General Abbreviations

Grove Music Online uses abbreviations for general terms, in bibliographies, and for library archives.

  • General Abbreviations  - The abbreviations for music terms, places, academic degrees, etc. Includes the many abbreviations used in work-lists.
  • Bibliographical Abbreviations  - Abbreviations used in bibliographic citations for periodical titles, standard reference books, and series.
  • Library Sigla  - Abbreviations for libraries and other institutions holding music-related manuscripts (from RISM system).
  • Instrument Collection Sigla  - Abbreviations for collections of musical instruments (devised by Arnold Myers and used by permission; maintained by the International Committee of Musical Instrument Museums and Collections (CIMCIM;

General Abbreviations


A alto, contralto [voice]
a alto [instrument]
AA Associate of the Arts
AAS Associates in Arts and Sciences
AB Alberta; Bachelor of Arts
ABC American Broadcasting Company; Australian Broadcasting Commission
Abt. Abteilung [section]
ACA American Composers Alliance
acc. accompaniment, accompanied by
accdn accordion
addl additional
addn(s) addition(s)
ad lib ad libitum
AFM American Federation of Musicians
AFRS Armed Forces Radio Service
AFR&TS Armed Forces Radio & Television Service
aft(s) afterpiece(s)
Ag Agnus Dei
AGMA American Guild of Musical Artists
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AK Alaska
AL Alabama
all(s) alleluia(s)
AM Master of Arts
a.m. ante meridiem [before noon]
AMC American Music Center
Amer. American
amp amplified
AMS American Musicological Society
Anh. Anhang [appendix]
anon. anonymous(ly)
ant(s) antiphon(s)
appx(s) appendix(es)
AR Arkansas
arr(s). arrangement(s), arranged by/for
ARSC Association for Recorded Sound Collections
a-s all-sung
AS American Samoa
ASCAP American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
ASOL American Symphony Orchestra League
Assn Association
attrib(s). attribution(s), attributed to; ascription(s), ascribed to
Aug August
aut. autumn
AZ Arizona
aztl azione teatrale
B bass [voice], bassus
B Brainard catalogue [Tartini], Benton catalogue [Pleyel]
b bass [instrument]
b born
BA Bachelor of Arts
bal(s) ballad opera(s)
bap. baptized
Bar baritone [voice]
bar baritone [instrument]
B-Bar bass-baritone
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BC British Columbia
bc basso continuo
BCE before Common Era [BC]
Bd. Band [volume]
BEd Bachelor of Education
Beds. Bedfordshire
Berks. Berkshire
Berwicks. Berwickshire
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
BFE British Forum for Ethnomusicology
bk(s) book(s)
BLitt Bachelor of Letters/Literature
blq(s) burlesque(s)
blt(s) burletta(s)
BM Bachelor of Music
BME, BMEd Bachelor of Music Education
BMI Broadcast Music Inc.
BMus Bachelor of Music
bn bassoon
BRD Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland [West Germany])
Bros. Brothers
BRTN Belgische Radio en Televisie Nederlands
Bs Benedictus
BS, BSc Bachelor of Science
BSM Bachelor of Sacred Music
Bte Benedicite
Bucks. Buckinghamshire
Bulg. Bulgarian
bur. buried
BVM Blessed Virgin Mary
BWV Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis [Schmieder, catalogue of J.S. Bach's works]
C contralto
c circa [about]
c cent(s)
CA California
Cambs. Cambridgeshire
Can. Canadian
CanD Cantate Domino
cant(s). cantata(s)
cap. capacity
carn. Carnival
cb contrabass [instrument]
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBE Commander of the Order of the British Empire
CBS Columbia Broadcasting System
CBSO City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
CCNY City College of New York
CD(s) compact disc(s)
CE Common Era [AD]
CeBeDeM Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale
cel celesta
CEMA Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts
cf confer [compare]
c.f. cantus firmus
CFE Composers Facsimile Edition
CG Covent Garden, London
CH Companion of Honour
chap(s). chapter(s)
chbr chamber
Chin. Chinese
chit chitarrone
choreog(s). choreography, choreographer(s), choreographed by
Cie Compagnie
cimb cimbalom
cl clarinet
clvd clavichord
cm centimetre(s); comédie en musique
CM Northern Mariana Islands (US Trust Territory of the Pacific)
cmda comédie mêlée d'ariettes
CNRS Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
c/o care of
CO Colorado
Co. Company; County
Cod. Codex
coll. collected by
collab. in collaboration with
colln collection
col(s). column(s)
com componimento
comm(s) communion(s)
comp. compiler, compiled by
comp(s). composer(s), composed (by)
conc(s). concerto(s)
cond(s). conductor(s), conducted by
cont continuo
contrib(s). contribution(s)
Corp. Corporation
c.p.s. cycles per second
cptr(s) computer(s)
Cr Credo, Creed
CRI Composers Recordings, Inc.
CSc Candidate of Historical Sciences
CT Connecticut
Ct Contratenor, countertenor
CUNY City University of New York
CVO Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
Cz. Czech
D Deutsch catalogue [Schubert]; Dounias catalogue [Tartini]
d. denarius, denarii [penny, pence]
d died
DA Doctor of Arts
Dan. Danish
db double bass
DBE Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire
dbn double bassoon
DC District of Columbia
Dc Discantus
DD Doctor of Divinity
DDR German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik [East Germany])
DE Delaware
Dec December
ded(s). dedication(s), dedicated to
DeM Deus misereatur
Den. Denmark
Dept(s) Department(s)
Derbys. Derbyshire
DFA Doctor of Fine Arts
dg dramma giocoso
dir(s). director(s), directed by
diss. dissertation
dl drame lyrique
DLitt Doctor of Letters/Literature
DM Doctor of Music
dm dramma per musica
DMA Doctor of Musical Arts
DME, DMEd Doctor of Musical Education
DMus Doctor of Music
DMusEd Doctor of Music Education
DPhil Doctor of Philosophy
Dr Doctor
DSc Doctor of Science/Historical Sciences
DSM Doctor of Sacred Music
Dut. Dutch
E. East, Eastern
EBU European Broadcasting Union
EdD Doctor of Education
edn(s) edition(s)
ed(s). editor(s), edited (by)
EdS Education Specialist
EEC European Economic Community
e.g. exempli gratia [for example]
el-ac electro-acoustic
elec electric, electronic
EMI Electrical and Musical Industries
Eng. English
eng hn english horn
ENO English National Opera
ens ensemble
ENSA Entertainments National Service Association
EP extended-play (record)
esp. especially
etc. et cetera
EU European Union
ex., exx. example, examples
f forte
facs. facsimile(s)
fa(s) farsa(s)
fasc(s). fascicle(s)
Feb February
ff fortissimo
f, ff following page, following pages
f., ff. folio, folios
fff fortississimo
fig(s). figure(s) [illustration(s)]
FL Florida
fl flute
fl floruit [he/she flourished]
Flem. Flemish
fp fortepiano [dynamic marking]
Fr. French
frag(s). fragment(s)
FRAM Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music, London
FRCM Fellow of the Royal College of Music, London
FRCO Fellow of the Royal College of Organists, London
FRS Fellow of the Royal Society, London
fs full score
GA Georgia
Gael. Gaelic
GEDOK Gemeinschaft Deutscher Organisationen von Künstlerinnen und Kunstfreundinnen
GEMA Gesellschaft für Musikalische Aufführungs- und Mechanische Vervielfaltingungsrechte
Ger. German
Gk. Greek
Gl Gloria
Glam. Glamorgan
glock glockenspiel
Glos. Gloucestershire
GmbH, Gesellschaft mit Beschränkter Haftung [limited-liability company]
grad(s) gradual(s)
GSM Guildhall School of Music, London (to 1934)
GSMD Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London (1935-)
GU Guam
gui guitar
H Hoboken catalogue [Haydn]; Helm catalogue [C.P.E. Bach]
Hants. Hampshire
Heb. Hebrew
Herts. Hertfordshire
HI Hawaii
hmn harmonium
HMS His/Her Majesty's Ship
HMV His Master's Voice
hn horn
Hon. Honorary; Honourable
hp harp
hpd harpsichord
HRH His/Her Royal Highness
Hung. Hungarian
Hunts. Huntingdonshire
Hz Hertz [c.p.s.]
IA Iowa
IAML International Association of Music Libraries
IAWM International Alliance for Women in Music
ibid. ibidem [in the same place]
ICTM International Council for Traditional Music
ID Idaho
i.e. id est [that is]
IFMC International Folk Music Council
IL Illinois
ILWC International League of Women Composers
IMC International Music Council
IMS International Musicological Society
IN Indiana
Inc. Incorporated
inc. incomplete
incid incidental
incl. includes, including
inst(s) instrument(s), instrumental
intl international
int(s) intermezzo(s), introit(s)
IPEM Instituut voor Psychoakoestiek en Elektronische Muziek, Ghent
IRCAM Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique
ISAM Institute for Studies in American Music
ISCM International Society for Contemporary Music
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISM Incorporated Society of Musicians
ISME International Society for Music Education
It. Italian
Jan January
Jap. Japanese
Jb Jahrbuch [yearbook]
JD Doctor of Jurisprudence
Jg. Jahrgang [year of publication/volume]
Jr. Junior
jr junior
Jub Jubilate
K Kirkpatrick catalogue [D. Scarlatti]; Köchel catalogue [Mozart: no. after '/' is from 6th edn; also Fux]
kbd keyboard
KBE Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire
KCVO Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
kg kilogram(s)
Kgl Königlich(e, er, es) [Royal]
kHz kilohertz [1000 c.p.s.]
km kilometre(s)
KS Kansas
KY Kentucky
Ky Kyrie
L. no. of song in R.W. Linker: A Bibliography of Old French Lyrics (University, MS, 1979)
L Longo catalogue [A. Scarlatti]
LA Louisiana
Lanarks. Lanarkshire
Lancs. Lancashire
Lat. Latin
Leics. Leicestershire
LH left hand
lib(s) libretto(s)
Lincs. Lincolnshire
Lith. Lithuanian
lit(s) litany (litanies)
LittD Doctor of Letters/Literature
LLB Bachelor of Laws
LLD Doctor of Laws
loc. cit. loco citato [in the place cited]
LP long-playing record
LPO London Philharmonic Orchestra
LSO London Symphony Orchestra
Ltd Limited
Ltée Limitée
m metre(s)
MA Massachusetts; Master of Arts
Mag Magnificat
MALS Master of Arts in Library Sciences
mand mandolin
mar marimba
MAT Master of Arts and Teaching
MB Bachelor of Music; Manitoba
MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire
MD Maryland
ME Maine
MEd Master of Education
mel melodramma, mélodrame
mels melodramma serio
melss melodramma semiserio
Met Metropolitan Opera House, New York
Mez mezzo-soprano
mf mezzo-forte
MFA Master of Fine Arts
MGM Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
MHz megahertz [megacycles]
MI Michigan
mic microphone
Middx Middlesex
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MLA Music Library Association
MLitt Master of Letters/Literature
Mlle, Mlles Mademoiselle, Mesdemoiselles
MM Master of Music
M.M. Metronome Maelzel
mm millimetre(s)
MMA Master of Musical Arts
MME, MMEd Master of Music Education
Mme, Mmes Madame, Mesdames
M, MM. Monsieur, Messieurs
MMT Master of Music in Teaching
MMus Master of Music
MN Minnesota
MO Missouri
mod modulator
Mon. Monmouthshire
movt(s) movement(s)
mp mezzo-piano
MPhil Master of Philosophy
MP(s) Member(s) of Parliament
Mr Mister
Mrs Mistress; Messieurs
MS Master of Science(s); Mississippi
MSc Master of Science(s)
MSLS Master of Science in Library and Information Science
MSM Master of Sacred Music
MS(S) manuscript(s)
MT Montana
Mt Mount
MTNA Music Teachers National Association
mt(s) music-theatre piece(s)
MusB, MusBac Bachelor of Music
muscm(s) musical comedy (comedies)
MusD, MusDoc Doctor of Music
musl(s) musical(s)
MusM Master of Music
N. North, Northern
nar(s) narrator(s)
NB New Brunswick
NBC National Broadcasting Company
NC North Carolina
ND North Dakota
n.d. no date of publication
NDR Norddeutscher Rundfunk
NE Nebraska
NEA National Endowment for the Arts
NEH National Endowment for the Humanities
NET National Educational Television
NF Newfoundland and Labrador
NH New Hampshire
NHK Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai [Japanese broadcasting system]
NJ New Jersey
NM New Mexico
n(n). footnote(s)
Nor. Norwegian
Northants. Northamptonshire
no(s). number(s)
Notts. Nottinghamshire
Nov November
n.p. no place of publication
NPR National Public Radio no publisher
nr near
NRK Norsk Rikskringkasting [Norwegian broadcasting system]
NS Nova Scotia
NSW New South Wales
NT North West Territories
Nunc Nunc dimittis
NV Nevada
NY New York [State]
NZ New Zealand
ob opera buffa; oboe
obbl obbligato
OBE Officer of the Order of the British Empire
obl opéra-ballet
OC Opéra-Comique, Paris [the company]
oc opéra comique [genre]
Oct October
off(s) offertory (offertories)
OH Ohio
OK Oklahoma
OM Order of Merit
ON Ontario
op. cit. opere citato [in the work cited]
op., opp. opus, opera [plural of opus]
op(s) opera(s)
opt. optional
OR Oregon
orat(s) oratorio(s)
orch orchestra(tion), orchestral
orchd orchestrated (by)
org organ
orig. original(ly)
ORTF Office de Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française
os opera seria
oss opera semiseria
OUP Oxford University Press
ov(s). overture(s)
Oxon. Oxfordshire
P Pincherle catalogue [Vivaldi]
p. pars
p piano [dynamic marking]
PA Pennsylvania
p.a. per annum [annually]
pan(s) pantomime(s)
PBS Public Broadcasting System
PC no. of chanson in A. Pillet and H. Carstens: Bibliographie der Troubadours (Halle, 1933)
PE Prince Edward Island
perc percussion
perf(s). performance(s), performed (by)
pf piano [instrument]
pfmr(s) performer(s)
PhB Bachelor of Philosophy
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
PhDEd Doctor of Philosophy in Education
pic piccolo
pl(s). plate(s); plural
p.m. post meridiem [after noon]
PO Philharmonic Orchestra
Pol. Polish
pop. population
Port. Portuguese
posth. posthumous(ly)
POW(s) prisoner(s) of war
pp pianissimo
p., pp. page, pages
ppp pianississimo
PQ Province of Quebec
PR Puerto Rico
pr. printed
prep pf prepared piano
PRO Public Record Office, London
prol(s) prologue(s)
PRS Performing Right Society
pseud(s). pseudonym(s)
Ps(s) Psalm(s)
ps(s) psalm(s)
ptbk(s) partbook(s)
pt(s) part(s)
pubd published
pubn(s) publication(s)
PWM Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne
QC Queen's Counsel
qnt(s) quintet(s)
qt(s) quartet(s)
R [in signature] editorial revision
R photographic reprint [edn of score or early printed source]
R. no. of chanson in G. Raynaud, Bibliographie des chansonniers français des XIIIe et XIVe siècles (Paris, 1884)
R Ryom catalogue [Vivaldi]
r recto
R response
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAF Royal Air Force
RAI Radio Audizioni Italiane
RAM Royal Academy of Music, London
RCA Radio Corporation of America
RCM Royal College of Music, London
rec recorder
rec. recorded [in discographic context]
recit(s) recitative(s)
red(s). reduction(s), reduced for
reorchd reorchestrated (by)
repr. reprinted
re(s) response(s) [type of piece]
resp(s) respond(s)
Rev. Reverend
rev(s). revision(s); revised (by/for)
RH right hand
RI Rhode Island
RIAS Radio im Amerikanischen Sektor
RIdIM Répertoire International d'Iconographie Musicale
RILM Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale
RIPM Répertoire International de la Presse Musicale
RISM Répertoire International des Sources Musicales
RKO Radio-Keith-Orpheum
RMCM Royal Manchester College of Music
rms root mean square
RNCM Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester
RO Radio Orchestra
Rom. Romanian
r.p.m. revolutions per minute
RPO Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
RSFSR Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic
RSO Radio Symphony Orchestra
RTÉ Radio Telefís Éireann
RTF Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française
Rt Hon. Right Honourable
RTVB Radio-Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française
Russ. Russian
RV Ryom catalogue [Vivaldi]
S San, Santa, Santo, São [Saint]; soprano [voice]
S sound recording
S. South, Southern
s soprano [instrument]
s. solidus, solidi [shilling, shillings]
SACEM Société d'Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique
San Sanctus
sax saxophone
SC South Carolina
SD South Dakota
sd scherzo drammatico
SDR Süddeutscher Rundfunk
SEM Society for Ethnomusicology
Sept September
seq(s) sequence(s)
ser. series
Serb. Serbian
ser(s) serenata(s)
sf, sfz sforzando, sforzato
SFSR Soviet Federated Socialist Republic
sing. singular
SJ Societas Jesu [Society of Jesus]
SK Saskatchewan
SMT Society for Music Theory
SO Symphony Orchestra
SOCAN Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada
Sp. Spanish
spkr(s) speaker(s)
Spl Singspiel
SPNM Society for the Promotion of New Music
spr. spring
sq square
Sr. Senior
sr senior
SS Saints (It., Sp.); Santissima, Santissimo [Most Holy]
SS steamship
SSR Soviet Socialist Republic
Staffs. Staffordshire
STB Bachelor of Sacred Theology
Ste Sainte
str string(s)
St(s) Saint(s)/Holy, Sankt, Sint, Szent
sum. summer
SUNY State University of New York
Sup superius
suppl(s). supplement(s), supplementary
Swed. Swedish
SWF Südwestfunk
sym(s). symphony (symphonies), symphonic
synth synthesizer, synthesized
T tenor [voice]
t tenor [instrument]
tc tragicommedia
td(s) tonadilla(s)
TeD Te Deum
ThM Master of Theology
timp timpani
tm tragédie en musique
TN Tennessee
tpt trumpet
Tr treble [voice]
trad. traditional
trans. translation, translated by
transcr(s). transcription(s), transcribed by/for
trbn trombone
tr(s) tract(s); treble [instrument]
TV television
TWV Menke catalogue [Telemann]
TX Texas
U. University
UCLA University of California at Los Angeles
UHF ultra-high frequency
UK United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Ukr. Ukrainian
unacc. unaccompanied
unattrib. unattributed
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNICEF United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund
unorchd unorchestrated
unperf. unperformed
unpubd unpublished
UP University Press
US United States [adjective]
USA United States of America
USO United Service Organisations
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
UT Utah
v verso
v. versus
V versicle
VA Virginia
va viola
vc cello
vcle(s) versicle(s)
VEB Volkseigener Betrieb [people's own industry]
Ven Venite
VHF very high frequency
VI Virgin Islands
vib vibraphone
viz videlicet [namely]
vle violone
vn violin
vol(s). volume(s)
vs vocal score, piano-vocal score
VT Vermont
v, vv voice, voices
v., vv. verse, verses
W. West, Western
WA Washington [State]
Warwicks. Warwickshire
WDR Westdeutscher Rundfunk
WI Wisconsin
Wilts. Wiltshire
wint. winter
WNO Welsh National Opera
WOO Werke ohne Opuszahl
Worcs. Worcestershire
WPA Works Progress Administration
WQ Wotquenne catalogue [C.P.E. Bach]
WV West Virginia
ww woodwind
WY Wyoming
xyl xylophone
YMCA Young Men's Christian Association
Yorks. Yorkshire
YT Yukon Territory
YWCA Young Women's Christian Association
YYS (Zhongguo yishu yanjiuyuan) Yinyue yanjiusuo and variants [Music Research Institute (of the Chinese Academy of Arts)]
Z Zimmermann catalogue [Purcell]
zargc zarzuela género chico
zar(s) zarzuela(s)

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Bibliographical Abbreviations

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20C 20th Century
20CF 20th CenturyFox
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Amer. America
AMeS Algemene muziekencyclopedie suppl.
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AMP Antiquitates musicae in Polonia
AMw Archiv für Musikwissenschaft
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ZMw Zeitschrift für Musikwissenschaft
ZT Zenetudományi tanulmányok

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AUS-CAnl Canberra, National Library of Australia
AUS-Msl Melbourne, State Library of Victoria
AUS-PVgm Parkville, Grainger Museum, University of Melbourne
AUS-Pml Perth, Central Music Library
AUS-Sb Sydney, Symphony Australia National Music Library
AUS-Scm Sydney, New South Wales State Conservatorium of Music
AUS-Sfl Sydney, University of Sydney, Fisher Library
AUS-Smc Sydney, Australia Music Centre Ltd, Library
AUS-Sml Sydney, Music Branch Library, University of Sydney
AUS-Sp Sydney, Public Library


