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Peter Branscombe

1782 (Lipowsky) he married the singer Johanna Roithner (who later sang at the Munich Opera until at least 1811 ). The couple were at Brünn (now Brno) in 1783 as members of Waizhofer's company, and in 1785 they moved on to Linz, where Lasser directed the company in the 1786–7 season. In 1788 , after a brief season as director at Eszterháza, he rejoined Waizhofer, then at Graz. In 1791 the Lassers went to Munich, where he distinguished himself at court by singing arias in all four registers, and by playing a violin concerto. Apart from a successful guest appearance


Michal Ben-Zur

Exiles’, 1952 ). His most performed work, Symphonic Suite on Greek Themes ( 1943 ), received the 1951 Engel prize. Works ( selective list ) Operas Nedarim [Vows] (Salomon), 1954–5 David and Goliath (A. Bär), solo vv, chorus, ob, str qt, 1965 Four Times Methuselah: Methuselah Laughs Last (ob, Salomon), 1965–6 Vocal The Tone (cant., A. Nedel), 1933 Adon olam [Lord of All], T, chorus, org, 1949 Kibbutz ha’galuyot [Gathering of Exiles] (cant., Bible), 1952 Le’ma’an Yerushalayim [For the Sake of Jerusalem] (cant., Bible), 1958 Halo