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Marcello Piras

He was a professional at 13 and was considered the best pianist in town at 15. He was much in demand in the red-light district because of his musical memory and vast repertoire, embracing classical, light classical, opera, cake-walk (which he danced while playing), popular songs from the United States, Europe, and Latin America, blues, and, above all, ragtime. He could read and improvise, sing in a powerful operatic style in any range from baritone to soprano, and even adopt blues inflections. His attire was widely imitated. Jelly Roll Morton considered him a great


Charles K. Wolfe

revised by Linda J. Daniel

music singer-songwriter and guitarist . He was born in a small Texas community where his family farmed cotton and vegetables. Later they moved to Dallas. His mother eventually remarried, Price spending the school year in the city and summers working on the farm with his father. His opera-loving stepfather encouraged him to study classical voice which he did for six years during his early teens. While in college, he began to sing at Roy’s House Café in Dallas. Price made his first record for Bullet at Jim Beck’s Dallas studio in 1950 and appeared regularly on the


Barry Jean Ancelet

Special” for Opera Records, in French and in a style that harked back to the traditional sounds of earlier in the century. The record was surprisingly popular, especially among Cajuns who were increasingly concerned about drifting away from their cultural and linguistic heritage. He recorded all of his subsequent records with Eddie Shuler of Goldband Records of Lake Charles, Louisiana. He became a mainstay on the Cajun dance circuit, and though he recorded only a couple of dozen more sides before he died in an automobile accident, they are virtually all still being


Jonas Westover

Carey, Mariah ( Angela ) ( b Huntington, NY , March 27, 1970 ). American singer , composer , producer , and actress . She is one of the top-selling artists of all time, a star in R&B and pop who sold, according to some estimates, more than 200 million albums during the 1990s and 2000s. She learned to sing as a child from her mother, an opera singer and vocal coach. While in high school she sang backing vocals for other artists and developed her own compositional style. She moved to New York in the mid-1980s and became a backing singer for Brenda


Dave Laing

chord structures. His performances increasingly favoured flamboyant outrageousness over introspection, paying homage in equal parts to Little Richard and Liberace as he appeared in a series of flamboyant costumes, a style epitomized in his cameo appearance in the film of the Who's rock opera, Tommy . In 1979 he was the first Western pop star to tour the Soviet Union, but his career faltered when the partnership with Taupin was suspended in the late 1970s. They reunited in 1982 and during the 1980s created a number of outstanding songs among which were Nikita ,