A-A Admont, Benediktinerstift, Archiv und Bibliothek
A-DO Dorfbeuren, Pfarramt
A-ETgoëss Ebenthal (nr Klagenfurt), Goëss private collection
A-Ed Eisenstadt, Domarchiv, Musikarchiv
A-Ee Eisenstadt, Esterházy-Archiv
A-Eh Eisenstadt, Haydn-Museum
A-Ek Eisenstadt, Stadtpfarrkirche
A-El Eisenstadt, Burgenländisches Landesmuseum
A-F Fiecht, St Georgenberg, Benediktinerstift, Bibliothek
A-FB Fischbach (Oststeiermark), Pfarrkirche
A-FK Feldkirch, Domarchiv
A-Gd Graz, Diözesanarchiv
A-Gfk Graz, Bibliothek des Johann-Joseph-Fux-Konservatoriums des Landes Steiermark
A-Gk Graz, Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst
A-Gl Graz, Steiermärkische Landesbibliothek am Joanneum
A-Gmi Graz, Institut für Musikwissenschaft
A-Gu Graz, Universitätsbibliothek
A-GÖ Göttweig, Benediktinerstift, Musikarchiv
A-GÜ Güssing, Franziskaner Kloster
A-H Herzogenburg, Augustiner-Chorherrenstift, Musikarchiv
A-HE Heiligenkreuz, Zisterzienserkloster
A-Ik Innsbruck, Tiroler Landeskonservatorium
A-Imf Innsbruck, Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum
A-Imi Innsbruck, Musikwissenschaftliches Institut der Universität
A-Iu Innsbruck, Universitätsbibliothek
A-KN Klosterneuburg, Augustiner-Chorherrenstift, Stiftsbibliothek
A-KR Kremsmünster, Benediktinerstift, Musikarchiv
A-Kk Klagenfurt, Kärntner Landeskonservatorium, Stiftsbibliothek
A-Kla Klagenfurt, Landesarchiv
A-Kse Klagenfurt, Schlossbibliothek Ebental
A-L Lilienfeld, Zisterzienser-Stift, Musikarchiv und Bibliothek
A-LA Lambach, Benediktinerstift
A-LIm Linz, Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum
A-LIs Linz, Bundesstaatliche Studienbibliothek
A-M Melk, Benediktiner-Superiorat Mariazell
A-MB Michaelbeuern, Benediktinerabtei
A-MS Mattsee, Stiftsarchiv
A-MT Maria Taferl (Niederösterreich), Pfarre
A-MZ Mariazell, Benediktiner-Priorat, Bibliothek und Archiv
A-N Neuburg, Pfarrarchiv
A-R Rein, Zisterzienserstift
A-RB Reichersberg, Stift
A-Rtf Reutte, Franziskanerkloster
A-SB Schlierbach, Stift
A-SCH Schlägl, Prämonstratenser-Stift, Bibliothek
A-SE Seckau, Benediktinerabtei
A-SEI Seitenstetten, Benediktinerstift, Musikarchiv
A-SF St Florian, Augustiner-Chorherrenstift, Stiftsbibliothek, Musikarchiv
A-SL St Lambrecht, Benediktiner-Abtei, Bibliothek
A-SPL St Paul, Benediktinerstift St Paul im Lavanttal
A-ST Stams, Zisterzienserstift, Musikarchiv
A-STEp Steyr, Stadtpfarre
A-Sca Salzburg, Carolino Augusteum: Salzburger Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Bibliothek
A-Sd Salzburg, Dom, Konsistorialarchiv, Dommusikarchiv
A-Sk Salzburg, Kapitelbibliothek
A-Sl Salzburg, Landesarchiv
A-Sm Salzburg, Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum, Bibliotheca Mozartiana
A-Smi Salzburg, Universität Salzburg, Institut für Musikwissenschaft, Bibliothek
A-Sn Salzburg, Nonnberg (Benediktiner-Frauenstift), Bibliothek
A-Sp Salzburg, Bibliothek des Priesterseminars
A-Ssp Salzburg, Erzabtei St Peter, Musikarchiv
A-Sst Salzburg, Bundesstaatliche Studienbibliothek [in Su]
A-Su Salzburg, Universitätsbibliothek
A-TU Tulln, Pfarrkirche St Stephan
A-VOR Vorau, Stift
A-WAIp Waidhofen (Ybbs), Stadtpfarre
A-WIL Wilhering, Zisterzienserstift, Bibliothek und Musikarchiv
A-Wa Vienna, St Augustin, Musikarchiv
A-Waf Vienna, Pfarrarchiv Altlerchenfeld
A-Wdo Vienna, Zentralarchiv des Deutschen Orden
A-Wdp Vienna, Bibliothek der Dominikanerprovinz
A-Wdtö Vienna, Gesellschaft zur Herausgabe von Denkmälern der Tonkunst in Österreich
A-Wgm Vienna, Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde
A-Wh Vienna, Pfarrarchiv Hernals
A-Whh Vienna, Haus-, Hof- und Staatsarchiv
A-Whk Vienna, Hofburgkapelle [in Wn]
A-Wk Vienna, St Karl Borromäus
A-Wkm Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum
A-Wlic Vienna, Pfarrkirche Wien-Lichtental
A-Wm Vienna, Minoritenkonvent
A-Wmi Vienna, Institut für Musikwissenschaft der Universität
A-Wn Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Musiksammlung
A-Wp Vienna, Musikarchiv, Piaristenkirche Maria Treu
A-Ws Vienna, Schottenabtei, Musikarchiv
A-Wsa Vienna, Stadtarchiv
A-Wsfl Vienna, Schottenfeld, Pfarrarchiv St Laurenz
A-Wsp Vienna, St Peter, Musikarchiv
A-Wst Vienna, Stadt- und Landesbibliothek, Musiksammlung
A-Wu Vienna, Universitätsbibliothek
A-Wwessely Vienna, Othmar Wessely, private collection
A-Z Zwettl, Zisterzienserstift, Stiftsbibliothek


BY-MI Minsk, Biblioteka Belorusskoj Gosudarstvennoj Konservatorii


B-Aa Antwerp, Stadsarchief
B-Aac Antwerp, Archief en Museum voor het Vlaamse Culturleven
B-Ac Antwerp, Koninklijk Vlaams Muziekconservatorium
B-Ak Antwerp, Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Kathedraal, Archief
B-Amp Antwerp, Museum Plantin-Moretus
B-As Antwerp, Stadsbibliotheek
B-Asj Antwerp, Collegiale en Parochiale Kerk St-Jacob, Bibliotheek en Archief
B-BRc Bruges, Stedelijk Muziekconservatorium, Bibliotheek
B-BRs Bruges, Stadsbibliotheek
B-Ba Brussels, Archives de la Ville
B-Bc Brussels, Conservatoire Royal, Bibliothèque, Koninklijk Conservatorium, Bibliotheek
B-Bcdm Brussels, Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale [CeBeDeM]
B-Bg Brussels, Cathédrale St-Michel et Ste-Gudule [in Bc and Br]
B-Bmichotte Brussels, Michotte private collection [in Bc]
B-Br Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale Albert 1er/Koninlijke Bibliotheek Albert I, Section de la Musique
B-Brtb Brussels, Radiodiffusion-Télévision Belge
B-Bsp Brussels, Société Philharmonique
B-D Diest, St Sulpitiuskerk
B-Gc Ghent, Koninklijk Muziekconservatorium, Bibliotheek
B-Gcd Ghent, Culturele Dienst Province Oost-Vlaanderen
B-Geb Ghent, St Baafsarchief
B-Gu Ghent, Universiteit, Centrale Bibliotheek, Handskriftenzaal
B-LVu Leuven, Katholieke Universiteit van Leuven
B-La Liège, Archives de l'État, Fonds de la Cathédrale St Lambert
B-Lc Liège, Conservatoire Royal de Musique, Bibliothèque
B-Lg Liège, Musée Grétry
B-Lu Liège, Université de Liège, Bibliothèque
B-MA Morlanwelz-Mariemont, Musée de Mariemont, Bibliothèque
B-MEa Mechelen, Archief en Stadsbibliotheek
B-Tc Tournai, Chapitre de la Cathédrale, Archives
B-Tv Tournai, Bibliothèque de la Ville


BR-Rem Rio de Janeiro, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Escola de Música, Biblioteca Alberto Nepomuceno
BR-Rn Rio de Janeiro, Fundação Biblioteca Nacional, Divisão de Música e Arquivo Sonoro


CDN-CaQMG Canada, Montreal, Quebec, Concordia University, Sir George Wiliams Campus
CDN-Cu Calgary, University of Calgary, Library
CDN-E Edmonton (AB), University of Alberta
CDN-HNu Hamilton (ON), McMaster University, Mills Memorial Library, Music Section
CDN-Lu London (ON), University of Western Ontario, Music Library
CDN-Mc Montreal, Conservatoire de Musique, Centre de Documentation
CDN-Mcm Montreal, Centre de Musique Canadienne
CDN-Mm Montreal, McGill University, Faculty and Conservatorium of Music Library
CDN-Mn Montreal, Bibliothèque Nationale
CDN-On Ottawa, National Library of Canada, Music Division
CDN-Qmu Quebec, Monastère des Ursulines, Archives
CDN-Qsl Quebec, Musée de l'Amérique Françcaise
CDN-Qul Quebec, Université Laval, Bibliothèque des Sciences Humaines et Sociales
CDN-Tcm Toronto, Canadian Music Centre
CDN-Tu Toronto, University of Toronto, Faculty of Music Library
CDN-VIu Victoria, University of Victoria
CDN-Vcm Vancouver, Canadian Music Centre


CO-B Bogotá, Archivo de la Catedral


HR-Dsmb Dubrovnik, Franjevački Samostan Male Braće, Knjižnica
HR-KIf Kloštar Ivanić, Franjevački Samostan
HR-KRf Krk, Franjevački samostan
HR-OMf Omiš, Franjevački Samostan
HR-R Rab, Župna Crkva
HR-SMm Samobor, Samoborski Muzej
HR-Sk Split, Glazbeni Arhiv Katedrale Sv. Dujma
HR-Vu Varaždin, Uršulinski Samostan
HR-ZAzk Zadar, Znanstvena Knjižnica
HR-Zaa Zagreb, Hrvatska Akademija Znanosti i Umjetnosti, Arhiv
HR-Zh Zagreb, Hrvatski Glazbeni Zavod, Knjižnica i Arhiv
HR-Zha Zagreb, Zbirka Don Nikole Udina-Algarotti [on loan to Zh]
HR-Zhk Zagreb, Arhiv Hrvatsko Pjevačko Društvo Kolo [in Zh]
HR-Zs Zagreb, Glazbeni Arhiv Nadbiskupskog Bogoslovnog Sjemeništa
HR-Zu Zagreb, Nacionalna i Sveučilišna Knjižnica, Zbirka Muzikalija i Audiomaterijala


C-HABn Havana, Biblioteca Nacional José Martí


CZ-BER Beroun, Statní Okresní Archiv
CZ-BROb Broumov, Knihovna Benediktinů [in HK]
CZ-Bam Brno, Archiv města Brna
CZ-Bb Brno, Klášter Milosrdnych Bratří [in Bm]
CZ-Bm Brno, Moravské Zemské Muzeum, Oddělení Dějin Hudby
CZ-Bsa Brno, Státní Oblastní Archiv
CZ-Bu Brno, Moravská Zemeská Knihovna, Hudební Oddělení
CZ-CH Cheb, Okresní Archiv
CZ-CHRm Chrudim, Okresní Muzeum
CZ-D Dačice, Knihovna Františkánů [in Bu]
CZ-H Hronov, Muzeum
CZ-HK Hradec Králové, Státní Vědecká Knihovna
CZ-HKm Hradec Králové, Muzeum Východńich Čech
CZ-HR Hradiště u Znojma, Knihovna Křižovníků[in Bu]
CZ-JIa Jindřichův Hradec, Státní Oblastní Archív Třeboňi
CZ-K Český Krumlov, Státní Oblastní Archiv v Trěboni, Hudební Sbírka
CZ-KA Kadaň, Děkansky Kostel
CZ-KL Klatovy, Státní Oblastní Archiv v Plzni, Pobočka Klatovy
CZ-KR Kroměříž, Knihovna Arcibiskupského Zámku
CZ-KRA Králíky, Kostel Sv. Michala [in UO]
CZ-KRa Kroměříž, Arcibiskupský zámek, hudební sbírka
CZ-KRm Kroměříž, Umeleckohistorické muzeum
CZ-KU Kutná Hora, Okresní Muzeum [in Pnm]
CZ-LIT Litoměřice, Státní Oblastní Archiv
CZ-LIa Česká Lípa, Okresní Archív
CZ-LO Loukov, Farní Kostel
CZ-LUa Louny, Okresní Archív
CZ-ME Mělník, Okresní Muzeum [on loan to Pnm]
CZ-MH Mnichovo Hradiště, Vlastivědné Muzeum
CZ-MHa Mnichovo Hradiště, Státní Oblatní Archiv v Praze - Pobočka v Mnichovoě Hradiští
CZ-MT Moravská Třebová, Knihovna Františkánů [in Bu]
CZ-NR Nová Řše, Klášter Premonstrátů, Knihovna a Hudební Sbírka
CZ-OLa Olomouc, Zemeský Archiv Opava, Pracoviště Olomouc
CZ-OP Opava, Slezské Muzeum
CZ-OS Ostrava, Česky Rozhlas, Hudební Archiv
CZ-OSE Osek, Knihovna Cisterciáků [in Pnm]
CZ-PLa Plzeň, Městský Archiv
CZ-PLm Plzeň, Západočeské Muzeum, Uměleckoprůmyslové Oddělení
CZ-POa Poděbrady, Okresní Archiv Nymburk, Pobočka Poděbrady
CZ-POm Poděbrady, Muzeum
CZ-Pa Prague, Státní Ústřední Archiv
CZ-Pak Prague, Pražská Metropolitní Kapitula
CZ-Pdobrovského Prague, Národní Muzeum, Dobrovského (Nostická) Knihovna
CZ-Pk Prague, Konservatoř, Archiv a Knihovna
CZ-Pkřiž Praha, Rytířský řád křižovníků s červenou hvězdou, hudební sbírka
CZ-Pn Prague, Knihovna Národního Muzea
CZ-Pnd Prague, Národní Divadlo, Hudební Archiv
CZ-Pnm Prague, Národní Muzeum
CZ-Pr Prague, Česky Rozhlas, Archívní a Programové Fondy, Fond Hudebnin
CZ-Ps Prague, Památník Národního Písemnictví, Knihovna
CZ-Psj Prague, Kostel Sv. Jakuba, Farní Rad
CZ-Pst Prague, Knihovna Kláštera Premonstrátů (Strahovská Knihovna) [in Pnm]
CZ-Pu Prague, Národní Knihovna, Hudenbí Oddělení
CZ-Puk Prague, Karlova Univerzita, Filozofická Fakulta, Ústav Hudební Vědy, Knihovna
CZ-R Rajhrad, Knihovna Benediktinského Kláštera [in Bm]
CZ-RO Rokycany, Okresní Muzeum
CZ-ROk Rokycany, Děkansky Úřad, Kostel
CZ-SE Semily, Okresní Archiv v Semilech se Sídlem v Bystré nad Jizerou
CZ-SO Sokolov, Okresní Archiv se Sídlem Jindřchovice, Zámek
CZ-TC Třebíč, Městsky Archiv
CZ-TU Turnov, Muzeum, Hudební Sbírka [in SE]
CZ-VB Vyšší Brod, Knihovna Cisterciáckého Kláštera
CZ-Z Žatec, Muzeum
CZ-ZI Žitenice, Státní Oblastní Archiv v Litoměřicích
CZ-ZL Zlonice, Památník Antonína Dvořáka


DK-A Århus, Statsbiblioteket
DK-Ch Christiansfeld, Brødremenigheden (Herrnhutgemeinde)
DK-Kar Copenhagen, Det Arnamagnaeanske Institut
DK-Kc Copenhagen, Carl Claudius Musikhistoriske Samling [in Km]
DK-Kk Copenhagen, Kongelige Bibliotek
DK-Kmk Copenhagen, Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatorium
DK-Ku Copenhagen, Det Kongelige Bibliotek Fiolstraede
DK-Kv Copenhagen, Københavns Universitét, Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, Bibliotek
DK-Ol Odense, Landsarkivet for Fyen
DK-Ou Odense, Universitetsbibliotek, Musikafdelingen
DK-Sa Sorø, Sorø Akademi, Biblioteket
DK-Tv Tåsinge, Valdemars Slot


ET-Cn Cairo, National Library (Dar al-Kutub)
ET-MSsc Mount Sinai, St Catherine's Monastery


EV-TALg Tallinn, National Library of Estonia


FIN-A Turku, Åbo Akademi, Sibelius Museum, Bibliotek ja Arkiv
FIN-FiHJ Finland, Helsinki, Jazz & Pop Arkisto [Archive]
FIN-Hy Helsinki, Helsingin Yliopiston Kirjasto/Helsinki University Library/Suomen Kansalliskikjasto
FIN-Hyf Helsinki, Helsingin Yliopiston Kirjasto, Department of Finnish Music


F-A Avignon, Médiathèque Ceccano
F-AB Abbeville, Bibliothèque Nationale
F-AG Agen, Archives Départementales de Lot-et-Garonne
F-AI Albi, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-AIXc Aix-en-Provence, Bibliothèque du Conservatoire
F-AIXm Aix-en-Provence, Bibliothèque Méjanes
F-AIXmc Aix-en-Provence, Bibliothèque de la Maîtrise de la Cathédrale
F-AL Alençon, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-AM Amiens, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-AN Angers, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-APT Apt, Basilique Ste Anne
F-AS Arras, Médiathèque Municipale
F-ASOlang Asnières-sur-Oise, Collection François Lang
F-AUT Autun, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-AVR Avranches, Bibliothèque Nationale
F-Ac Avignon, Bibliothèque du Conservatoire
F-B Besançon, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-BE Beauvais, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-BG Bourg-en-Bresse, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-BO Bordeaux, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-BS Bourges, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-Ba Besançon, Bibliothèque de l'Archevêché
F-C Carpentras, Bibliothèque Municipale (Inguimbertine)
F-CA Cambrai, Médiathèque Municipale
F-CAc Cambrai, Cathédrale
F-CC Carcassonne, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-CF Clermont-Ferrand, Bibliothèque Municipale et Interuniversitaire, Département Patrimoine
F-CH Chantilly, Musée Condé
F-CHRm Chartres, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-CHd Chantilly, Musée Dobrie
F-CLO Clermont-de-l'Oise, Bibliothèque
F-CO Colmar, Bibliothèque de la Ville
F-COM Compiègne, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-CSM Châlons-en-Champagne, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-DI Dieppe, Fonds Anciens et Local, Médiathèque Jean Renoir
F-DO Dôle, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-DOU Douai, Bibliothèque Nationale
F-Dc Dijon, Conservatoire Jean-Philippe Rameau, Bibliothèque
F-Dm Dijon, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-E Epinal, Bibliothèque Nationale
F-EMc Embrun, Trésor de la Cathédrale
F-EV Evreux, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-F Foix, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-G Grenoble, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-LA Laon, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-LG Limoges, Bibliothèque Francophone Municipale
F-LH Le Havre, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-LM Le Mans, Bibliothèque Municipale Classée, Médiathèque Louis Aragon
F-LYc Lyons, Conservatoire National de Musique
F-LYm Lyons, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-Lad Lille, Archives Départementales du Nord
F-Lc Lille, Bibliothèque du Conservatoire
F-Lm Lille, Bibliothèque Municipale Jean Levy
F-MD Montbéliard, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-ME Metz, Médiathèque
F-MH Mulhouse, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-ML Moulins, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-MO Montpellier, Bibliothèque de l'Université
F-MON Montauban, Bibliothèque Municipale Antonin Perbosc
F-MOf Montpellier, Bibliothèque Inter-Universitaire, Section Médecine
F-Mc Marseilles, Conservatoire de Musique et de Déclamation
F-NAc Nancy, Bibliothèque du Conservatoire
F-Nm Nantes, Bibliothèque Municipale, Médiathèque
F-O Orléans, Médiathèque
F-Pa Paris, Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal
F-Pan Paris, Archives Nationales
F-Pc Paris, Conservatoire [in Pn]
F-Pcf Paris, Bibliothèque de la Comédie Française
F-Pcnrs Paris, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Bibliothèque
F-Pd Paris, Centre de Documentation de la Musique Contemporaire
F-Pe Paris, Schola Cantorum
F-Peb Paris, Ecole Normale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Bibliothèque
F-Pgm Paris, Gustav Mahler, Bibliothèque Musicale
F-Phanson Paris, Collection Hanson
F-Pi Paris, Bibliothèque de l'Institut de France
F-Pim Paris, Bibliothèque Pierre Aubry
F-Pm Paris, Bibliothèque Mazarine
F-Pmeyer Paris, André Meyer, private collection
F-Pn Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France
F-Po Paris, Bibliothèque-Musée de l'Opéra
F-Ppincherle Paris, Marc Pincherle, private collection
F-Ppo Paris, Bibliothèque Polonaise de Paris
F-Prothschild Paris, Germaine, Baronne Edouard de Rothschild, private collection
F-Prt Paris, Radio France, Documentation Musicale
F-Ps Paris, Bibliothèque de la Sorbonne
F-Psal Paris, Editions Salabert
F-Pse Paris, Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique
F-Psg Paris, Bibliothèque Ste-Geneviève
F-Pshp Paris, Société d'Histoire du Protestantisme Français, Bibliothèque
F-Pthibault Paris, Geneviève Thibault, private collection [in Pn]
F-R Rouen, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-RS Reims, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-RSc Reims, Maîtrise de la Cathédrale
F-Rc Rouen, Bibliothèque du Conservatoire
F-SDI St Dié, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-SERc Serrant, Château
F-SEm Sens, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-SO Solesmes, Abbaye de St-Pierre
F-SOM St Omer, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-SQ St Quentin, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-Sc Strasbourg, Bibliothèque du Conservatoire
F-Sgs Strasbourg, Union Sainte Cécile, Bibliothéque Musicale du Grand Séminaire
F-Sim Strasbourg, Université des Sciences Humaines, Institut de Musicologie
F-Sm Strasbourg, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-Sn Strasbourg, Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire
F-Ssp Strasbourg, Bibliothèque du Séminaire Protestant
F-T Troyes, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-TLm Toulouse, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-TOm Tours, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-V Versailles, Bibliothèque
F-VA Vannes, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-VAL Valenciennes, Bibliothèque Municipale
F-VN Verdun, Bibliothèque Municipale


