sufficient to give universal renown to Mexico. Out of it would result a new order, less complex though providing for complexity, less constrained though providing for restraint. Works Operas Without microtones La princesse Oïna (Ossian) (1, H. Albert), 1902 México en 1810 (Matilde) (4, L. Viramontes), 1909 Xulitl (3, C. d’Erzel), 1921, rev. 1947 Orchestral With microtones Sym. no.1 ‘Colombia’, c 1926 Serenata, ¼-tone vc, orch, 1926 Sym. no


Andrée Desautels

the Société des Symphonistes, which he organized in 1878 , and the Montreal Philharmonic Society ( 1880–99 ), as well as conducting the orchestra in concerts given by Emma Albani. Through these and two other concert societies he founded, Couture introduced the Montreal public to the operas of Wagner (which he studied on a trip to Bayreuth in 1893 ) and other Classical and Romantic repertory. Couture’s own compositional abilities are revealed in two important late works, a requiem and the oratorio Jean le Précurseur , which is in three sections. The first, La nativité


Svetlana Sarkisyan

century. Works ( selective list ) Edition Sobraniye sochineniy v dvadtsati chetïryokh tomakh [Collected works in 24 volumes] (Moscow, 1982–91) Stage and dramatic Ballets Schast′ye [Happiness] (3, G. Hovhanesian, choreog. I. Arbatov), 1939, Yerevan, Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Sept 1939 Gayane (4, K. Derzhavin, choreog. N. Anisimova), 1942, Perm′, 9 Dec 1942, rev. (3, B.V. Pletnyov, choreog. V. Vajnonen), 1957, Moscow, Bol′shoy, 1957 [from Schast′ye] Spartacus (4, N. Volkov, choreog. L. Yakobson), 1950–54, Leningrad, Kirov, 26 Dec 1956, rev. (3


3. Return to Bonn. In the spring of 1839 she returned to Bonn to finalize her divorce, intending initially to return to Berlin. As a polished performer and experienced teacher, Johanna attracted many students. She re-established the Gesangverein , whose performances of operas, operettas, and oratorios, which she directed, made an important contribution to concert life in Bonn. Together with the poet, Protestant theologian, and art historian Gottfried Kinkel, she co-founded the literary circle Der Maikäferbund . The intellectual exchange with the groups’


Armineh Grigorian

revised by Robert Atayan and Aram Kerovpyan

have been produced by the Arts Institute of the Armenian Academy of Sciences, is being continued by other publishers. 2. Works. Robert Atayan, revised by Aram Kerovpyan Komitas’s folksong collections are remarkable for their precision and variety; all the poetic forms, many dialect types and all the modal and rhythmic species are represented. One of his most valuable discoveries was that, apart from ancient folk melodies such as the improvisatory agricultural tunes, the hayren songs of the early gusan (professional minstrels) tradition and variations