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of his life in Modena. Buildings designed by him were erected or started in Padua, Vicenza, Stra and Modena from 1717 onwards. 11 operas to librettos by him, set by C.F. Pollarolo, Alessandro Scarlatti, Caldara and Luigi Mancia, were performed at the Teatro Grimani a S Giovanni Grisostomo, Venice, 1694–6 and 1704–8 . He wrote a further libretto for Padua, which was first performed at the Teatro Obizzi in the spring of 1695 . All these librettos are in five acts and treat mythological or historical subjects. Some are called tragedies, some (from 1704 ) tragicomedies;


Paula Morgan

Writings Vocal Music (New York, 1955) ed.: The Ring of Words: an Anthology of Song Texts (Garden City, NY, 1963) ‘How the Music Division of the New York Public Library Grew – a Memoir, I: 1895–1959’, Notes , 35 (1978–9), 537–47 ‘Edward Prime-Stevenson, Expatriate Opera Critic’, OQ , 6/1 (1988–9), 37–51 ‘Music Library Association: Notes From an Early Observer’, Modern Music Librarianship: Essays in Honor of Ruth Watanabe , ed. A. Mann (Stuyvesant, NY, 1989), 119–122 ed.: German Lieder (New York, 1990)


Carolyn Gianturco

revised by Teresa M. Gialdroni

nella storia d’Italia’: Piacenza 1986 (Florence, 1988), 365–80 ‘Un monumento di ufficialità musicale farnesiana: le “Gratiarum actiones” del piacentino Gasparo Villani’, RIMS , 11 (1990), 229–52 La musica strumentale di Johannes Brahms: guida alla lettura e all’ascolto (Turin, 1990) ‘I teatri d'opera di Piacenza prima della costruzione del Teatro Municipale’, NRMI , 25 (1991), 456–64 ‘Jules Massenet e altri per la musica della Festa dei Fiori a Piacenza’, Bollettino storico piacentino , 90 (1995), 3–16 ‘Sacro e profano in musica alla corte di Ranuccio


Christiane Spieth-Weissenbacher

revised by Valeria de Lucca

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Donald Jay Grout

revised by Mary Wallace Davidson

subsequently became lecturer in music history with the honorary title of professor ( 1912–14 ). He was also appointed to the board of directors of the Breslau Opera. Despite the university’s offer to create an extraordinary chair for him, the outbreak and continuation of war prompted him to return to New York, where he became head of the New York Public Library’s Music Division ( 1915–23 ) and organist of All Souls Universalist Church in Brooklyn. After the war (during which he served as a training officer, 1917–19 ) he travelled in France, Spain, Germany, and Italy


Jon Newsom

revised by H. Wiley Hitchcock

World War II. In 1975 , in recognition of his pre-eminence, a society was formed ‘to help disseminate accurate information and research dealing with all aspects of American music and music in America’, and was named the Sonneck society (now the Society for American Music). Sonneck’s scheme of music classification ( 1904 , the basis of the organization of music collections in the Library of Congress) and his work on opera librettos before 1800 remain the outstanding reference works of their kind. His other publications include Beethoven Letters in America , numerous