D-AAm Aachen, Domarchiv (Stiftsarchiv)
D-AAst Aachen, Öffentliche Bibliothek, Musikbibliothek
D-AB Amorbach, Fürstlich Leiningische Bibliothek
D-ABG Annaberg-Buchholz, Kirchenbibliothek St Annen
D-ABGa Annaberg-Buchholz, Kantoreiarchiv St Annen
D-AG Augustusburg, Evangelisch-Lutherisches Pfarramt der Stadtkirche St Petri, Musiksammlung
D-AIC Aichach, Stadtpfarrkirche [on loan to FS]
D-ALa Altenburg, Thüringisches Hauptstaadtsarchiv Weimar, Aussenstelle Altenburg
D-AM Amberg, Staatliche Bibliothek
D-AN Ansbach, Staatliche Bibliothek
D-ANsv Ansbach, Sing- und Orchesterverein (Ansbacher Kantorei), Archiv [in AN]
D-ARk Arnstadt, Evangelisch-Lutherisches Pfarramt, Bibliothek
D-ARsk Arnstadt, Stadt- und Kreisbibliothek
D-ASh Aschaffenburg, Schloss Johannisburg, Hofbibliothek
D-ASsb Aschaffenburg, Schloss Johannisburg, Stiftsbibliothek
D-Aa Augsburg, Kantoreiarchiv St Annen
D-Aab Augsburg, Archiv des Bistums Augsburg
D-Af Augsburg, Fuggersche Domänenkanzlei, Bibliothek
D-Ahk Augsburg, Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche, Dominikanerkloster, Biliothek [in Asa]
D-As Augsburg, Staats- und Stadtbibliothek
D-Asa Augsburg, Stadtarchiv
D-Au Augsburg, Universität Augsburg, Universitätsbibliothek
D-AÖhk Altötting, Kapuziner-Kloster St Konrad, Bibliothek
D-BAL Ballenstedt, Stadtbibliothek
D-BAR Bartenstein, Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Bartensteinsches Archiv [on loan to NEhz]
D-BAUd Bautzen, Domstift und Bischöfliches Ordinariat, Bibliothek und Archiv
D-BAUk Bautzen, Stadtbibliothek
D-BAUm Bautzen, Stadtmuseum
D-BAa Bamberg, Staatsarchiv
D-BAs Bamberg, Staatsbibliothek
D-BB Benediktbeuern, Pfarrkirche, Bibliothek
D-BDH Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Stadtbibliothek
D-BDS Bad Schwalbach, Evangelisches Pfarrarchiv
D-BDk Brandenburg, Dom St Peter und Paul, Domstiftsarchiv und -bibliothek
D-BE Bad Berleburg, Fürstlich Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburgsche Bibliothek
D-BEU Beuron, Bibliothek der Benediktiner-Erzabtei
D-BFb Burgsteinfurt, Fürst zu Bentheimsche Musikaliensammlung [on loan to MÜu]
D-BG Beuerberg, Stiftskirche
D-BGD Berchtesgaden, Stiftkirche, Bibliothek [on loan to FS]
D-BH Bayreuth, Stadtbücherei
D-BIB Bibra, Pfarrarchiv
D-BIT Bitterfeld, Kreis-Museum
D-BKÖs Bad Köstritz, Forschungs- und Gedenkstätte Heinrich-Schütz-Haus
D-BMs Bremen, Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek
D-BNba Bonn, Beethoven-Haus, Beethoven-Archiv
D-BNms Bonn, Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar der Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität
D-BNsa Bonn, Stadtarchiv und Wissenschaftliche Stadtbibliothek
D-BNu Bonn, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek
D-BO Bollstedt, Evangelische Kirchengemeinde, Pfarrarchiv
D-BOCHmi Bochum, Ruhr-Universität, Fakultät für Geschichtswissenschaft, Musikwissenschaftliches Institut
D-BS Brunswick, Stadtarchiv und Stadtbibliothek
D-BUCH Buchen (Odenwald), Bezirksmuseum, Kraus-Sammlung
D-Ba Berlin, Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek, Musikabteilung [in Bz]
D-Bda Berlin, Akademie der Künste, Stiftung Archiv
D-Bdhm Berlin, Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler
D-Bga Berlin, Geheimes Staatsarchiv, Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz
D-Bgk Berlin, Bibliothek zum Grauen Kloster [in Bs]
D-Bhbk Berlin, Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Kunst, Bibliothek
D-Bhm Berlin, Hochschule der Künste, Hochschulbibliothek, Abteilung Musik und Darstellende Kunst
D-Bim Berlin, Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung, Bibliothek
D-Bk Berlin, Staatliche Museen Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Kunstbibliothek
D-Bkk Berlin, Staatliche Museen Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Kupferstichkabinett
D-Br Berlin, Deutsches, Rundfunkarchiv Frankfurt am Main - Berlin, Historische Archive, Bibliothek
D-Bs Berlin, Stadtbibliothek, Musikbibliothek [in Bz]
D-Bsa Germany, Sing-Akademie zu Berlin, Notenarchiv
D-B Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Musikabteilung
D-Bsommer Berlin, Sommer private collection
D-Bsp Berlin, Evangelische Kirche Berlin-Brandenburg, Sprachenkonvikt, Bibliothek
D-Bst Berlin, Stadtbücherei Wilmersdorf, Hauptstelle
D-CEbm Celle, Bomann-Museum, Museum für Volkskunde Landes- und Stadtgeschichte
D-CR Crimmitschau, Stadtkirche St Laurentius, Notenarchiv
D-CZ Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Kirchenbibliothek [in CZu]
D-CZu Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Technische Universität, Universitätsbibliothek
D-Cl Coburg, Landesbibliothek, Musiksammlung
D-Cs Coburg, Staatsarchiv
D-Cv Coburg, Kunstsammlung der Veste Coburg, Bibliothek
D-DB Dettelbach, Franziskanerkloster, Bibliothek
D-DDS (JI) Germany, Darmstadt, Jazz-Institut Darmstadt
D-DEl Dessau, Anhaltische Landesbücherei
D-DEsa Dessau, Stadtarchiv
D-DGs Duisburg, Stadtbibliothek, Musikbibliothek
D-DI Dillingen an der Donau, Kreis- und Studienbibliothek
D-DL Delitzsch, Museum, Bibliothek
D-DM Dortmund, Stadt- und Landesbibliothek, Musikabteilung
D-DO Donaueschingen, Fürstlich Fürstenbergische Hofbibliothek
D-DS Darmstadt, Hessische Landes- und Hochschulbibliothek, Musikabteilung
D-DSim Darmstadt, Internationales Musikinstitut, Informationszentrum für Zeitgenössische Musik, Bibliothek
D-DSsa Darmstadt, Hessisches Staatsarchiv
D-DT Detmold, Lippische Landesbibliothek, Musikabteilung
D-DTF Dietfurt, Franziskanerkloster [in Ma]
D-DWc Donauwörth, Cassianeum
D-Dhm Dresden, Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber, Bibliothek [in Dl]
D-Dl Dresden, Sächsische Landesbibliothek - Staats- und Universitäts-Bibliothek, Musikabteilung
D-Dla Dresden, Sächsisches Hauptstaatsarchiv
D-Dmb Dresden, Städtische Bibliotheken, Haupt- und Musikbibliothek [in Dl]
D-Ds Dresden, Sächsische Staatsoper, Notenbibliothek [in Dl]
D-DÜha Dietfurt, Nordrhein-Westfälisches Hauptstaatsarchiv
D-DÜk Düsseldorf, Goethe-Museum, Bibliothek
D-DÜl Düsseldorf, Universitätss- und Landesbibliothek, Heinrich Heine Universität
D-EB Ebrach, Katholisches Pfarramt, Bibliothek
D-EC Eckartsberga, Pfarrarchiv
D-EF Erfurt, Statd- und Regionalbibliothek, Abteilung Wissenschaftliche Sondersammlungen
D-EIa Eisenach, Stadtarchiv, Bibliothek
D-EIb Eisenach, Bachmuseum
D-EN Engelberg, Franziskanerkloster, Bibliothek
D-ERP Landesberg am Lech-Erpfting, Katholische Pfarrkirche [on loan to Aab]
D-ERu Erlangen, Universitätsbibliothek
D-EW Ellwangen (Jagst), Stiftskirche
D-Ed Eichstätt, Dom [in Eu]
D-Es Eichstätt, Staats- und Seminarbibliothek [in Eu]
D-Eu Eichstätt, Katholische Universität, Universitätsbibliothek
D-Ew Eichstätt, Benediktinerinnen-Abtei St Walburg, Bibliothek
D-F Frankfurt, Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek
D-FBa Freiberg (Lower Saxony), Stadtarchiv
D-FBo Freiberg (Lower Saxony), Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium, Andreas-Möller-Bibliothek
D-FLa Flensburg, Stadtarchiv
D-FLs Flensburg, Landeszentralbibliothek Schleswig-Holstein
D-FRIts Friedberg, Bibliothek des Theologischen Seminars der Evangelischen Kirche in Hessen und Nassau
D-FRu Freiburg, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Universitätsbibliothek, Abteilung Handschriften, Alte Drucke und Rara
D-FRva Freiburg, Deutsches Volksliedarchiv
D-FS Freising, Erzbistum München und Freising, Dombibliothek
D-FUl Fulda, Hessische Landesbibliothek
D-FW Frauenchiemsee, Benediktinerinnenabtei Frauenwörth, Archiv
D-Ff Frankfurt, Freies Deutsches Hochstift, Frankfurter Goethe-Museum, Bibliothek
D-Frl Frankfurt, Musikverlag Robert Lienau
D-Fsa Frankfurt, Stadtarchiv
D-FÜS Füssen, Katholisches Stadtpfarramt St Mang
D-GBR Grossbreitenbach (nr Arnstadt), Pfarramt, Archiv
D-GD Goch-Gaesdonck, Collegium Augustinianum
D-GI Giessen, Justus-Liebig-Universität, Bibliothek
D-GLAU Glauchau, St Georgen, Musikarchiv
D-GM Grimma, Göschenhaus-Seume-Gedenkstätte
D-GMl Grimma, Landesschule [in Dl]
D-GOL Goldbach (nr Gotha), Pfarrbibliothek
D-GOa Gotha, Augustinerkirche, Notenbibliothek
D-GOl Gotha, Forschungs- und Landesbibliothek, Musiksammlung
D-GRH Gerolzhofen, Katholische Pfarrei [on loan to WÜd]
D-GRu Greifswald, Universitätsbibliothek
D-GZsa Greiz, Thüringisches Staatsarchiv Rudolstadt, Aussenstelle Greiz
D-Ga Göttingen, Staatliches Archivlager
D-Gb Göttingen, Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Institut
D-Gms Göttingen, Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar der Georg-August-Universität
D-Gs Göttingen, Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek
D-GÖs Görlitz, Oberlausitzische Bibliothek der Wissenschaften bei den Städtischen Sammlungen
D-GÜ Güstrow, Museum der Stadt
D-HAR Hartha (Kurort), Kantoreiarchiv
D-HAf Halle, Hauptbibliothek und Archiv der Franckeschen Stiftungen
D-HAh Halle, Händel-Haus
D-HAmi Halle, Martin-Luther-Universität, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt, Institut für Musikwissenschaft, Bibliothek
D-HAmk Halle, Marktkirche Unser Lieben Frauen, Marienbibliothek
D-HAu Halle, Martin-Luther-Universität, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt
D-HB Heilbronn, Stadtarchiv
D-HER Herrnhut, Evangelische Brüder-Unität, Archiv
D-HEms Heidelberg, Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar der Rupert-Karls-Universität
D-HEu Heidelberg, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Universitätsbibliothek, Abteilung Handschriften und Alte Drucke
D-HGm Havelberg, Prignitz-Museum, Bibliothek
D-HL Haltenbergstetten, Schloss (über Niederstetten, Baden-Württemburg), Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Jagstberg'sche Bibliothek [in Mbs]
D-HOE Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Kantoreiarchiv der Christophorikirche
D-HR Harburg (nr Donauwörth), Fürstlich Oettingen-Wallerstein'sche Bibliothek Schloss Harburg [in Au]
D-HRD Arnsberg-Herdringen, Schlossbibliothek (Bibliotheca Fürstenbergiana) [in Au]
D-HSj Helmstedt, Ehemalige Universitätsbibliothek
D-HSk Helmstedt, Kantorat St Stephani [in W]
D-HVkm Hanover, Bibliothek des Kestner-Museums
D-HVl Hanover, Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek
D-HVs Hanover, Stadtbibliothek, Musikbibliothek
D-HVsa Hanover, Staatsarchiv
D-Ha Hamburg, Staatsarchiv
D-Hkm Hamburg, Kunstgewerbemuseum, Bibliothek
D-Hmb Hamburg, Öffentlichen Bücherhallen, Musikbücherei
D-Hs Hamburg, Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Carl von Ossietzky, Musiksammlung
D-IN Markt Indersdorf, Katholisches Pfarramt, Bibliothek [on loan to FS]
D-ISL Iserlohn, Evangelische Kirchengemeinde, Varnhagen-Bibliothek
D-JE Jever, Marien-Gymnasium, Bibliothek
D-Jmb Jena, Ernst-Abbe-Bücherei und Lesehalle der Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung, Musikbibliothek
D-Jmi Jena, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Sektion Literatur- und Kunstwissenschaften, Bibliothek des ehem. Musikwissenschaftlichen Instituts [in Ju]
D-Ju Jena, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Thüringer Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek
D-KA Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek
D-KAsp Karlsruhe, Pfarramt St Peter
D-KAu Karlsruhe, Universitätsbibliothek
D-KBs Koblenz, Stadtbibliothek
D-KFp Kaufbeuren, Protestantisches Kirchenarchiv
D-KIl Kiel, Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesbibliothek
D-KIu Kiel, Universitätsbibliothek
D-KMs Kamenz, Stadtarchiv
D-KNa Cologne, Historisches Archiv der Stadt
D-KNd Cologne, Kölner Dom, Erzbischöfliche Diözesan- und Dombibliothek
D-KNh Cologne, Staatliche Hochschule für Musik, Bibliothek
D-KNmi Cologne, Musikwissenschaftliches Institut der Universität
D-KNu Cologne, Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek
D-KPs Kempten, Stadtbücherei
D-KPsl Kempten, Stadtpfarrkirche St Lorenz, Musikarchiv
D-KR Kleinröhrsdorf (nr Bischofswerda), Pfarrkirchenbibliothek
D-KZa Konstanz, Stadtarchiv
D-Kdma Kassel, Deutsches Musikgeschichtliches Archiv
D-Kl Kassel, Gesamthochschul-Bibliothek, Landesbibliothek und Murhardsche Bibliothek, Musiksammlung
D-Km Kassel, Musikakademie, Bibliothek
D-Ksp Kassel, Louis Spohr-Gedenk- und Forschungsstätte, Archiv
D-LA Landshut, Historischer Verein für Niederbayern, Bibliothek
D-LB Langenburg, Fürstlich Hohenlohe-Langenburg'sche Schlossbibliothek [on loan to NEhz]
D-LDB Landsberg am Lech, Stadtpfarrkirche
D-LDN Landau an der Isar, Pfarrkirchenstiftung St. Maria (Dpt. in: D-Po)
D-LEb Leipzig, Bach-Archiv
D-LEbh Leipzig, Breitkopf & Härtel, Verlagsarchiv
D-LEdb Leipzig, Deutsche Bücherei, Musikaliensammlung
D-LEm Leipzig, Leipziger Städtische Bibliotheken, Musikbibliothek
D-LEmi Leipzig, Universität, Zweigbibliothek Musikwissenschaft und Musikpädagogik [in LEu]
D-LEsm Leipzig, Stadtgeschichtliches Museum, Bibliothek, Musik- und Theatergeschichtliche Sammlungen
D-LEst Leipzig, Stadtbibliothek [in LEu and LEm]
D-LEt Leipzig, Thomanerchor, Bibliothek [in LEb]
D-LEu Leipzig, Karl-Marx-Universität, Universitätsbibliothek, Bibliotheca Albertina
D-LFN Laufen, Stiftsarchiv
D-LI Lindau, Stadtbibliothek
D-LIM Limbach am Main, Pfarrkirche Maria Limbach
D-LST Lichtenstein, Stadtkirche St Laurentius, Kantoreiarchiv
D-LUC Luckau, Stadtkirche St Nikolai, Kantoreiarchiv
D-Lm Lüneburg, Michaelisschule
D-Lr Lüneburg, Ratsbücherei, Musikabteilung
D-LÜh Lübeck, Bibliothek der Hansestadt, Musikabteilung
D-MAl Magdeburg, Landeshauptarchiv Sachsen-Anhalt [in WERa]
D-MAs Magdeburg, Stadtbibliothek Wilhelm Weitling, Musikabteilung
D-MBGk Miltenberg, Katholische Pfarrei
D-ME Meissen, Stadt- und Kreisbibliothek
D-MEIk Meiningen, Bibliothek der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirchengemeinde
D-MEIl Meiningen, Thüringisches Staatsarchiv
D-MEIr Meiningen, Meininger Museen, Abteilung Musikgeschichte/Max-Reger-Archiv
D-MERa Merseburg, Domstift, Stiftsarchiv
D-MG Marburg, Westdeutsche Bibliothek [in Bsb]
D-MGB Mönchen-Gladbach, Bibliothek Wissenschaft und Weisheit, Johannes-Duns-Skotus-Akademie der Kölnischen Ordens-Provinz der Franziskaner
D-MGmi Marburg, Musikwissenschaftliches Institut der Philipps-Universität, Abteilung Hessisches Musikarchiv
D-MGs Marburg, Staatsarchiv und Archivschule
D-MGu Marburg, Philipps-Universität, Universitätsbibliothek
D-MH Mannheim, Wissenschaftliche Stadtbibliothek
D-MHrm Mannheim, Städtisches Reiss-Museum
D-MHst Mannheim, Stadtbücherei, Musikbücherei
D-MLHb Mühlhausen, Blasiuskirche, Pfarrarchiv Divi Blasii [on loan to MLHm]
D-MLHm Mühlhausen, Marienkirche
D-MLHr Mühlhausen, Stadtarchiv
D-MMm Memmingen, Evangelisch-Lutherisches Pfarramt St Martin, Bibliothek
D-MR Marienberg, Kirchenbibliothek
D-MT Metten, Abtei, Bibliothek
D-MY Mylau, Kirchenbibliothek
D-MZmi Mainz, Musikwissenschaftliches Institut der Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität
D-MZp Mainz, Bischöfliches Priesterseminar, Bibliothek
D-MZs Mainz, Stadtbibliothek
D-MZsch Mainz, Musikverlag B. Schott's Söhne, Verlagsarchiv
D-MZu Mainz, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität, Universitätsbibliothek, Musikabteilung
D-Ma Munich, Franziskanerkloster St Anna, Bibliothek
D-Mb Munich, Benediktinerabtei St Bonifaz, Bibliothek
D-Mbm Munich, Bibliothek des Metropolitankapitels
D-Mbn Munich, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Bibliothek
D-Mbs Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
D-Mf Munich, Frauenkirche [on loan to FS]
D-Mh Munich, Staatliche Hochschule für Musik, Bibliothek
D-Mhsa Munich, Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv
D-Mk Munich, Theatinerkirche St Kajetan
D-Mm Munich, Bibliothek St Michael
D-Mmb Munich, Münchner Stadtbibliothek, Musikbibliothek
D-Mo Munich, Opernarchiv
D-Msa Munich, Staatsarchiv
D-Mth Munich, Theatermuseum der Clara-Ziegler-Stiftung
D-Mu Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Universitätsbibliothek, Abteilung Handschriften, Nachlässe, Alte Drucke
D-MÜG Mügeln, Evangelisch-Lutherisches Pfarramt St Johannis, Musikarchiv
D-MÜd Münster, Bischöfliches Diözesanarchiv
D-MÜp Münster, Bischöflishes Priesterseminar, Bibliothek
D-MÜs Münster, Santini-Bibliothek [in MÜp]
D-MÜu Münster, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek, Musiksammlung
D-NA Neustadt an der Orla, Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirchgemeinde, Pfarrarchiv
D-NAUs Naumburg, Stadtarchiv
D-NAUw Naumburg, St Wenzel, Bibliothek
D-NBss Neuburg an der Donau, Studienseminar, Bibliothek
D-NEhz Neuenstein, Hohenlohe-Zentralarchiv
D-NH Neresheim, Bibliothek der Benediktinerabtei
D-NL Nördlingen, Stadtarchiv, Stadtbibliothek und Volksbücherei
D-NLk Nördlingen, Evangelisch-Lutherisches Pfarramt St Georg, Musikarchiv
D-NM Neumünster, Schleswig-Holsteinische Musiksammlung der Stadt Neumünster [in KIl]
D-NNFw Neunhof (nr Nürnberg), Freiherrliche Welser'sche Familienstiftung
D-NO Nordhausen, Wilhelm-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium, Bibliothek
D-NS Neustadt an der Aisch, Evangelische Kirchenbibliothek
D-NT Neumarkt-St Veit, Pfarrkirche
D-NTRE Niedertrebra, Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirchgemeinde, Pfarrarchiv
D-Ngm Nuremberg, Germanisches National-Museum, Bibliothek
D-Nla Nuremberg, Bibliothek beim Landeskirchlichen Archiv
D-Nst Nuremberg, Bibliothek Egidienplatz
D-OB Ottobeuren, Benediktinerabtei
D-OBS Gessertshausen-Oberschönenfeld, Abtei
D-OF Offenbach am Main, Verlagsarchiv André
D-OLH Olbernhau, Evangelisch-Lutherisches Pfarramt, Pfarrarchiv
D-ORB Oranienbaum, Landesarchiv
D-PA Paderborn, Erzbischöfliche Akademische Bibliothek [in HRD]
D-PE Perleberg, Pfarrbibliothek
D-PI Pirna, Stadtarchiv
D-PL Plauen, Stadtkirche St Johannis, Pfarrarchiv
D-PO Pommersfelden, Graf von Schönbornsche Schlossbibliothek
D-POL Polling, Katholisches Pfarramt
D-POTh Potsdam, Fachhochschule Potsdam, Hochschulbibliothek
D-Pg Passau, Gymnasialbibliothek
D-Po Passau, Bistum, Archiv
D-RAd Ratzeburg, Domarchiv
D-RB Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Stadtarchiv und Rats- und Konsistorialbibliothek
D-RH Rheda, Fürst zu Bentheim-Tecklenburgische Musikbibliothek [on loan to MÜu]
D-ROmi Rostock, Universitätsbibliothek, Fachbibliothek Musikwissenschaften
D-ROs Rostock, Stadtbibliothek, Musikabteilung
D-ROu Rostock, Universität, Universitätsbibliothek
D-RT Rastatt, Bibliothek des Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasiums
D-RUh Rudolstadt, Hofkapellarchiv [in RUl]
D-RUl Rudolstadt, Thüringisches Staatsarchiv
D-Rp Regensburg, Bischöfliche Zentralbibliothek, Proske-Musikbibliothek
D-Rs Regensburg, Staatliche Bibliothek
D-Rtt Regensburg, Fürst Thurn und Taxis Hofbibliothek
D-Ru Regensburg, Universität Regensburg, Universitätsbibliothek
D-SBj Straubing, Kirchenbibliothek St Jakob [in Rp]
D-SCHOT Schotten, Liebfrauenkirche
D-SHk Sondershausen, Stadtkirche/Superintendentur, Bibliothek
D-SHm Sondershausen, Schlossmuseum
D-SHs Sondershausen, Schlossmuseum, Bibliothek [in SHm]
D-SI Sigmaringen, Fürstlich Hohenzollernsche Hofbibliothek
D-SNed Schmalkalden, Evangelisches Dekanat, Bibliothek
D-SPlb Speyer, Pfälzische Landesbibliothek, Musikabteilung
D-STBp Steinbach (nr Bad Salzungen), Evangelische-Lutherisches Pfarramt, Pfarrarchiv
D-STOm Stolberg (Harz), Pfarramt St Martini, Pfarrarchiv
D-SUH Suhl, Wissenschaftliche Allgemeinbibliothek, Musikabteilung
D-SWl Schwerin, Landesbibliothek Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Musiksammlung
D-SWs Schwerin, Stadtbibliothek, Musikabteilung [in SWl]
D-SWth Schwerin, Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater, Bibliothek
D-Sl Stuttgart, Württembergische Landesbibliothek
D-SÜN Sünching, Schloss
D-TEG Tegernsee, Pfarrkirche
D-TEGha Tegernsee, Herzogliches Archiv
D-TEI Teisendorf, Katholisches Pfarramt, Pfarrbibliothek
D-TIT Tittmoning, Pfarrkirche [in Fs]
D-TO Torgau, Evangelische Kirchengemeinde, Johann-Walter-Kantorei
D-TRb Trier, Bistumarchiv
D-TRs Trier, Stadtbibliothek
D-TZ Bad Tölz, Katholisches Pfarramt Maria Himmelfahrt [in FS]
D-Tl Tübingen, Schwäbisches Landesmusikarchiv [in Tmi]
D-Tmi Tübingen, Bibliothek des Musikwissenschaftlichen Institut
D-Tu Tübingen, Eberhard-Karls-Universität, Universitätsbibliothek
D-UDa Udestedt, Evangelisch-Lutherisches Pfarramt [in Dl]
D-URS Ursberg, St Josef-Kongregation, Orden der Franziskanerinnen
D-Us Ulm, Stadtbibliothek
D-Usch Ulm, Von Schermar'sche Familienstiftung, Bibliothek
D-W Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek, Handschriftensammlung
D-WA Waldheim, Stadtkirche St Nikolai, Bibliothek
D-WAB Waldenburg, St Bartholomäus, Kantoreiarchiv
D-WD Wiesentheid, Musiksammlung des Grafen von Schönborn-Wiesentheid
D-WERhb Wernigerode, Harzmuseum, Harzbücherei
D-WEY Weyarn, Pfarrkirche, Bibliothek [on loan to FS]
D-WF Weissenfels, Schuh- und Stadtmuseum Weissenfels (mit Heinrich-Schütz-Gedenkstätte) [on loan to BKÖs]
D-WFe Weissenfels, Ephoralbibliothek
D-WFmk Weissenfels, Marienkirche, Pfarrarchiv [in HAmk]
D-WGH Waigolshausen, Katholische Pfarrei [on loan to WÜd]
D-WGl Wittenberg, Lutherhalle, Reformationsgeschichtliches Museum
D-WH Bad Windsheim, Stadtbibliothek
D-WINtj Winhöring, Gräflich Toerring-Jettenbachsche Bibliothek [on loan to Mbs]
D-WIl Wiesbaden, Hessische Landesbibliothek
D-WO Worms, Stadtbibliothek und Öffentliche Büchereien
D-WRdn Weimar, Deutsches Nationaltheater und Staatskappelle, Archiv
D-WRgm Weimar, Goethe-National-Museum (Goethes Wohnhaus)
D-WRgs Weimar, Stiftung Weimarer Klassik, Goethe-Schiller-Archiv
D-WRh Weimar, Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt
D-WRiv Weimar, Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt, Institut für Volksmusikforschung
D-WRl Weimar, Thüringisches Hauptstaatsarchiv Weimar
D-WRtl Weimar, Thüringische Landesbibliothek, Musiksammlung [in WRz]
D-WRz Weimar, Stiftung Weimarer Klassik, Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek
D-WS Wasserburg am Inn, Chorarchiv St Jakob, Pfarramt [on loan to FS]
D-Wa Wolfenbüttel, Niedersäauml;chsisches Staatsarchiv
D-WÜd Würzburg, Diözesanarchiv
D-WÜst Würzburg, Staatsarchiv
D-WÜu Würzburg, Bayerische Julius-Maximilians-Universität, Universitätsbibliothek
D-Z Zwickau, Ratsschulbibliothek, Wissenschaftliche Bibliothek
D-ZE Zerbst, Stadtarchiv
D-ZEo Zerbst, Gymnasium Francisceum, Bibliothek
D-ZGh Zörbig, Heimatmuseum
D-ZI Zittau, Christian-Weise-Bibliothek, Altbestand [in Dl]
D-ZL Zeil, Fürstlich Waldburg-Zeil'sches Archiv
D-ZZs Zeitz, Stiftsbibliothek
D-Zsa Zwickau, Stadtarchiv
D-Zsch Zwickau, Robert-Schumann-Haus


GB-A Aberdeen, University, Queen Mother Library
GB-AB Aberystwyth, Llyfryell Genedlaethol Cymru/National Library of Wales
GB-ABu Aberystwyth, University College of Wales
GB-ALb Aldeburgh, Britten-Pears Library
GB-AM Ampleforth, Abbey and College Library, St Lawrence Abbey
GB-AR Arundel Castle, Archive
GB-AY Aylesbury, Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies
GB-BA Bath, Municipal Library
GB-BEL Belton (Lincs.), Belton House
GB-BEV Beverley, East Yorkshire County Record Office
GB-BEcr Bedford, Bedfordshire County Record Office
GB-BO Bournemouth, Central Library
GB-BRp Bristol, Central Library
GB-BRu Bristol, University of Bristol Library
GB-Bp Birmingham, Public Libraries
GB-Bu Birmingham, Birmingham University
GB-CA Canterbury, Cathedral Library
GB-CDp Cardiff, Public Libraries, Central Library
GB-CDu Cardiff, University of Wales/Prifysgol Cymru
GB-CF Chelmsford, Essex County Record Office
GB-CH Chichester, Diocesan Record Office
GB-CHc Chichester, Cathedral
GB-CL Carlisle, Cathedral Library
GB-Ccc Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Parker Library
GB-Ccl Cambridge, Central Library
GB-Cclc Cambridge, Clare College Archives
GB-Ce Cambridge, Emmanuel College
GB-Cfm Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, Dept of Manuscripts and Printed Books
GB-Cgc Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College
GB-Cjc Cambridge, St John's College
GB-Ckc Cambridge, King's College, Rowe Music Library
GB-Cmc Cambridge, Magdalene College
GB-Cp Cambridge, Peterhouse College Library
GB-Cpc Cambridge, Pembroke College Library
GB-Cpl Cambridge, Pendlebury Library of Music
GB-Cssc Cambridge, Sidney Sussex College
GB-Ctc Cambridge, Trinity College, Library
GB-Cu Cambridge, University Library
GB-DRc Durham, Cathedral Church, Dean and Chapter Library
GB-DRu Durham, University Library
GB-DU Dundee, Central Library
GB-EL Ely, Cathedral Library [in Cu]
GB-EXcl Exeter, Cathedral Library
GB-En Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Music Dept
GB-Ep Edinburgh, City Libraries, Music Library
GB-Er Edinburgh, Reid Music Library of the University of Edinburgh
GB-Es Edinburgh, Signet Library
GB-Eu Edinburgh, University Library, Main Library
GB-Lnsa Great Britain, London, National Sound Archive of the British Library
GB-GL Gloucester, Cathedral Library
GB-GLr Gloucester, Record Office
GB-Ge Glasgow, Euing Music Library
GB-Gm Glasgow, Mitchell Library, Arts Dept
GB-Gsma Glasgow, Scottish Music Archive
GB-Gu Glasgow, University Library
GB-H Hereford, Cathedral Library
GB-HAdolmetsch Haslemere, Carl Dolmetsch, private collection
GB-HFr Hertford, Hertfordshire Record Office
GB-Ir Ipswich, Suffolk Record Office
GB-KNt Knutsford, Tatton Park (National Trust)
GB-LA Lancaster, District Central Library
GB-LEbc Leeds, University of Leeds, Brotherton Library
GB-LEc Leeds, Leeds Central Library, Music and Audio Dept
GB-LF Lichfield, Cathedral Library
GB-Lfom London, Foundling Museum: Gerald Coke, private collection
GB-LI Lincoln, Cathedral Library
GB-LVp Liverpool, Libraries and Information Services, Humanities Reference Library
GB-LVu Liverpool, University, Music Department
GB-Lam London, Royal Academy of Music, Library
GB-Lbbc London, British Broadcasting Corporation, Music Library
GB-Lbc London, British Council Music Library
GB-Lbl London, British Library
GB-Lcm London, Royal College of Music, Library
GB-Lcml London, Central Music Library
GB-Lco London, Royal College of Organists
GB-Lcs London, English Folk Dance and Song Society, Vaughan Williams Memorial Library
GB-Ldc London, Dulwich College Library
GB-Lfm London, Faber Music
GB-Lgc London, Guildhall Library
GB-Lk London, King's Music Library [in Lbl]
GB-Lkc London, King's College Library
GB-Llp London, Lambeth Palace Library
GB-Lmic London, British Music Information Centre
GB-Lmt London, Minet Library
GB-Lna London, The National Archives
GB-Lpro London, Public Record Office
GB-Lrcp London, Royal College of Physicians
GB-Lsp London, St Paul's Cathedral Library
GB-Lspencer London, Woodford Green: Robert Spencer, private collection
GB-Lst London, Savoy Theatre Collection
GB-Lu London, University of London Library, Music Collection
GB-Lue London, Universal Edition
GB-Lv London, Victoria and Albert Museum, Theatre Museum
GB-Lwa London, Westminster Abbey Library
GB-Lwcm London, Westminster Central Music Library
GB-MA Maidstone, Kent County Record Office
GB-Mch Manchester, Chetham's Library
GB-Mp Manchester, Central Library, Henry Watson Music Library
GB-Mr Manchester, John Rylands Library, Deansgate
GB-NH Northampton, Record Office
GB-NO Nottingham, University of Nottingham, Department of Music
GB-NTp Newcastle upon Tyne, Public Libraries
GB-NW Norwich, Central Library
GB-NWhamond Norwich, Anthony Hamond, private collection
GB-NWr Norwich, Record Office
GB-Oas Oxford, All Souls College Library
GB-Ob Oxford, Bodleian Library
GB-Oc Oxford, Coke Collection
GB-Occc Oxford, Corpus Christi College Library
GB-Och Oxford, Christ Church Library
GB-Ojc Oxford, St John's College Library
GB-Olc Oxford, Lincoln College Library
GB-Omc Oxford, Magdalen College Library
GB-Onc Oxford, New College Library
GB-Ouf Oxford, Faculty of Music Library
GB-Owc Oxford, Worcester College
GB-P Perth, Sandeman Public Library
GB-PB Peterborough, Cathedral Library
GB-PM Parkminster, St Hugh's Charterhouse
GB-R Reading, University, Music Library
GB-SA St Andrews, University of St Andrews Library
GB-SB Salisbury, Cathedral Library
GB-SC Sutton Coldfield, Oscott College, Old Library
GB-SH Sherborne, Sherborne School Library
GB-SHR Shrewsbury, Salop Record Office
GB-SHRs Shrewsbury, Library of Shrewsbury School
GB-SOp Southampton, Public Library
GB-SRfa Studley Royal, Fountains Abbey [in LEc]
GB-STb Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust Library
GB-STm Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare Memorial Library
GB-T Tenbury Wells, St Michael's College Library [in Ob]
GB-W Wells, Cathedral Library
GB-WA Whalley, Stonyhurst College Library
GB-WB Wimborne, Minster Chain Library
GB-WC Winchester, Chapter Library
GB-WCc Winchester, Winchester College, Warden and Fellows' Library
GB-WCr Winchester, Hampshire Record Office
GB-WMl Warminster, Longleat House Old Library
GB-WO Worcester, Cathedral Library
GB-WOr Worcester, Record Office
GB-WRch Windsor, St George's Chapel Library
GB-WRec Windsor, Eton College, College Library
GB-Y York, Minster Library
GB-Ybi York, Borthwick Institute of Historical Research


GR-AOd Mt Athos, Mone Dionysiou
GR-AOdo Mt Athos, Mone Dohiariou
GR-AOh Mt Athos, Mone Hilandariou
GR-AOi Mt Athos, Mone ton Iveron
GR-AOk Mt Athos, Mone Koutloumousi
GR-AOml Mt Athos, Mone Megistis Lávras
GR-AOpk Mt Athos, Mone Pantokrátoros
GR-AOva Mt Athos, Vatopedi Monastery
GR-Aels Athens, Ethniki Lyriki Skini
GR-Akounadis Athens, Panayis Kounadis, private collection
GR-Aleotsakos Athens, George Leotsakos, private collection
GR-Am Athens, Mousseio ke Kendro Meletis Ellinikou Theatrou
GR-An Athens, Ethnikē Bibliotēkē tēs Hellados
GR-P Patmos,
GR-THpi Thessaloniki, Patriarhikó Idryma Paterikon Meleton, Vivliotheke


GCA-Gc Guatemala City, Cathedral, Archivo Capitular


H-BA Bártfá, St Aegidius [in Bn]
H-Ba Budapest, Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Könytára
H-Bami Budapest, Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Zenetudományi Intézet, Könyvtár
H-Bb Budapest, Bartók Béla Zeneművészeti Szakközépiskola, Könyvtár [in Bl]
H-Bl Budapest, Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti F˝iskola, Könyvtár
H-Bn Budapest, Országos Széchényi Könyvtár
H-Bo Budapest, Állami Operaház
H-Br Budapest, Ráday Gyűjtemény
H-Bs Budapest, Központi Szemináriumi Könyvtár
H-Bu Budapest, Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, Egyetemi Könyvtár
H-Efko Esztergom, F˝székesegyházi Kottatár
H-Efkö Esztergom, F˝székesegyházi Könyvtár
H-GYm Gyula, Múzeum
H-Gc Gy˝r, Püspöki Papnevel˝ Intézet Könyvtára
H-Gk Gy˝r, Káptalan Magánlevéltár Kottatára
H-K Kalocsa, Érseki Könyvtár
H-KE Keszthely, Helikon Kastélymúzeum, Könyvtár
H-P Pécs, Székesegyházi Kottatár
H-PH Pannonhalma, F˝apátság, Könyvtár
H-SFm Székesfehérvár, István Király Múzeum
H-Se Sopron, Evangélikus Egyházközség Könyvtára
H-VEs Veszprém, Székesegyházi Kottatár


IRL-C Cork, Boole Library, University College
IRL-Da Dublin, Royal Irish Academy Library
IRL-Dam Dublin, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Monteagle Library
IRL-Dc Dublin, Contemporary Music Centre
IRL-Dcb Dublin, Chester Beatty Library
IRL-Dcc Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral, Library
IRL-Dm Dublin, Archbishop Marsh's Library
IRL-Dmh Dublin, Mercer's Hospital [in Dtc]
IRL-Dn Dublin, National Library of Ireland
IRL-Dpc Dublin, St Patrick's Cathedral
IRL-Dtc Dublin, Trinity College Library, University of Dublin
IRL-Duc Dublin, University College


IL-J Jerusalem, Jewish National and University Library, Music Dept
IL-Jgp Jerusalem, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, Library (Hierosolymitike Bibliotheke)
IL-Jp Jerusalem, Patriarchal Library
IL-Ta Tel-Aviv, American for Music Library in Israel, Felicja Blumental Music Center and Library
IL-Tmi Tel-Aviv, Israel Music Institute


I-ALTsm Altamura, Associazione Amici della Musica Saverio Mercadante, Biblioteca
I-AN Ancona, Biblioteca Comunale Luciano Benincasa
I-AO Aosta, Seminario Maggiore
I-AOc Aosta, Cattedrale, Biblioteca Capitolare
I-AP Ascoli Piceno, Biblioteca Comunale Giulio Gabrielli
I-APa Ascoli Piceno, Archivio di Stato
I-AT Atri, Basilica Cattedrale di S Maria Assunta, Biblioteca Capitolare e Museo
I-Ac Assisi, Biblioteca Comunale [in Af]
I-Ad Assisi, Cattedrale S Rufino, Biblioteca dell'Archivio Capitolare
I-Af Assisi, Sacro Convento di S Francesco, Biblioteca-Centro di Documentazione Francescana
I-BAR Barletta, Biblioteca Comunale Sabino Loffredo
I-BAca Bari, Biblioteca Capitolare
I-BAcp Bari, Conservatorio di Musica Niccolò Piccinni, Biblioteca
I-BAn Bari, Biblioteca Nazionale Sagarriga Visconti-Volpi
I-BDG Bassano del Grappa, Biblioteca Archivo Museo (Biblioteca Civica)
I-BE Belluno, Biblioteche Lolliniana e Gregoriana
I-BGc Bergamo, Biblioteca Civica Angelo Mai
I-BGi Bergamo, Civico Istituto Musicale Gaetano Donizetti, Biblioteca
I-BI Bitonto, Biblioteca Comunale E. Bogadeo (ex Vitale Giordano)
I-BRc Brescia, Conservatorio Statale di Musica A. Venturi, Biblioteca
I-BRd Brescia, Archivio e Biblioteca Capitolari
I-BRq Brescia, Biblioteca Civica Queriniana
I-BRs Brescia, Seminario Vescovile Diocasano, Archivio Musicale
I-BRsmg Brescia, Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie (S Maria), Archivio
I-BV Benevento, Biblioteca Capitolare
I-BZa Bolzano, Archivio di Stato, Biblioteca
I-BZf Bolzano, Convento dei Minori Francescani, Biblioteca
I-BZtoggenburg Bolzano, Count Toggenburg, private collection
I-Baf Bologna, Accademia Filarmonica, Archivio
I-Bam Bologna, Collezioni d'Arte e di Storia della Casa di Risparmio (Biblioteca Ambrosini)
I-Bas Bologna, Archivio di Stato, Biblioteca
I-Bc Bologna, Civico Museo Bibliografico Musicale
I-Bca Bologna, Biblioteca Comunale dell'Archiginnasio
I-Bl Bologna, Conservatorio Statale di Musica G.B. Martini, Biblioteca
I-Bof Bologna, Congregazione dell'Oratorio (Padri Filippini), Biblioteca
I-Bpm Bologna, Università degli Studi, Facoltà di Magistero, Cattedra di Storia della Musica, Biblioteca
I-Bsf Bologna, Convento di S Francesco, Biblioteca
I-Bsm Bologna, Biblioteca del Convento di S Maria dei Servi e della Cappella Musicale Arcivescovile
I-Bsp Bologna, Basilica di S Petronio, Archivio Musicale
I-Bu Bologna, Biblioteca Universitaria, sezione Musicale
I-CARc Castell'Arquato, Archivio Capitolare (Parrocchiale)
I-CARcc Castell'Arquato, Chiesa Collegiata dell'Assunta, Archivio Musicale
I-CAS Cascia, Monastero di S Rita, Archivio
I-CATa Catania, Archivio di Stato
I-CATc Catania, Biblioteche Riunite Civica e Antonio Ursino Recupero
I-CATm Catania, Museo Civico Belliniano, Biblioteca
I-CATus Catania, Università degli Studi di Catania, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Dipartimento di Scienze Storiche, Storia della Musica, Biblioteca
I-CAcon Cagliari, Conservatorio di Musica Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Biblioteca
I-CC Città di Castello, Duomo, Archivio Capitolare [in CCsg]
I-CCc Città di Castello, Biblioteca Comunale Giosuè Carducci
I-CCsg Città di Castello, Biblioteca Stori Guerri e Archivi Storico
I-CDO Codogno, Biblioteca Civica Luigi Ricca
I-CEc Cesena, Biblioteca Comunale Malatestiana
I-CF Cividale del Friuli, Duomo (Parrocchia di S Maria Assunta), Archivio Capitolare
I-CFVd Castelfranco Veneto, Duomo, Archivio
I-CFm Cividale del Friuli, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Biblioteca
I-CHTd Chieti, Biblioteca della Curia Arcivescovile e Archivio Capitolare
I-CHc Chioggia, Biblioteca Comunale Cristoforo Sabbadino
I-CHf Chioggia, Archivio dei Padri Filippini [in CHc]
I-CMac Casale Monferrato, Duomo di Sant'Evasio, Archivio Capitolare
I-CMbc Casale Monferrato, Biblioteca Civica Giovanni Canna
I-CMs Casale Monferrato, Seminario Vescovile, Biblioteca
I-CORc Correggio, Biblioteca Comunale
I-COc Como, Biblioteca Comunale
I-COd Como, Duomo, Archivio Musicale
I-CRE Crema, Biblioteca Comunale
I-CRas Cremona, Archivio di Stato
I-CRd Cremona, Biblioteca Capitolare [in CRsd]
I-CRg Cremona, Biblioteca Statale
I-CRsd Cremona, Archivio Storico Diocesano
I-CT Cortona, Biblioteca Comunale e dell'Accademia Etrusca
I-DO Domodossola, Biblioteca e Archivio dei Rosminiani di Monte Calvario [in ST]
I-E Enna, Biblioteca e Discoteca Comunale
I-FA Fabriano, Biblioteca Comunale
I-FAN Fano, Biblioteca Comunale Federiciana
I-FAd Fabriano, Duomo (S Venanzio), Biblioteca Capitolare
I-FBR Fossombrone, Biblioteca Civica Passionei
I-FELc Feltre, Museo Civico, Biblioteca
I-FEM Finale Emilia, Biblioteca Comunale
I-FERaa Fermo, Archivio Storico Arcivescovile con Archivio della Pietà
I-FERas Fermo, Archivio di Stato di Ascoli Piceno, sezione di Fermo
I-FERc Fermo, Biblioteca Comunale
I-FERd Fermo, Metropolitana (Duomo), Archivio Capitolare [in FERaa]
I-FERvitali Fermo, Gualberto Vitali-Rosati, private collection
I-FEc Ferrara, Biblioteca Comunale Ariostea
I-FEd Ferrara, Duomo, Archivio Capitolare
I-FOLc Foligno, Biblioteca Comunale
I-FOLd Foligno, Duomo, Archivio
I-FOc Forlì, Biblioteca Comunale Aurelio Saffi
I-FRa Fara in Sabina, Monumento Nazionale di Farfa, Biblioteca
I-FZac Faenza, Basilica Cattedrale, Archivio Capitolare
I-FZc Faenza, Biblioteca Comunale Manfrediana, Raccolte Musicali
I-Fa Florence, Ss Annunziata, Archivio
I-Fas Florence, Archivio di Stato, Biblioteca
I-Fbecherini Florence, Becherini private collection
I-Fc Florence, Conservatorio Statale di Musica Luigi Cherubini
I-Fd Florence, Opera del Duomo (S Maria del Fiore), Biblioteca e Archivio
I-Ffabbri Florence, Mario Fabbri, private collection
I-Fl Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana
I-Fm Florence, Biblioteca Marucelliana
I-Fn Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Dipartimento Musica
I-Folschki Florence, Olschki private collection
I-Fr Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana
I-Fs Florence, Seminario Arcivescovile Maggiore, Biblioteca
I-Fsa Florence, Biblioteca Domenicana di S Maria Novella
I-Fsl Florence, Parrocchia di S Lorenzo, Biblioteca
I-Fsm Florence, Convento di S Marco, Biblioteca
I-GO Gorizia, Seminario Teologico Centrale, Biblioteca
I-GR Grottaferrata, Biblioteca del Monumento Nazionale
I-GUBd Gubbio, Biblioteca Vescovile Fonti e Archivio Diocesano (con Archivio del Capitolo della Cattedrale)
I-Gc Genoa, Biblioteca Civica Berio
I-Gim Genoa, Civico Istituto Mazziniano, Biblioteca
I-Gl Genoa, Conservatorio di Musica Nicolò Paganini, Biblioteca
I-Gremondini Genoa, P.C. Remondini, private collection
I-Gsl Genoa, S Lorenzo (Duomo), Archivio Capitolare
I-Gu Genoa, Biblioteca Universitaria
I-I Imola, Biblioteca Comunale
I-IBborromeo Isola Bella, Borromeo private collection
I-IE Iesi, Biblioteca Comunale
I-IV Ivrea, Cattedrale, Biblioteca Capitolare
I-LA L'Aquila, Biblioteca Provinciale Salvatore Tommasi
I-LANc Lanciano, Biblioteca Diocesano (con Archivio della Cattedrale)
I-LT Loreto, Santuario della S Casa, Archivio Storico
I-LU Lugo, Biblioteca Comunale Fabrizio Trisi
I-LUi Lugo, Istituto Musicale Pareggiato G.L. Malerbi
I-La Lucca, Archivio di Stato
I-Las Lucca, Biblioteca-Archivio Storico Comunale
I-Lc Lucca, Biblioteca Capitolare Feliniana e Biblioteca Arcivescovile
I-Lg Lucca, Biblioteca Statale
I-Li Lucca, Istituto Musicale L. Boccherini, Biblioteca
I-Ls Lucca, Seminario Arcivescovile, Biblioteca
I-MAC Macerata, Biblioteca Comunale Mozzi-Borgetti
I-MAa Mantua, Archivio di Stato
I-MAad Mantua, Archivio Storico Diocesano
I-MAav Mantua, Accademia Nazionale Virgiliana di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Archivio Musicale
I-MAc Mantua, Biblioteca Comunale
I-MC Montecassino, Monumento Nazionale di Montecassino, Biblioteca
I-MDAegidi Montefiore dell'Aso, Francesco Egidi, private collection
I-ME Messina, Biblioteca Regionale Universitaria
I-MEs Messina, Biblioteca Painiana (del Seminario Arcivescovile S Pio X)
I-MOd Modena, Duomo, Biblioteca e Archivio Capitolare
I-MOe Modena, Biblioteca Estense e Universitaria
I-MOs Modena, Archivio di Stato [in MOe]
I-MTc Montecatini Terme, Biblioteca Comunale
I-MTventuri Montecatini Terme, Antonio Venturi, private collection [in MTc]
I-MZ Monza, Parrocchia di S Giovanni Battista, Biblioteca Capitolare
I-Ma Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana
I-Malfieri Milan, Familglia Trecani degli Alfieri, private collection
I-Mas Milan, Archivio di Stato
I-Mb Milan, Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense
I-Mc Milan, Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Verdi, Biblioteca
I-Mcap Milan, Archivio Capitolare di S Ambrogio, Biblioteca
I-Mcom Milan, Biblioteca Comunale Sormani
I-Md Milan, Capitolo Metropolitano, Biblioteca e Archivio
I-Mgallini Milan, Natale Gallini, private collection
I-Mr Milan, Biblioteca della Casa Ricordi
I-Ms Milan, Biblioteca Teatrale Livia Simoni
I-Msartori Milan, Claudio Sartori, private collection [in Mc]
I-Msc Milan, Chiesa di S Maria presso S Celso, Archivio
I-Mt Milan, Biblioteca Trivulziana e Archivio Storico Civico
I-Mu Milan, Università degli Studi di Milano, Facoltà di Giurisprudenza, Biblioteca
I-Muc Milan, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Biblioteca
I-NON Nonantola, Seminario Abbaziale, Biblioteca
I-NOVd Novara, S Maria (Duomo), Biblioteca Capitolare
I-NOVg Novara, Seminario Teologico e Filosofico di S Gaudenzio, Biblioteca
I-NOVi Novara, Istituto Civico Musicale Brera, Biblioteca
I-NT Noto, Biblioteca Comunale Principe di Villadorata
I-Na Naples, Archivio di Stato
I-Nc Naples, Conservatorio di Musica S Pietro a Majella, Biblioteca
I-Nf Naples, Biblioteca Oratoriana dei Gerolamini (Filippini)
I-Ng Naples, Monastero di S Gregorio Armeno, Archivio
I-Nlp Naples, Biblioteca Lucchesi Palli [in Nn]
I-Nn Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele III
I-OFma Offida, Parrocchia di Maria Ss Assunta, Archivio
I-OS Ostiglia, Opera Pia G. Greggiati Biblioteca Musicale
I-Od Orvieto, Opera del Duomo, Biblioteca
I-PAVc Pavia, Chiesa di S Maria del Carmine, Archivio
I-PAVs Pavia, Seminario Vescovile, Biblioteca
I-PAVu Pavia, Biblioteca Universitaria
I-PAac Parma, Duomo, Archivio Capitolare con Archivio della Fabbriceria
I-PAas Parma, Archivio di Stato
I-PAc Parma, Biblioteca Palatina, sezione Musicale
I-PAcom Parma, Biblioteca Comunale
I-PAp Parma, Biblioteca Nazionale Palatina
I-PAt Parma, Archivio Storico del Teatro Regio [in PAcom]
I-PCc Piacenza, Biblioteca Comunale Passerini Landi
I-PCcon Piacenza, Conservatorio di Musica G. Nicolini, Biblioteca
I-PCd Piacenza, Duomo, Biblioteca e Archivio Capitolare
I-PCsa Piacenza, Basilica di S Antonino, Biblioteca e Archivio Capitolari
I-PEA Pescia, Biblioteca Comunale Carlo Magnani
I-PESc Pesaro, Conservatorio di Musica G. Rossini, Biblioteca
I-PESd Pesaro, Duomo, Archivio Capitolare [in PESdi]
I-PESdi Pesaro, Biblioteca Diocesana
I-PESo Pesaro, Ente Olivieri, Biblioteca e Musei Oliveriana
I-PESr Pesaro, Fondazione G. Rossini, Biblioteca
I-PEas Perugia, Archivio di Stato
I-PEc Perugia, Biblioteca Comunale Augusta
I-PEd Perugia, Biblioteca Domincini
I-PEl Perugia, Conservatorio di Musica Francesco Morlacchi, Biblioteca
I-PEsf Perugia, Congregazione dell' Oratorio di S Filippo Neri, Biblioteca e Archivio
I-PEsl Perugia, Duomo (S Lorenzo), Archivio
I-PEsp Perugia, Basilica Benedettina di S Pietro, Archivo e Museo della Badia
I-PIa Pisa, Archivio di Stato
I-PIp Pisa, Opera della Primaziale Pisana, Archivio Musicale
I-PIraffaelli Pisa, Raffaelli private collection
I-PIst Pisa, Chiesa dei Cavalieri di S Stefano, Archivio
I-PIt Pisa, Teatro Verdi
I-PIu Pisa, Biblioteca Universitaria
I-PLa Palermo, Archivio di Stato
I-PLcom Palermo, Biblioteca Comunale
I-PLcon Palermo, Conservatorio di Musica Vincenzo Bellini, Biblioteca
I-PLi Palermo, Università degli Studi, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Istituto di Storia della Musica, Biblioteca
I-PLn Palermo, Biblioteca Centrale della Regione Sicilia tex (Nazionale)
I-PLpagano Palermo, Roberto Pagano, private collection
I-PO Potenza, Biblioteca Provinciale
I-PR Prato, Archivio Storico Diocesano, Biblioteca (con Archivio del Duomo)
I-PS Pistoia, Basilica di S Zeno, Archivio Capitolare
I-PSc Pistoia, Biblioteca Comunale Forteguerriana
I-PSrospigliosi Pistoia, Rospigliosi private collection
I-Pas Padua, Archivio di Stato
I-Pc Padua, Duomo, Biblioteca Capitolare, Curia Vescovile
I-Pca Padua, Basilica del Santo, Biblioteca Antoniana
I-Pci Padua, Biblioteca Civica
I-Pl Padua, Conservatorio Cesare Pollini
I-Ps Padua, Seminario Vescovile, Biblioteca
I-Pu Padua, Biblioteca Universitaria
I-RA Ravenna, Duomo (Basilica Ursiana), Archivio Capitolare [in RAs]
I-RAc Ravenna, Biblioteca Comunale Classense
I-RAs Ravenna, Seminario Arcivescovile dei Ss Angeli Custodi, Biblioteca
I-REm Reggio nell'Emilia, Biblioteca Panizzi
I-REsp Reggio nell'Emilia, Basilica di S Prospero, Archivio Capitolare
I-RI Rieti, Biblioteca Diocesana, sezione dell'Archivio Musicale del Duomo
I-RIM Rimini, Biblioteca Civica Gambalunga
I-RPTd Ripatransone, Duomo, Archivio
I-RVE Rovereto, Biblioteca Civica Girolamo Tartarotti
I-RVI Rovigo, Accademia dei Concordi, Biblioteca
I-Ra Rome, Biblioteca Angelica
I-Raf Rome, Accademia Filarmonica Romana
I-Ras Rome, Archivio di Stato, Biblioteca
I-Rbompiani Rome, Bompiani private collection
I-Rc Rome, Biblioteca Casanatense, sezione Musica
I-Rcg Rome, Curia Generalizia dei Padre Gesuiti, Biblioteca
I-Rchg Rome, Chiesa del Gesù, Archivio
I-Rcsg Rome, Congregazione dell'Oratorio di S Girolamo della Carità, Archivio [in Ras]
I-Rdp Rome, Archivio Doria Pamphili
I-Rf Rome, Congregazione dell'Oratorio S Filippo Neri
I-Ria Rome, Istituto di Archeologia e Storia dell'Arte, Biblioteca
I-Ribimus Rome, Istituto di Bibliografia Musicale, Biblioteca [in Rn]
I-Rig Rome, Istituto Storico Germanico di Roma, sezione Storia della Musica, Biblioteca
I-Rims Rome, Pontificio Istituto di Musica Sacra, Biblioteca
I-Rli Rome, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei e Corsiniana, Biblioteca
I-Rlib Rome, Basilica Liberiana, Archivio
I-Rmalvezzi Rome, Lionello Malvezzi, private collection
I-Rmassimo Rome, Massimo princes, private collection
I-Rn Rome, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Vittorio Emanuele II
I-Rp Rome, Biblioteca Pasqualini [in Rsc]
I-Rps Rome, Chiesa di S Pantaleo (Padri Scolipi), Archivio
I-Rrai Rome, RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana, Archivio Musica
I-Rrostirolla Rome, Giancarlo Rostirolla, private collection [in Fn and Ribimus]
I-Rsc Rome, Conservatorio di Musica S Cecilia
I-Rscg Rome, Abbazia di S Croce in Gerusalemme, Biblioteca
I-Rsg Rome, Basilica di S Giovanni in Laterano, Archivio Musicale
I-Rslf Rome, Chiesa di S Luigi dei Francesi, Archivio
I-Rsm Rome, Basilica di S Maria Maggiore, Archivio Capitolare [in Rvat]
I-Rsmm Rome, S Maria di Monserrato, Archivio
I-Rsmt Rome, Basilica di S Maria in Trastevere, Archivio Capitolare [in Rvic]
I-Rsp Rome, Chiesa di S Spirito in Sassia, Archivio
I-Rss Rome, Curia Generalizia dei Domenicani (S Sabina), Biblioteca
I-Ru Rome, Biblioteca Universitaria Alessandrina
I-Rv Rome, Biblioteca Vallicelliana
I-Rvat Rome, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
I-Rvic Rome, Vicariato, Archivio
I-SA Savona, Biblioteca Civica Anton Giulio Barrili
I-SAa Savona, Seminario Vescovile, Biblioteca
I-SE Senigallia, Biblioteca Comunale Antonelliana
I-SO Sant'Oreste, Collegiata di S Lorenzo sul Monte Soratte, Biblioteca
I-SPE Spello, Collegiata di S Maria Maggiore, Archivio
I-SPEbc Spello, Biblioteca Comunale Giacomo Prampolini
I-SPc Spoleto, Biblioteca Comunale Giosuè Carducci
I-SPd Spoleto, Biblioteca Capitolare (Duomo di S Lorenzo)
I-ST Stresa, Biblioteca Rosminiana
I-STE Vipiteno, Convento dei Cappuccini (Kapuzinerkloster), Biblioteca
I-Sac Siena, Accademia Musicale Chigiana, Biblioteca
I-Sas Siena, Archivio di Stato
I-Sc Siena, Biblioteca Comunale degli Intronati
I-Sco Siena, Convento dell'Osservanza, Biblioteca
I-Sd Siena, Opera del Duomo, Archivio Musicale
I-Smo Asciano (nr Siena), Abbazia Benedettina di Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Biblioteca
I-TAc Taranto, Biblioteca Civica Pietro Acclavio
I-TE Terni, Istituto Musicale Pareggiato Giulio Briccialdi, Biblioteca
I-TEd Terni, Duomo, Archivio Capitolare
I-TLp Torre del Lago Puccini, Museo di Casa Puccini
I-TOL Tolentino, Biblioteca Comunale Filelfica
I-TRE Tremezzo, Count Gian Ludovico Sola-Cabiati, private collection
I-TRP Trapani, Biblioteca Fardelliana
I-TRa Trent, Archivio di Stato
I-TRbc Trent, Castello del Buon Consiglio, Biblioteca [in TRmp]
I-TRc Trent, Biblioteca Comunale
I-TRcap Trent, Biblioteca Capitolare con Annesso Archivio
I-TRfeininger Trent, Biblioteca Musicale Laurence K.J. Feininger [in TRmp]
I-TRmd Trent, Museo Diocesano, Biblioteca
I-TRmp Trent, Castello del Buonconsiglio: Monumenti e Collezioni Provinciali, Biblioteca
I-TRmr Trent, Museo Trentino del Risorgimento e della Lotta per la Libertà, Biblioteca
I-TSci Trieste, Biblioteca Comunale Attilio Hortis
I-TScon Trieste, Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Tartini, Biblioteca
I-TSmt Trieste, Civico Museo Teatrale di Fondazione Carlo Schmidl, Biblioteca
I-TVco Treviso, Biblioteca Comunale
I-TVd Treviso, Biblioteca Capitolare della Cattedrale
I-Ta Turin, Archivio di Stato
I-Tci Turin, Civica Biblioteca Musicale Andrea della Corte
I-Tco Turin, Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Verdi, Biblioteca
I-Td Turin, Cattedrale Metropolitana di S Giovanni Battista, Archivio Capitolare, Fondo Musicale della Cappella dei Cantori del Duomo e della Cappella Regia Sabauda
I-Tf Turin, Accademia Filarmonica, Archivio
I-Tfanan Turin, Giorgio Fanan, private collection
I-Tn Turin, Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria, sezione Musicale
I-Tr Turin, Biblioteca Reale
I-Trt Turin, RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana, Biblioteca
I-UD Udine, Duomo, Archivio Capitolare [in UDs]
I-UDa Udine, Archivio di Stato
I-UDc Udine, Biblioteca Comunale Vincenzo Joppi
I-UDs Udine, Seminario Arcivescovile, Biblioteca
I-URBcap Urbania, Biblioteca Capitolare [in URBdi]
I-URBdi Urbania, Biblioteca Diocesana
I-Us Urbino, Cappella del Ss Sacramento (Duomo), Archivio
I-VCd Vercelli, Biblioteca Capitolare
I-VEaf Verona, Accademia Filarmonica, Biblioteca e Archivio
I-VEas Verona, Archivio di Stato
I-VEc Verona, Biblioteca Civica
I-VEcap Verona, Biblioteca Capitolare
I-VEss Verona, Chiesa di S Stefano, Archivio
I-VIGsa Vigévano, Biblioteca del Capitolo della Cattedrale
I-VIb Vicenza, Biblioteca Civica Bertoliana
I-VId Vicenza, Biblioteca Capitolare
I-VIs Vicenza, Seminario Vescovile, Biblioteca
I-VRNs Chiusi della Verna, Santuario della Verna, Biblioteca
I-Vas Venice, Archivio di Stato
I-Vc Venice, Conservatorio di Musica Benedetto Marcello, Biblioteca
I-Vcg Venice, Casa di Goldoni, Biblioteca
I-Vgc Venice, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Istituto per le Lettere, il Teatro ed il Melodramma, Biblioteca
I-Vlevi Venice, Fondazione Ugo e Olga Levi, Biblioteca
I-Vmarcello Venice, Andrighetti Marcello, private collection
I-Vmc Venice, Museo Civico Correr, Biblioteca d'Arte e Storia Veneziana
I-Vnm Venice, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana
I-Vqs Venice, Fondazione Querini-Stampalia, Biblioteca
I-Vs Venice, Seminario Patriarcale, Archivio
I-Vsf Venice, Biblioteca S Francesco della Vigna
I-Vsm Venice, Procuratoria di S Marco [in Vlevi]
I-Vsmc Venice, S Maria della Consolazione detta Della Fava
I-Vt Venice, Teatro La Fenice, Archivio Storico-Musicale


J-Tma Tokyo, Musashino Ongaku Daigaku, Ioshokan
J-Tn Tokyo, Nanki Ongaku Bunko


LV-J Jelgava, Muzei
LV-R Riga, Latvijas Mūzikas Akademijas Biblioteka


LT-V Vilnius, Lietuvos Muzikos Akademijos Biblioteka
LT-Va Vilnius, Lietuvos Moksly Akademijos Biblioteka


M-Vnl Valletta, National Library


MEX-Mc Mexico City, Catedral Metropolitana, Archivo Musical
MEX-Pc Puebla, Catedral Metropolitana, Archivo del Cabildo


MD-KI Chişinău, Biblioteka Gosudarstvennoj Konservatorii im. G. Muzyčesku


NZ-Aua Auckland, University of Auckland, Archive of Maori and Pacific Music
NZ-Wt Wellington, Alexander Turnbull Library


N-Bo Bergen, Offentlige Bibliotek, Griegsamlingen
N-NOnj Norway, Oslo, Norsk Jazzarkiv
N-Ou Oslo, Universitetsbiblioteket
N-Oum Oslo, Nasjonalbiblioteket, Avdeling Oslo, Norsk Musikksamling
N-T Trondheim, Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet, Gunnerusbiblioteket


PL-B Bydgoszcz, Wojewódzka i Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna, Dział Zbiórów Specjalnych
PL-BA Barczewo, Kościóła Parafialny, Archiwum
PL-CZ Częstochowa, Klasztor Ojców Paulinów: Jasna Góra Archiwum
PL-GD Gdańsk, Polska Akademia Nauk, Biblioteka Gdańska
PL-GDp Gdańsk, Wojewódzka Biblioteka Publiczna
PL-GNd Gniezno, Archiwum Archidiecezjalne
PL-GR Grodzisk Wielkopolski, Kościół Parafialny św. Jadwigi [in Pa]
PL-KA Katowice, Biblioteka Sląska
PL-KO Kórnik, Polska Akademia Nauk, Biblioteka Kórnicka
PL-KRZ Krzeszów, Cysterski Kościół Parafialny [in KRZk]
PL-KRZk Krzeszów, Klasztor Ss Benedyktynek
PL-Kc Kraków, Muzeum Narodowe, Biblioteka Czartoryskich
PL-Kcz Kraków, Muzeum Narodowe, Biblioteka Czapskich
PL-Kd Kraków, Biblioteka Studium OO. Dominikanów
PL-Kj Kraków, Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Biblioteka Jagiellońska
PL-Kk Kraków, Archiwum i Biblioteka Krakowskiej Kapituły Katedralnej
PL-Kn Kraków, Muzeum Narodowe
PL-Kp Kraków, Biblioteka Polskiej Akademii Nauk
PL-Kpa Kraków, Archiwum Państwowe
PL-Kz Kraków, Biblioteka Czartoryskich
PL-LA Łńcut, Biblioteka-Muzeum Zamku
PL-LEtpn Legnica, Towarzystwa Przyaciół Nauk, Biblioteka
PL-LZu Łódź, Biblioteka Uniwersytecka
PL-Lw Lublin, Wojewódzka Biblioteka Publiczna im. H. Lopacińskiego
PL-MO Mogiła, Opactwo Cystersów, Archiwumi Biblioteka
PL-OB Obra, Klasztor OO. Cystersów
PL-PE Pelplin, Wyzsze Seminarium Duchowne, Biblioteka
PL-Pa Poznań, Archiwum Archidiecezjalna
PL-Pm Poznań, Biblioteka Zakładu Muzykologii Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego
PL-Pr Poznań, Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna im. Edwarda Raczyńskiego
PL-Pu Poznań, Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza, Biblioteka Uniwersytecka, Sekcja Zbiorów Muzycznych
PL-R Raków, Kościół Parafialny, Archiwum
PL-SA Sandomierz, Wyższe Seminarium Duchowne, Biblioteca
PL-SZ Szalowa, Archiwum Parafialne
PL-Tm Toruń, Ksiąznica Miejska im. M. Kopernika
PL-Tu Toruń, Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika, Biblioteka Głowna, Oddział Zbiorów Muzycznych
PL-WL Wilanów, Biblioteka [in Wn and Wm]
PL-WRk Wrocław, Biblioteka Kapitulna
PL-WRu Wrocław, Uniwersytet Wrocławski, Biblioteka Uniwersytecka
PL-WRzno Wrocław, Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich, Biblioteka
PL-Wm Warsaw, Muzeum Narodowe, Biblioteka
PL-Wn Warsaw, Biblioteka Narodowa
PL-Wtm Warsaw, Warszawskie Towarzystwo Muzyczne im Stanisława Moniuszki, Biblioteka, Muzeum i Archiwum
PL-Wu Warsaw, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Biblioteka Uniwersytecka, Gabinet Zbiorów Muzycznych


P-AR Arouca, Mosteirode de S Maria, Museu de Arte Sacra, Fundo Musical
P-BRp Braga, Arquivo Distrital
P-BRs Braga, Arquivo da Sé
P-Cmn Coimbra, Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro
P-Cs Coimbra, Arquivo da Sé Nova
P-Cug Coimbra, Universidade de Coimbra, Biblioteca Geral, Impressos e Manuscritos Musicais
P-Cul Coimbra, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade
P-EVc Évora, Arquivo da Sé, Museu Regional
P-EVp Évora, Biblioteca Pública e Arquivo Distrital
P-Em Elvas, Biblioteca Municipal
P-F Figueira da Foz, Biblioteca Pública Municipal Pedro Fernandes Tomás
P-G Guimarães, Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta
P-LA Lamego, Arquivo da Sé
P-La Lisbon, Biblioteca da Ajuda
P-Lac Lisbon, Academia das Ciências, Biblioteca
P-Lant Lisbon, Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo
P-Lc Lisbon, Biblioteca do Conservatório Nacional
P-Lcg Lisbon, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Biblioteca Geral de Arte, Serviço de Música
P-Lf Lisbon, Fabrica da Sé Patriarcal
P-Ln Lisbon, Biblioteca Nacional, Centro de Estudos Musicológicos
P-Lt Lisbon, Teatro Nacional de S Carlos
P-Mp Mafra, Palácio Nacional, Biblioteca
P-Pm Porto, Biblioteca Pública Municipal
P-VV Vila Viçosa, Fundaçao da Casa de Brangança, Biblioteca do Paço Ducal, Arquivo Musical
P-Va Viseu, Arquivo Distrital
P-Vs Viseu, Arquivo da Sé


RO-BRm Braşov, Biblioteca Judeteana
RO-Ba Bucharest, Academiei Române, Biblioteca
RO-Cu Cluj-Napoca, Universitatea Babes Bolyai, Biblioteca Centrală Universitară Lucian Blaga
RO-J Iaşi, Biblioteca Centrală Universitară Mihai Eminescu, Departmentul Colecţii Speciale
RO-Sa Sibiu, Direcţia Judeţeană a Arhivelor Naţionale
RO-Sb Sibiu, Muzeul Naţional Bruckenthal, Biblioteca


RUS-KA Kaliningrad, Oblastnaya Universal′naya Nauchnaya Biblioteka
RUS-KAg Kaliningrad, Gosudarstvennaya Biblioteka
RUS-KAu Kaliningrad, Nauchnaya Biblioteka Kalingradskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta
RUS-Mcl Moscow, Rossiyskiy Gosudarstvennïy Arkhiv Literaturï i Iskusstva (RGALI)
RUS-Mcm Moscow, Gosudarstvennïy Tsentral′nïy Muzey Musïkal′noy Kul′turï imeni M.I. Glinki
RUS-Mim Moscow, Gosudarstvennïy Istoricheskïy Muzey
RUS-Mk Moscow, Moskovskaya Gosudarstvennaya Konservatoriya im. P.I. Chaykovskogo, Nauchnaya Muzikal′naya Biblioteka imeni S.I. Taneyeva
RUS-Mm Moscow, Gosudarstvennaya Publichnaya Istoricheskaya Bibliotheka
RUS-Mrg Moscow, Rossiyskaya Gosudarstvennaya Biblioteka
RUS-Mt Moscow, Gosudarstvennïy Tsentral′nïy Teatral′nïy Musey im. A. Bakhrushina
RUS-SPan St Petersburg, Rossiyskaya Akademiya Nauk, Biblioteka
RUS-SPia St Petersburg, Gosudarstvennïy Tsentral′nïy Istoricheskïy Arkhiv
RUS-SPil St Petersburg, Biblioteka Instituta Russkoy Literaturï Rossiyskoy Akademii Nauk (Pushkinskiy Dom)
RUS-SPit St Petersburg, Rossiyskiy Institut Istorii Iskusstv
RUS-SPk St Petersburg, Biblioteka Gosudarstvennoy Konservatorii im. N.A. Rimskogo-Korsakova
RUS-SPph St Petersburg, Gosurdarstvennaya Filarmoniya im D.D. Shostakovicha
RUS-SPsc St Petersburg, Rossiyskaya Natsional′naya Biblioteka
RUS-SPtob St Petersburg, Gosudarstvennïy Akademichesky Mariinsky Teatr, Tsentral′naya Muzïkal′naya Biblioteka


SK-BRa Bratislava, Štátny Oblastny Archív
SK-BRhs Bratislava, Knižnica Hudobného Seminára Filozofickej Fakulty Univerzity Komenského
SK-BRm Bratislava, Archív Mesta Bratislavy
SK-BRmp Bratislava, Miestne Pracovisko Matice Slovenskej [in Mms]
SK-BRnm Bratislava, Slovenské Národné Múzeum, Hudobné Múzeum
SK-BRsa Bratislava, Slovenský Národný Archív
SK-BRsav Bratislava, Ústav Hudobnej Vedy Slovenská Akadémia Vied
SK-BRu Bratislava, Univerzitná Knižnica, Narodné Knižničné Centrum, Hudobńy Kabinet
SK-BSk Banská Štiavnica, Farský Rímsko-Katolícky Kostol, Archív Chóru
SK-J Júr pri Bratislave, Okresny Archív, Bratislava-Vidiek [in MO]
SK-KRE Kremnica, Štátny Okresny Archív Žiar nad Hronom
SK-Le Levoča, Evanjelická a.v. Cirkevná Knižnica
SK-MO Modra, Štátny Okresny Archív Pezinok
SK-Mms Martin, Matica Slovenská
SK-Mnm Martin, Slovenské Národné Múzeum, Archív
SK-NM Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Rímskokatolícky Farsky Kostol
SK-TN Trenčín, Štátny Okresny Archív
SK-TR Trnava, Štátny Okresny Archív


SI-Lf Ljubljana, Frančiškanski Samostan, Knjižnica
SI-Ln Ljubljana, Narodna in Univerzitetna Knjižnica, Glavni Knjižni Fond
SI-Lna Ljubljana, Nadškofijski Arhiv
SI-Lng Ljubljana, Narodna in Univerzitetna Knjižnica, Glasbena Zbirka
SI-Lnr Ljubljana, Narodna in Univerzitetna Knjižnica, Rokopisna Zbirka
SI-Ls Ljubljana, Katedral, Glazbeni Arhiv
SI-Nf Novo Mesto, Frančiškanski Samostan, Knjižnica
SI-Nk Novo Mesto, Kolegiatni Kapitelj, Knjižnica
SI-Pk Ptuj, Knjižnica Ivana Potrča


ZA-Csa Cape Town, South African Library


E-AL Alquézar, Colegiata
E-ALB Albarracín, Catedral, Archivo
E-AR Aránzazu, Archivo Musical del Monasterio de Aránzazu
E-AS Astorga, Catedral
E-Ac Avila, S Apostólica Iglesia Catedral de el Salvador, Archivo Catedralicio
E-Asa Avila, Monasterio de S Ana
E-BA Badajoz, Catedral, Archivo Capitular
E-BUa Burgos, Catedral, Archivo
E-BUlh Burgos, Cistercian Monasterio de Las Huelgas
E-Bac Barcelona, Archivo de la Corona de Aragón/Arixiu de la Corona d'Aragó
E-Bbc Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, Seccíon de Música
E-Bc Barcelona, S.E. Catedra Basiclica, Arixiu
E-Bcd Barcelona, Centro de Documentació Musical de la Generalitat de Catalunya 'El Jardi Dels Tarongers'
E-Bih Barcelona, Arixiu Históric de la Ciutat
E-Bim Barcelona, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Departamento de Musicología, Biblioteca
E-Bit Barcelona, Institut del Teatre, Centre d'Investigació, Documentació i Difusió
E-Boc Barcelona, Orfeó Catalá, Biblioteca
E-Bu Barcelona, Universitat Autónoma
E-C Córdoba, S Iglesia Catedral, Archivo de Música
E-CA Calahorra, Catedral
E-CAL Calatayud, Colegiata de S María
E-CU Cuenca, Catedral, Archivo Capitular
E-CUi Cuenca, Instituto de Música Religiosa
E-CZ Cádiz, Archivo Capitular
E-E San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Monasterio, Real Biblioteca
E-G Gerona, Catedral, Archivo/Arxiu Capitular
E-GRc Granada, Catedral Metropolitana, Archivo Capitular [in GRcr]
E-GRcr Granada, Capilla Real, Archivo de Música
E-GRmf Granada, Archivo Manuel de Falla
E-GU Guadalupe, Real Monasterio de S María, Archivo de Música
E-Gp Gerona, Biblioteca Pública
E-H Huesca, Catedral
E-J Jaca, Catedral, Archivo Musical
E-JA Jaén, Catedral, Archivo Capitular
E-JEc Jerez de la Frontera, Colegiata
E-L León, Catedral, Archivo Histórico
E-LEc Lérida, Catedral
E-LPA Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Catedral de Canarias
E-Lc León, Real Basilica de S Isidoro
E-MA Málaga, Catedral, Archivo Capitular
E-MO Montserrat, Abadía
E-MON Mondoñedo, Catedral, Archivo
E-Mah Madrid, Archivo Histórico Nacional
E-Mba Madrid, Archivo de Música, Real Academia de Bellas Artes de S Fernando
E-Mc Madrid, Real Conservatorio Superior de Música, Biblioteca
E-Mca Madrid, Casa de Alba
E-Mcns Madrid, Congregación de Nuestra Señora
E-Md Madrid, Centro de Documentación Musical del Ministerio de Cultura
E-Mdr Madrid, Convento de las Descalzas Reales
E-Mm Madrid, Biblioteca Histórica Municipal
E-Mmc Madrid, Casa Ducal de Medinaceli, Biblioteca
E-Mn Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional
E-Mp Madrid, Patrimonio Nacional
E-Msa Madrid, Sociedad General de Autores y Editores
E-OL Olot, Biblioteca Popular
E-ORI Orihuela, Catedral, Archivo
E-OV Oviedo, Catedral Metropolitana, Archivo
E-P Plasencia, Catedral, Archivo de Música
E-PAL Palencia, Catedral de S Antolín, Archivo de Música
E-PAMc Pamplona, Catedral, Archivo
E-PAS Pastrana, Museo Parroquial
E-PAc Palma de Mallorca, Catedral, Archivo
E-PAp Palma de Mallorca, Biblioteca Provincial
E-RO Roncesvalles, Monasterio S María, Biblioteca
E-SA Salamanca, Catedral, Archivo Catedralicio
E-SAN Santander, Biblioteca de la Universidad Menéndez, Sección de Música
E-SAc Salamanca, Conservatorio Superior de Música de Salamanca, Biblioteca
E-SAu Salamanca, Biblioteca Universitaria
E-SC Santiago de Compostela, Catedral Metropolitana
E-SCu Santiago de Compostela, Biblioteca de la Universidad
E-SD Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Catedral Archivo
E-SE Segovia, Catedral, Archivo Capitular
E-SEG Segorbe, Archivo de la Catedral
E-SI Silos, Abadía de S Domingo, Archivo
E-SU Seo de Urgel, Catedral
E-Sc Seville, Institución Colombina
E-TAc Tarragona, Catedral
E-TE Teruel, Catedral, Archivo Capitular
E-TO Tortosa, Catedral
E-TUY Tuy, Catedral
E-TZ Tarazona, Catedral, Archivo Capitular
E-Tc Toledo, Catedral, Archivo y Biblioteca Capítulares
E-Tp Toledo, Biblioteca Pública Provincial y Museo de la S Cruz
E-V Valladolid, Catedral Metropolitana, Archivo de Música
E-VAa Valencia, Archivo Municipal
E-VAc Valencia, Catedral Metropolitana, Archivo y Biblioteca, Archivo de Música
E-VAcp Valencia, Real Colegio: Seminario de Corpus Christi, Archivo Musical del Patriarca
E-VAu Valencia, Biblioteca Universitaria
E-VI Vich, Museu Episcopal
E-Vp Valladolid, Parroquia de Santiago
E-ZAc Zamora, Catedral
E-Zac Zaragoza, Catedrale de La Seo y Basílica del Pilar, Archivo de Música de las Catedrales
E-Zcc Zaragoza, Colegio de las Escuelas Pías de S José de Calasanz, Biblioteca
E-Zs Zaragoza, La Seo, Biblioteca Capitular [in Zac]
E-Zvp Zaragoza, Iglesia Metropolitana [in Zac]


S-A Arvika, Ingesunds Musikhögskola
S-B Bålsta, Skoklosters Slott
S-Gu Göteborg, Universitetsbiblioteket
S-Hfryklund Helsingborg, Daniel Fryklund, private collection [in Skma]
S-HÄ Härnösand, Länsmuseet-Murberget
S-HÖ Höör, Biblioteket
S-J Jönköping, Per Brahegymnasiet
S-K Kalmar, Stadtsbibliotek, Stifts- och Gymnasiebiblioteket
S-Klm Kalmar, Länsmuseet
S-L Lund, Universitet, Universitetsbiblioteket, Handskriftsavdelningen
S-LB Leufsta Bruk, De Geer private collection [in Uu]
S-LI Linköping, Linköpings Stadsbibliotek, Stiftsbiblioteket
S-N Norrköping, Stadsbiblioteket
S-SSsv Sweden, Stockholm, Svenskt Visarchiv, Central-institution för Vis och Folkmusikforskning
S-STr Strängnäs, Roggebiblioteket
S-Sdt Stockholm, Drottningholms Teatermuseum
S-Sfo Stockholm, Frimurare Orden, Biblioteket
S-Sic Stockholm, Svensk Musik
S-Sk Stockholm, Kungliga Biblioteket: Sveriges Nationalbibliotek
S-Skma Stockholm, Statens Musikbibliothek
S-Sm Stockholm, Musikmuseet, Arkiv
S-Smf Stockholm, Stiftelsen Musikkulturens Främjande
S-Sn Stockholm, Nordiska Museet, Arkivet
S-Ssr Stockholm, Sveriges Radio Förvaltning, Musikbiblioteket
S-St Stockholm, Kung. Teatern [in Skma]
S-Sva Stockholm, Svenskt Visarkiv
S-Uu Uppsala, Universitetsbiblioteket
S-V Västerås, Stadsbibliotek, Stiftsavdelningen
S-VIl Visby, Landsarkivet
S-VX Växjö, Landsbiblioteket


CH-A Aarau, Aargauische Kantonsbibliothek
CH-BEb Berne, Burgerbibliothek/Bibliothèque de la Bourgeoisie
CH-BEl Berne, Schweizerische Landesbibliothek/Bibliothèque Nationale Suisse/Biblioteca Nationale Svizzera/Biblioteca Naziunala Svizra
CH-BEsu Berne, Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek
CH-BM Beromünster, Musikbibliothek des Stifts
CH-BU Burgdorf, Stadtbibliothek
CH-Bab Basle, Archiv der Evangelischen Brüdersozietät
CH-Bps Basle, Paul Sacher Stiftung, Bibliothek
CH-Bu Basle, Universität Basel, Öffentliche Bibliothek, Musikabteilung
CH-CHW (Jda) Switzerland, Wallbach, Jazzdocumentation Archive
CH-CObodmer Cologny-Geneva, Fondation Martin Bodmer, Bibliotheca Bodmeriana
CH-D Disentis, Stift, Musikbibliothek
CH-E Einsiedeln, Benedikterkloster, Musikbibliothek
CH-EN Engelberg, Kloster, Musikbibliothek
CH-FF Frauenfeld, Thurgauische Kantonsbibliothek
CH-Fcu Fribourg, Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire
CH-Gc Geneva, Conservatoire de Musique, Bibliothèque
CH-Gpu Geneva, Bibliothèque Publique et Universitaire
CH-LAac Lausanne, Archives Cantonales Vaudoises
CH-LAcu Lausanne, Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire
CH-LU Lugano, Biblioteca Cantonale
CH-Lmg Lucerne, Allgemeine Musikalische Gesellschaft
CH-Lz Lucerne, Zentralbibliothek
CH-MSbk Mariastein, Benediktinerkloster
CH-MÜ Müstair, Frauenkloster St Johann
CH-N Neuchâtel, Bibliothèque Publique et Universitaire
CH-OB Oberbüren, Kloster Glattburg
CH-P Porrentruy, Bibliothèque Cantonale Jurasienne (incl. Bibliothèque du Lycée Cantonal)
CH-R Rheinfelden, Christkatholisches Pfarramt
CH-S Sion, Bibliothèque Cantonale du Valais
CH-SAM Samedan, Biblioteca Fundaziun Planta
CH-SAf Sarnen, Benediktinerinnen-Abtei St Andreas
CH-SGd St Gallen, Domchorarchiv
CH-SGs St Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Handschriftenabteilung
CH-SGv St Gallen, Kantonsbibliothek (Vadiana)
CH-SH Schaffhausen, Stadtbibliothek
CH-SO Solothurn, Zentralbibliothek, Musiksammlung
CH-SObo Solothurn, Bischöfliches Ordinariat der Diözese Basel, Diözesanarchiv des Bistums Basel
CH-W Winterthur, Stadtbibliothek
CH-ZGm Zug, Pfarrarchiv St Michael
CH-Zi Zürich, Israelitische Kultusgemeinde
CH-Zma Zürich, Schweizerisches Musik-Archiv [in Nf]
CH-Zz Zürich, Zentralbibliothek


NL-At Amsterdam, Toonkunst-Bibliotheek
NL-Au Amsterdam, Universiteitsbibliotheek
NL-DEta Delden, Huisarchief Twickel
NL-DHa The Hague, Koninklijk Huisarchief
NL-DHgm The Hague, Haags Gemeentemuseum, Muziekafdeling
NL-DHk The Hague, Koninklijke Bibliotheek
NL-E Enkhuizen, Archief Collegium Musicum
NL-L Leiden, Gemeentearchief
NL-LE Leeuwarden, Provinciale Bibliotheek van Friesland
NL-Lml Leiden, Museum Lakenhal
NL-Lt Leiden, Bibliotheca Thysiana [in Lu]
NL-Lu Leiden, Rijksuniversiteit, Bibliotheek
NL-R Rotterdam, Gemeentebibliotheek
NL-SH 's-Hertogenbosch, Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap
NL-Uim Utrecht, Letterenbibliotheek, Universiteit
NL-Uu Utrecht, Universiteit Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek


TR-Ino Istanbul, Nuruosmania Kütüphanesi
TR-Itks Istanbul, Topkapi Sarayi Müzesi
TR-Iü Istanbul, Üniversite Kütüphanesi


UA-Kan Kiev, Natsional′na Akademiya Nauk Ukraïni, Natsional′na Biblioteka Ukraïni im V.I. Vernads′kyy
UA-Km Kiev, Spilka Kompozytoriv Ukrainy, Centr. 'Muz. Inform'
UA-LV L′viv, Biblioteka Vyshchoho Muzychnoho Instytutu im. M. Lyssenka


US-AAu Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, Music Library
US-AB Albany (NY), New York State Library
US-AKu Akron (OH), University of Akron, Bierce Library
US-ATS Athens (GA), University of Georgia Libraries
US-ATet Atlanta (GA), Emory University, Pitts Theology Library
US-ATu Atlanta (GA), Emory University Library
US-AU Aurora (NY), Wells College Library
US-AUS Austin, University of Texas at Austin, The Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
US-AUSm Austin, University of Texas at Austin, Fine Arts Library
US-AtaT USA, Talladega, AL, Talladega College
US-BAR Baraboo (WI), Circus World Museum Library
US-BAep Baltimore, Enoch Pratt Free Library
US-BAhs Baltimore, Maryland Historical Society Library
US-BApi Baltimore, Arthur Friedheim Library, Johns Hopkins University
US-BAu Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Libraries
US-BAue Baltimore, Milton S. Eisenhower Library, Johns Hopkins University
US-BAw Baltimore, Walters Art Gallery Library
US-BER Berea (OH), Riemenschneider Bach Institute Library
US-BETm Bethlehem (PA), Moravian Archives
US-BEm Berkeley, University of California at Berkeley, Music Library
US-BL Bloomington (IN), Indiana University Library
US-BLl Bloomington (IN), Indiana University, Lilly Library
US-BLu Bloomington (IN), Indiana University, Cook Music Library
US-BO Boulder (CO), University of Colorado at Boulder, Music Library
US-BU Buffalo (NY), Buffalo and Erie County Public Library
US-Ba Boston, Athenaeum Library
US-Bc Boston, New England Conservatory of Music, Harriet M. Spaulding Library
US-Bfa Boston, Museum of Fine Arts
US-Bgm Boston, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Library
US-Bh Boston, Harvard Musical Association, Library
US-Bhs Boston, Massachusetts Historical Society Library
US-Bp Boston, Public Library, Music Department
US-Bu Boston, Boston University, Mugar Memorial Library, Department of Special Collections
US-CA Cambridge (MA), Harvard University, Harvard College Library
US-CAe Cambridge (MA), Harvard University, Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library
US-CAh Cambridge (MA), Harvard University, Houghton Library
US-CAt Cambridge (MA), Harvard University Library, Theatre Collection
US-CAward Cambridge (MA), John Milton Ward, private collection [on loan to CA]
US-CF Cedar Falls (IA), University of Northern Iowa, Library
US-CHAhs Charleston (SC), The South Carolina Historical Society
US-CHH Chapel Hill (NC), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
US-CHua Charlottesville (VA), University of Virginia, Alderman Library
US-CHum Charlottesville (VA), University of Virginia, Music Library
US-CIhc Cincinnati, Hebrew Union College Library: Jewish Institute of Religion, Klau Library
US-CIp Cincinnati, Public Library
US-CIu Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati College - Conservatory of Music, Music Library
US-CLAc Claremont (CA), Claremont College Libraries
US-CLU USA, Los Angeles, CA, University of California, Los Angeles
US-CLp Cleveland, Public Library, Fine Arts Department
US-CLwr Cleveland, Western Reserve University, Freiberger Library and Music House Library
US-COhs Columbus (OH), Ohio Historical Society Library
US-COu Columbus (OH), Ohio State University, Music Library
US-CP College Park (MD), University of Maryland, McKeldin Library
US-CR Cedar Rapids (IA), Iowa Masonic Library
US-Cn Chicago, Newberry Library
US-Cp Chicago, Chicago Public Library, Music Information Center
US-CtY USA, New Haven, CT, Yale University
US-Cu Chicago, University, Joseph Regenstein Library, Music Collection
US-Cum Chicago, University of Chicago, Music Collection
US-DAVu Davis (CA), University of California at Davis, Peter J. Shields Library
US-DAu Dallas, Southern Methodist University, Music Library
US-DLC USA, Washington, DC, Library of Congress
US-DMu Durham (NC), Duke University Libraries
US-DN Denton (TX), University of North Texas, Music Library
US-DO Dover (NH), Public Library
US-DSI (JOHP) USA, Washington, DC, Smithsonian Institution: Jazz Oral History Program
US-Dp Detroit, Public Library, Main Library, Music and Performing Arts Department
US-E Evanston (IL), Garrett Biblical Institute
US-EDu Edwardsville (IL), Southern Illinois University
US-EU Eugene (OR), University of Oregon
US-Eu Evanston (IL), Northwestern University
US-FAy Farmington (CT), Yale University, Lewis Walpole Library
US-FW Fort Worth (TX), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
US-G Gainesville (FL), University of Florida Library, Music Library
US-GB Gettysburg (PA), Lutheran Theological Seminary
US-GR Granville (OH), Denison University Library
US-GRB Greensboro (NC), University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Walter C. Jackson Library
US-HA Hanover (NH), Dartmouth College, Baker Library
US-HG Harrisburg (PA), Pennsylvania State Library
US-HO Hopkinton (NH), New Hampshire Antiquarian Society
US-Hhc Hartford (CT), Hartt College of Music Library, The University of Hartford
US-Hm Hartford (CT), Case Memorial Library, Hartford Seminary Foundation [in ATet]
US-Hs Hartford (CT), Connecticut State Library
US-Hw Hartford (CT), Trinity College, Watkinson Library
US-I Ithaca (NY), Cornell University
US-ICJic USA, Chicago, IL, Jazz Institute of Chicago
US-ICU USA, Chicago, IL, University of Chicago
US-IDt Independence (MO), Harry S. Truman Library
US-IO Iowa City (IA), University of Iowa, Rita Benton Music Library
US-InUAtm USA, Bloomington, IN, Indiana University Archives of Traditional Music
US-K Kent (OH), Kent State University, Music Library
US-KC Kansas City (MO), University of Missouri: Kansas City, Miller Nichols Library
US-KCm Kansas City (MO), Kansas City Museum, Library and Archives
US-KN Knoxville (TN), University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Music Library
US-LAcs Los Angeles, California State University, John F. Kennedy Memorial Library
US-LApiatigorsky Los Angeles, Gregor Piatigorsky, private collection [in STEdrachman]
US-LAs Los Angeles, The Arnold Schoenberg Institute Archives
US-LAuc Los Angeles, University of California at Los Angeles, William Andrews Clark Memorial Library
US-LAum Los Angeles, University of California at Los Angeles, Music Library
US-LAur Los Angeles, University of California at Los Angeles, Special Collections Dept, University Research Library
US-LAusc Los Angeles, University of Southern California, School of Music Library
US-LBH Long Beach (CA), California State University
US-LEX Lexington (KY), University of Kentucky, Margaret I. King Library
US-LNT USA, New Orleans, LA, Tulane University [transcripts of interviews held at LNT were published on microfilm as New York Times Oral History Program: New Orleans Jazz Oral History Collection (1978-9)]
US-LOu Louisville, University of Louisville, Dwight Anderson Music Library
US-LT Latrobe (PA), St Vincent College Library
US-Lu Lawrence (KS), University of Kansas Libraries
US-M Milwaukee, Public Library, Art and Music Department
US-MAhs Madison (WI), Wisconsin Historical Society
US-MAu Madison (WI), University of Wisconsin
US-MB Middlebury (VT), Middlebury College, Christian A. Johnson Memorial Music Library
US-MED Medford (MA), Tufts University Library
US-MG Montgomery (AL), Alabama State Department of Archives and History Library
US-MT Morristown (NJ), National Historical Park Museum
US-Mc Milwaukee, Wisconsin Conservatory of Music Library
US-MoKmh Kansas City, MO, Kansas City Museum of History
US-MoUSt USA, St. Louis, MO, University of Missouri
US-NA Nashville (TN), Fisk University Library
US-NAu Nashville (TN), Vanderbilt University Library
US-NBu New Brunswick (NJ), Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey, Music Library, Mabel Smith Douglass Library
US-NCH (FJA) USA, Clinton, NY, Hamilton College: Fillius Jazz Archive
US-NEij Newark (NJ), Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey, Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies Library
US-NH New Haven (CT), Yale University, Irving S. Gilmore Music Library
US-NHoh New Haven (CT), Yale University, Oral History Archive
US-NHub New Haven (CT), Yale University, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
US-NNC USA, New York, NY, Columbia University
US-NNSc USA, New York, NY, Schomburg Collection, New York Public Library
US-NNSc (HBC) USA, New York, NY, Schomburg Collection, New York Public Library, Hatch-Billops Collection
US-NNSc (LAJOHP) USA, New York, NY, Schomburg Collection, New York Public Library, Louis Armstrong Jazz Oral History Project
US-NO Normal (IL), Illinois State University, Milner Library, Humanities/Fine Arts Division
US-NORsm New Orleans, Louisiana State Museum Library
US-NORtu New Orleans, Tulane University, Howard Tilton Memorial Library
US-NYamc New York, American Music Center Library
US-NYbroude New York, Broude private collection
US-NYcc New York, City College Library, Music Library
US-NYcu New York, Columbia University, Gabe M. Wiener Music & Arts Library
US-NYcub New York, Columbia University, Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Butler Memorial Library
US-NYgo New York, University, Gould Memorial Library [in NYu]
US-NYgr New York, The Grolier Club Library
US-NYgs New York, G. Schirmer, Inc.
US-NYhs New York, New York Historical Society Library
US-NYhsa New York, Hispanic Society of America, Library
US-NYj New York, The Juilliard School, Lila Acheson Wallace Library
US-NYkallir New York, Rudolf F. Kallir, private collection
US-NYlehman New York, Robert O. Lehman, private collection [in NYpm]
US-NYlibin New York, Laurence Libin, private collection
US-NYma New York, Mannes College of Music, Clara Damrosch Mannes Memorial Library
US-NYp New York, Public Library at Lincoln Center, Music Division
US-NYpl New York, Public Library, Center for the Humanities
US-NYpm New York, Pierpont Morgan Library
US-NYpsc New York, New York Public Library, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem
US-NYq New York, Queens College of the City University, Paul Klapper Library, Music Library
US-NYu New York, University Bobst Library
US-NYw New York, Wildenstein Collection
US-NYyellin New York, Victor Yellin, private collection
US-Nf Northampton (MA), Forbes Library
US-NjR USA, Newark, NJ, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
US-NjR (JOHP) USA, Newark, NJ, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey: Jazz Oral History Project
US-Nsc Northampton (MA), Smith College, Werner Josten Library
US-OAm Oakland (CA), Mills College, Margaret Prall Music Library
US-OB Oberlin (OH), Oberlin College Conservatory of Music, Conservatory Library
US-OX Oxford (OH), Miami University, Amos Music Library
US-PHci Philadelphia, Curtis Institute of Music, Library
US-PHf Philadelphia, Free Library of Philadelphia, Music Dept
US-PHff Philadelphia, Free Library of Philadelphia, Edwin A. Fleisher Collection of Orchestral Music
US-PHgc Philadelphia, Gratz College
US-PHhs Philadelphia, Historical Society of Pennsylvania Library
US-PHlc Philadelphia, Library Company of Philadelphia
US-PHmf Philadelphia, Musical Fund Society [on loan to PHf]
US-PHphs Philadelphia, The Presbyterian Historical Society Library [in PHlc]
US-PHps Philadelphia, American Philosophical Society Library
US-PHu Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center
US-PO Poughkeepsie (NY), Vassar College, George Sherman Dickinson Music Library
US-PROhs Providence (RI), Rhode Island Historical Society Library
US-PROu Providence (RI), Brown University
US-PRV Provo (UT), Brigham Young University
US-PRs Princeton (NJ), Theological Seminary, Speer Library
US-PRu Princeton (NJ), Princeton University, Firestone Memorial Library
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US-Pc Pittsburgh, Carnegie Library, Music and Art Dept
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US-R Rochester (NY), Sibley Music Library, University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music
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US-SM San Marino (CA), Huntington Library
US-SPma Spokane (WA), Moldenhauer Archives
US-SR San Rafael (CA), American Music Research Center, Dominican College
US-STEdrachmann Stevenson (MD), Mrs Jephta Drachman, private collection; Mrs P.C. Drachman, private collection
US-STO Stony Brook (NY), State University of New York at Stony Brook, Frank Melville jr Memorial Library
US-STu Palo Alto (CA), University, Memorial Library of Music, Department of Special Collections of the Cecil H. Green Library
US-SY Syracuse (NY), University Music Library
US-SYkrasner Syracuse (NY), Louis Krasner, private collection [in CAh and SY]
US-Su Seattle, University of Washington, Music Library
US-TA Tallahassee (FL), Florida State University, Robert Manning Strozier Library
US-TNF USA, Nashville, TN, Fisk University
US-TxU USA, Austin, TX, University of Texas
US-U Urbana (IL), University of Illinois, Music Library
US-Uplamenac Urbana (IL), Dragan Plamenac, private collection [in NH]
US-V Villanova (PA), Villanova University, Falvey Memorial Library
US-WB Wilkes-Barre (PA), Wilkes College Library
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US-WGc Williamsburg (VA), College of William and Mary, Earl Gregg Swenn Library
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US-WOa Worcester (MA), American Antiquarian Society Library
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US-Wc Washington, DC, Library of Congress, Music Division
US-Wca Washington, Cathedral Library
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US-Wcg Washington, General Collections, Library of Congress
US-Wcm Washington, Library of Congress, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division
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US-Wdo Washington, Dumbarton Oaks
US-Wgu Washington, Georgetown University Libraries
US-Whu Washington, Howard University, College of Fine Arts Library
US-Ws Washington, Folger Shakespeare Library
US-Y York (PA), Historical Society of York County, Library and Archives


YU-Bn Belgrade, Narodna Biblioteka Srbije, Odelenje Posebnih Fondova

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Instrument Collection Sigla


A.BA.h Bad Aussee, Heimatmuseum
A.G.lj Graz , Universalmuseum Joanneum Graz , Diözesanmuseum Graz , Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Institut für Afführungspraxis
A.GÖ.s Göttweig, Musikarchiv Stift Göttweig
A.I.a Innsbruck , Schloss Ambras, Kunsthistorische Sammlungen Innsbruck , Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum Innsbruck , Musikhochschule, Institut für Afführungspraxis
A.K.e Klagenfurt , Eboardmuseum Klagenfurt , Landesmuseum Kärnten Kremsmünster, Musikinstrumentenmuseum Schloss Kremsegg
A.LI.m Linz , Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum Salzburg , Salzburger Museum Carolino Augusteum Vienna [Wien], Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde
A.W.hh Vienna [Wien], Haydn House [Haydnhaus] Vienna [Wien], Kunsthistorisches Museum (Sammlung alter Musikinstrumente) Vienna [Wien], Österreichisches Museum für Völkerkunde
A.W.nb Vienna [Wien], Österreichisches Nationalbank
A.W.ömv Vienna [Wien], Österreichisches Museum för Volkskunde
A.W.t Vienna [Wien], Technisches Museum für Industrie und Gewerbe


AUS.BR.qm Brisbane , Queensland Museum
AUS.NL.uwa Nedlands, University of Western Australia, Department of Music Sydney , Australia Museum
AUS.S.phm Sydney , Powerhouse Museum


ANG.D.m Dundo, Museo do Dundo
ANG.L.a Dundo, Museo Nacional de Antropologia

AZERBAIJAN (AZ) Baku , State Museum of Azerbaijani Musical Culture


B.A.em Antwerp [Anvers, Antwerpen], Etnografisch Museum Antwerp [Anvers, Antwerpen], Museum Plantin-Moretus Antwerp [Anvers, Antwerpen], Museum Vleeshuis
B.A.v Antwerp [Anvers, Antwerpen], Volkskundemuseum Brussels [Bruxelles], Bibliotheca Wittockiana
B.B.mim Brussels [Bruxelles], Musée des Instruments de Musique Bruges [Brugge], Gruuthusemuseum
B.G.b Ghent [Gent], Bylokemuseum
B.G.sek Ghent [Gent], Seminarie voor Etnische Kuns
B.GO.o Gooik, Cultural Center for Traditional Music [Ontmoetingscentrum 'De Cam'] Klein-Willebroek, Harmonium Art Museum
B.L.w Liège, Musée de la Vie Wallonne
B.T.rmca Tervuren, Royal Museum for Central Africa [Koninklijk Museum voor Midden-Afrika]

BURKINA FASO (BF) Gaoua, Musée Provincial du Poni

BOLIVIA (BG) La Paz , Museo Nacional


BG.B.oim Blagoevgrad, Regional Historical Museum [Okrazen Istoriceski Muzej]
BG.H.oim Haskovo, Regional Historical Museum [Okrazen Istoriceski Muzej] Sofia , Institut za Muzika
BG.SO.nem Sofia , National Ethnographic Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences [Nacionalen Etnografski Muzej na Balgarskata Akademija na Naukite]

BRAZIL (BR) Belém, Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi Rio de Janeiro , National Historical Museum of Brazil [Museu Histórico Nacional]
BR.R.mi Rio de Janeiro , Museo do Índio Rio de Janeiro , Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Museo Nacional São Paulo , Museu do Folclore São Paulo , Museo Paulista da Universidade de São Paulo


C.HAB.c Havana , Centro de Información y Documentación de la Música Cubana 'Odilio Urfé'
C.HAB.m Havana , Museo Nacional de la Música


CAM.B.m Bamenda, Musée de Bamenda Foumban, Musée du Palais Royal
CAM.Y.mdm Yaoundé, Musée de la Danse et de la Musique


CDN.A.meredith Arva, ON , Henry Meredith, private collection
CDN.C.g Calgary, AB , Glenbow-Alberta Institute, Glenbow Museum
CDN.C.n Calgary, AB , National Music Centre (formerly Cantos Music Foundation)
CDN.E.m Edmonton, AB , Provincial Museum and Archives of Alberta
CDN.HU.mcc Hull, PQ , Canadian Museum of Civilization [Musée canadien des civilisations]
CDN.HV.maf Hauteville, PQ , Musée de l'Amérique Française
CDN.KIT.dhc Kitchener, ON , Doon Heritage Crossroads (formerly Doon Pioneer Village)
CDN.M.rm Montreal, QC [Montréal], McGill University, Redpath Museum
CDN.MIN.scm Minesing, ON , Simcoe County Museum
CDN.O.mst Ottawa, ON , National Museum of Science and Technology
CDN.O.nm Ottawa, ON , National Museum of Man, Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies
CDN.REV.nm Revelstoke, BC , Revelstoke Nickelodeon Museum
CDN.SJ.m St John, NB , New Brunswick Museum
CDN.T.m Toronto, ON , Royal Ontario Museum
CDN.V.m Vancouver, BC , Vancouver Museum Vancouver, BC , University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology
CDN.VI.rbcm Victoria, BC , Royal British Columbia Museum
CDN.Y.csm Yarmouth, NS , Yarmouth County Society Museum


CH.AF.lm Affoltern am Albis, Swiss National Museum [Schweizerisches Landesmuseum] Collections Centre Appenzell, Retonios Mechanisches Musik- und Zaubermuseum
CH.AU.baud L'auberson, Musée Baud Basel , Musikmuseum, Historisches Museum Basel
CH.B.mi Basel , Universität Basel, Musikwissenschaftliches Institut Basel , Museum of Cultures [Museum der Kulturen, formerly Museum für Völkerkunde und Schweiz] Berne [Bern], Bernisches Historisches Museum
CH.BE.burri Berne [Bern], Burri family private collection
CH.BIN.bopp Binningen, Joseph Bopp Sammlung Brienz, Berne, Kantonale, Geigenbauschule
CH.BU.s Burgdorf, Schloss Burgdorf
CH.C.rm Chur, Rätisches Museum
CH.CH.cellier Chexbres, Marcel Cellier collection
CH.E.k Einsiedeln, Kloster Einsiedeln, Hillel String Collection Ebnat-Kappel, Heimatmuseum der Albert Edelmann-Stiftung
CH.FF.m Frauenfeld, Museum des Kantons Thurgau
CH.G.m Geneva [Genève], Musée d'art et d'histoire Geneva [Genève], Musée d'Ethnographie Lucerne [Luzern], Handharmonikamuseum Utenberg
CH.L.wm Lucerne [Luzern], Richard Wagner Museum, Tribschen Liestal, Harmonium and Organ Museum Liestal Le Locle, Musée d'Horlogerie
CH.LM.habisreitinger Lustmüle, Rolf H.A. Habisreitinger collection Lichtensteig, Fredys Mechanisches Musikmuseum Neuchâtel, Musée d'Ethnographie Rheinfelden, Fricktaler Museum
CH.RI.jaccottet Rivaz, Vaud, Christiane Jaccottet collection
CH.ROC.mso Roche, Musée Suisse de l'Orgue St Gallen, Historisches Museum Sonogno, Museo di Val Verzasca
CH.STE.brechbühl Steffisburg, Heinrich Brechbühl collection
CH.SUM.hirsbrunner Sumiswald, Hirsbrunner private collection Utzensdorf, Schloss Landshut
CH.W.meier Winterthur , Walter M. Meier collection
CH.WÄ.mma Wädenswil, Music of Man Archive
CH.WLS.patt Willisau, Christian Patt collection Zürich, Altstetten Museum
CH.Z.m Zürich, Schweizerisches Landesmuseum
CH.Z.mb Zürich, Museum Bellerive Zürich, Museum Rietberg
CH.Z.vm Zürich, Völkerkundemuseum der Universität Zürich
CH.ZOL.mangold Zollikon, Karl Mangold collection


CI.A.csh Abidjan , Musée du Centre des Sciences Humaines


CL.C.nm Colombo , National Museum of Sri Lanka


CN.B.aa Beijing , Chinese Academy of Arts, Music Research Institute [Zhongguo Yinyue Yanjiusuo]
CN.B.cpn Beijing , Cultural Palace of Nationalities
CN.B.gbt Beijing , Great Bell Temple, Ancient Bell Museum Beijing , Palace Museum Changsa, Hunan Provincial Museum Gulangyu, Gulangyu Organ Museum Gulangyu, Gulangyu Piano Museum
CN.HK.u Hong Kong , University Museum and Art Gallery
CN.K.ym Kunming , Yunnan Provincial Museum Shenyang , Palace Museum
CN.UR.xum Urumxi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum Wuhan , Hubei Provincial Museum

COLOMBIA (CO) Bogotá, Conservatorio de Música Ciudad Universitaría, Museo Organilógico Folklórico Musical Bogotá, José Ignacio Perdomo Escobar Collection
CO.B.ia Bogotá, Instituto Colombiano de Antropología, Museo Arqueológico y Etnológico
CO.I.u Ibagué (Tolima), Universidad de Ibagué, Museo de Instrumentos Musicales, incl. Alfonso Viña Calderón and Mundo Sonoro collections
CO.M.u Medellín, Museo Universitario
CO.VL.laa Villa de Leyva (Boyacá), Museo Luis A. Acuña


CZ.B.m Brno , Moravian Regional Museum [Moravský Zemský Muzeum] Brno , Technical Museum [Technické Muzeum]
CZ.KRAS.s Kraslice [formerly Graslitz], Secondary School for Musical Instrument Making [Strední Prumyslová Skola Výroby Hudebnmích Nástroju v Kraslicmích]
CZ.LE.vm Lesany, Military Technical Museum [Vojenské Technické Muzeum] Opava, Silesia Regional Museum [Slezské Zemské Muzeum]
CZ.P.lp Prague [Praha], Lobkowicz Palace
CZ.P.nm Prague [Praha], National Museum (including Museum of Czech Music) [Narodni Muzeum v Praze, Muzeum Czeské Hudby]
CZ.P.ntm Prague [Praha], National Technical Museum [Národní Technické Muzeum [National Technical Museum]

GERMANY (D) Augsburg , Städtische Kunstsammlungen Augsburg, Maximilianmuseum
D.A.u Augsburg , Zentralbibliothek der Universität Augsburg Apolda, Glockenmuseum
D.B.äm Berlin , Ägyptisches Museum
D.B.em Berlin , Ethnologisches Museum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (formerly Museum für Völkerkunde) Berlin , Schloss Charlottenburg Berlin , Musikinstrumenten Museum, Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung Berlin , Kunstgewerbemuseum
D.B.udk Berlin , Berlin University of the Arts [Universität der Künste Berlin] (formerly Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst)
D.BAB.f Babenhausen, Fugger Museum Baden-Baden , Museum für Mechanische Musikinstrumente
D.BDSA.t Bad Säckingen, Trompeten Museum
D.BDW.ff Bad Windsheim, Fränkisches Freilandmuseum
D.BEUL.willms Beulardstein, Wolfgang Willms collection
D.BIEB.h Biebrich, Heckel Museum Blankenburg, Instrumentenmuseum Michaelstein der Stiftung Kloster Michaelstein Bad Krozingen, Sammlung alter Tasteninstrumente
D.BM.üm Bremen , Übersee-Museum Bonn , Beethoven Haus
D.BOCH.m Bochum , Museum Bochum (Musikinstrumentensammlung Grumbt)
D.BORG.o Borgentreich, Orgelmuseum Brunswick [Braunschweig], Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum Brunswick [Braunschweig], Museum der Mechanischen Musik Brunswick [Braunschweig], Städtisches Museum
D.BUCHH.bartels Buchholtz, Uwe Bartels private collection
D.BUTZ.m Butzbach, Butzbach Museum Celle , Bomann Museum Crailsheim, Heimatmuseum Dresden , Museum of Decorative Arts [Kunstgewerbemuseum, formerly Museum für Kunsthandwerk]
D.D.mps Dresden , Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon des Zwingers Deggendorf, Stadtmuseum
D.DS.hl Darmstadt and Kassel, Hessisches Landesmuseum
D.EBG.j Albstadt, Musikhistorische Sammlung Jehle, Stauffenberg-Schloss, Lautlingen
D.EI.b Eisenach , Bachhaus Erlangen , Geigenbaumuseum, Bubenreuth Erlangen , Museum für Völkerkunde
D.ER.u Erlangen , Musikinstrumentensammlung, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
D.EU.s Eutin, Schloss Eutin Frankfurt-am-Main, Dreieichmuseum
D.F.fosshag Frankfurt-am-Main, Bengt Fosshag collection Frankfurt-am-Main, Historisches Museum der Stadt Frankfurt-am-Main Frankfurt-am-Main, Museum der Weltkulturen
D.F.spohr Frankfurt-am-Main, Peter Spohr collection
D.FBL.burseg Föhrden-Barl, Rolf Burseg collection Frankfurt (Oder), Museum Viadrina (Reka-Sammlung historischer Musikinstrumente) Freiburg im Breisgau, Augustinermuseum Fuldatal, Mechanisches Musik-Museum
D.FÜ Füssen, Museum der Stadt Füssen
D.G.iv Göttingen, Ethnographische Sammlung, Instituts für Völkerkunde der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Göttingen, Musikinstrumentensammlung des Musikwissenschaftlichen Seminars, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
D.GL.mim Goslar , Musikinstrumenten-Museum Walter Erdmann
D.GARB.irle Garbsen , Rolf Irle collection
D.GO.rv Gotha , Museum für Regionalgeschichte und Volkskunde Hamburg , Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte
D.H.hein Hamburg , Manfred Hein Collection Hamburg , Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg Hamburg , Museum für Völkerkunde
D.HA.h Halle an der Saale, Händel-Haus Hannover , Schuknecht Musikwissenschaftliches Museum für Selbstspielende Instrumente
D.HE.vm Heidelberg , Völkerkunde-Museum der J. und E. von Portheim-Stiftung Hersbruck, Deutsches Hirtenmuseum Ingolstadt , Bayerisches Armeemuseum Kiel , Museum für Völkerkunde, Christian-Albrechts Universität zu Kiel
D.KIS.ns Kisslegg, Neues Schloss
D.KN.mi Cologne [Köln], Musikwissenschaftliches Institut der Universität zu Köln
D.KN.rjm Cologne [Köln], Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum Kulturen der Welt
D.KN.s Cologne [Köln], Stadtmuseum
D.KÜ Kürnbach, Blasmusikverband Baden-Württemberg, Musikakademie Leipzig , Museum für Völkerkunde (Grassi Museum)
D.LE.u Leipzig , Musikinstrumenten-Museum der Universität Leipzig (Grassi Museum)
D.LI.kalina Lindau, F.W. Kalina collection Linz am Rhein, Musik Museum
D.LIS.mim Lissberg, Musikinstrumenten-Museum Lissberg
D.LÜ.mk Lübeck, Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte der Hansestadt Lübeck, St. Annen Museum Munich [München], Bayerishes Nationalmuseum Munich [München], Deutsches Museum
D.M.goldgruber Munich [München], Maximilian Goldgruber private collection Munich [München], Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde Munich [München], Stadtmuseum Meinigen, Staatliche Museum, Musikgeschichtliche Abteilung
D.MH.lm Mannheim , Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit
D.MK.mim Markneukirchen, Musikinstrumenten Museum
D.MR.s Marienburg, Lower Saxony, Schloss der Prinzessin Ortrud von Hannover Mittenwald, Geigenbau- und Heimatmuseum
D.MÜ.e Münster, Erbdrostenhof
D.N.gnm Nuremberg [Nürnberg], Germanisches Nationalmuseum
D.NEUW.k Neuwied , Kreusmuseum
D.P.o Passau , Oberhausmuseum Regensburg , Historisches Museum der Stadt Regensburg
D.RÜ Rüdesheim am Rhein, Siegfrieds Mechanisches Musikkabinett
D.S.lm Stuttgart , Linden-Museum
D.S.lw Stuttgart , Landesmuseum Württemberg, Musikinstrumentensammlung im Fruchtkasten
D.S.schmid Stuttgart , Martin Schmid private collection
D.SH.m Sondershausen, Schlossmuseum Sondershausen Sigmaringen, Fürstlich-Hohenzollernsches Museum
D.SIE.gdhm Siegen , Glocken-Museum Eiserfeld
D.SIH.atm Sinsheim, Auto und Technik Museum Trossingen, Harmonikamuseum
D.UH.reil Uhingen, Thomas Reil collection
D.WAK.em Waldkirch, Freiburg, Elztalmuseum
D.WAS.m Wasserburg, Museum Wasserburg, Kunst- und Kulturgesichte Sammlungen
D.Z.sch Zwickau , Robert-Schumann-Haus


DK.A.k Århus, The Old Town Museum [Købstadmuseet 'Den gamle by']
DK.AU.l Auning, Danish Agricultural Museum [Dansk Landbrugsmuseum]
DK.K.m Copenhagen [København], National Museum of Denmark (Musikmuseet - Musikhistorisk Museum and Carl Claudius Samling) Copenhagen [København], Rosenborg Castle [Rosenborg Slot] Kolding , Koldinghus Nykøbing Falster, Falsters Minder Museum

BENIN (DY) Porto-Novo , Musée Ethnographique 'Alexandre Senou Adande'


DZ.A.mb Algiers , Musée du Bardo

SPAIN (E) Avila , Museo Provincial de Avila Barcelona , Museu d'Arts, Industries i Tradicions Populars
E.B.mi Barcelona , Museu de la Música Barcelona , Euskal Arkeologia, Etnografia eta Kondaira Museoa (Museo Arquologico, Etnografico e Historico Vaso)
E.CM.sancho Carbonero el Mayor, Segovia, Lorenzo Sancho collection
E.GI.m Gijón, Museu de la Gaita
E.M.a Madrid , Biblioteca Musical del Ayuntamiento
E.M.c Madrid , Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid
E.M.hazen Madrid , Félix Hazen collection Madrid , Museo de América
E.M.mad Madrid , Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas Madrid , Museu Arqueológico Nacional Madrid , Museu Municipal
E.M.mna Madrid , Museo Nacional de Antropología Madrid , Museo Romántico
E.M.uam Madrid , Museo de Artes y Tradiciones Populares, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
E.M.nieto Madrid , López Nieto collection
E.M.p Madrid , Royal Palace of Madrid [Palacio Real de Madrid] Orense , Escola de Gaitas
E.PAM.oe Pamplona , Ortzadar Euskal Folklore Taldea Seville [Sevilla], Museum of Fine Arts [Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla]
E.U.jd Urueña, Valladolid, Centro Etnográfico Joaquín Díaz, Diputación Provincial de Valladolid


EAK.N.nm Nairobi , National Museum of Kenya
EAK.N.u Nairobi , University of Nairobi, Institute of African Studies


EAT.D.nm Dar Es Salam, National Museum of Tanzania Zanzibar , Sankt Ottilien Missionary Station

UGANDA (EAU) Kampala , Uganda Museum


EC.C.ap Cuenca , Museo de las Artes Populares de America
EC.Q.t Quito , Museo de Instrumentos Musicales Pablo Traversari (Pablo Traversari Musical Instrument Museum)

EGYPT (ET) Cairo , National Arabic Music Institute (The Cairo Opera House Theatres) Museum of Musical Instruments
ET.C.em Cairo , Egyptian Museum


ETH.AA.u Addis Ababa , Addis Ababa University, Department of Ethnography and Ancient Arts, Institute of Ethiopian Studies


EV.TA.em Tartu , State Ethnographic Museum of Estonia Talinn, Museum for Music and Theater [Eesti Teatri-ja Muusikamuuseum]

FRANCE (F) Avignon , Musée Calvet Angoulême, Musée Municipal Arles , Museon Arlaten
F.BA.mb Bayonne , Musée Basque
F.BG.mb Bourg-en-Bresse, Musée de Brou
F.BLB.wirsta Bourg-la-Reine, Aristide Wirsta collection Bordeaux , Musée d'Aquitaine
F.BO.u Bordeaux , Université de Bordeaux, Musée d'Ethnographie Cannes , Musée de la Castre et de la Mer
F.CHAU.prunieres Chaumontel, René Prunières private collection Chartres , Musée des Beaux-Arts Ecouen, Musée national de la Renaissance Gien, Musée International de la Chasse
F.IV.camboulive Ivry-la-Bataille, François Camboulive private collection
F.JE.av Jenzat, Les Amis de la Vielle de Jenzat, Centre de Recherche sur les musiques traditionnelles
F.L.hc Lille , Musée Regional de l'Hospice Comtesse (collection of Joseph and Pierre Hel, violin makers) L'Aigle, Musée Marcel Angot
F.LAI.mim L'Aigle, Musée des instruments de musique
F.LC.v La Couture Boussey, Musée des instruments à vent (Musée Jacques Hotteterre) Les Gets, Musée de la musique mécanique Lourdes , Musée Pyrénéen
F.LT.dudon Le Thoronet, Jacques Dudon collection Lyon , Musée Africain
F.LY.mad Lyon , Musée des Arts Décoratifs
F.LY.montbel Lyon , Eric Montbel collection Marseilles [Marseille], Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée Marseilles [Marseille], Musée Grobet-Labadie Macon , Musée des Ursulines
F.MD.c Montbeliard, Musée du Château Mirecourt, Museé de la Lutherie et de l'Archeterie Françaises
F.MLN.mmp Montluçon, Musée des musiques populaires
F.N.db Nantes , Musée du Château des Ducs de Bretagne Nancy , Musée Historique Lorrain Nice, Palais Lascaris Paris , Musée des Arts Décoratifs
F.P.caron Paris , Nelly Caron collection Paris , Cité de la Musique, Musée de la Musique
F.P.guillou Paris , Yannick Guillou collection
F.P.kampmann Paris , Bruno Kampmann private collection Paris , Musée de l'Armée
F.P.mam Paris , Musée des arts et métiers Paris , Musée du Louvre
F.P.qb Paris , Musée du Quai Branly
F.P.puyana Paris , Rafael Puyana private collection
F.P.rf Paris , Musée de Radio-France
F.PE.m Périgueux, Musée du Périgord
F.PER.cp Perpignan , Musée Catalan des Arts et Traditions Populaires la Casa Pairal
F.RE.mah Rennes , Musée d'Art et d'Histoire Rouen , Musée des antiquites
F.S.mad Strasbourg , Musée des Arts Décoratifs
F.SG.m Saint Germain-en-Laye, Musée
F.SMAX.p Sainte Maxime, Musée du Phonographie et de la Musique Mécanique
F.SMIC.b Saint Michel-sur-Orge, Baschet collection
F.TL.d Toulouse , Musée Dupuy Tulle, Pôle de l'Accordéon
F.V.m Versailles , Musée et Domaine National de Versailles et de Trianon, Château Varzy, Musée Auguste Grasset


FIN.H.nm Helsinki , National Museum of Finland [Suomen kansallismuseo]
FIN.K.k Kaustinen, Kansanmusiikki Instituutti
FIN.T.el Turku , Provincial Museum of Turku [Åbo Landskapsmuseum]
FIN.T.moisio Turku , Heikki Moisio private collection
FIN.T.s Turku , Sibelius Museum Varkaus, Mechanical Music Museum


FJI.S.m Suva, Viti Levu, Fiji Museum


G.L.mat Libreville , Musée des Arts et Traditions du Gabon


GB.A.u Aberdeen
GB.AY.w Aylesbury
GB.B.c Birmingham Birmingham
GB.B.mag Birmingham
GB.BA.h Bath
GB.BAR.b Barnard Castle
GB.BAT.b Batley
GB.BET.colt Bethersden
GB.BEX.steele-perkins Bexhill
GB.BO.rc Bournemouth
GB.BN.mag Brighton
GB.BR.m Bristol
GB.BR.mobbs Bristol Bristol
GB.BRE.m Brentford
GB.BRO.s Broadway
GB.BT.u Belfast
GB.BU.m Bury St Edmunds Buckingham, Middle Claydon Cambridge Cambridge
GB.C.westbrook Cambridge
GB.CD.nhm Cardiff
GB.CH.m Chichester
GB.CHL.m Cheltenham
GB.CHL.h Cheltenham
GB.CHL.waterhouse Cheltenham
GB.CR.m Chester
GB.CL.m Carlisle
GB.COL.m Colchester
GB.DO.m Douglas, Isle of Man
GB.DU.m Dundee
GB.E.n Edinburgh
GB.E.u Edinburgh
GB.EX.m Exeter
GB.G.c Glasgow
GB.G.h Glasgow
GB.G.mag Glasgow
GB.G.p Glasgow
GB.G.rcs Glasgow
GB.GL.m Gloucester
GB.GO.f Goudhurst
GB.HAL.m Halifax
GB.HAT.cobbe Hatchlands Park
GB.HF.m Hertford
GB.HO.m Hove
GB.HUM.m Huddersfield
GB.I.m Ipswich
GB.K.m Keighley
GB.KE.m Keswick
GB.KID.m Kidderminster
GB.KIL.d Kilmarnock
GN.KT.u Kingston upon Thames London London London
GB.L.fh London London London
GB.L.msm London
GB.L.nms London
GB.L.ra London
GB.L.soas London
GB.L.v London
GB.L.wc London
GB.LB.pierce Lisbellaw
GB.LE.a Leeds
GB.LE.m Leeds
GB.LEI.u Leicester
GB.LEW.m Lewes
GB.LEW.sai Lewes
GB.LIS.corin Liskeard
GB.LV.m Liverpool Manchester
GB.M.u Manchester
GB.MA.m Maidstone Morpeth
GB.MT.m Merthyr Tydfil
GB.NEW.m Newark
GB.NH.m Northampton
GB.NOR.harding Northleach
GB.NT.u Newcastle-upon-Tyne Norwich
GB.O.montagu Oxford
GB.O.prm Oxford Oxford
GB.O.ub Oxford Portsmouth
GB.RIC.hh Richmond-upon-Thames
GB.RO.m Rochester
GB.SAF.m Saffron Walden
GB.SAI.o St Albans Sevenoaks
GB.SHE.m Sheffield
GB.SHI.v Shipley
GB.SK.m Skipton
GB.SPA.e Spalding
GB.SN.m Swindon
GB.SN.webb [discontinued] Swindon St Helier
GB.STR.m Stroud
GB.TA.m Taunton
GB.TOR.m Torquay
GB.TOT.dc Totnes, Devon
GB.WAR.m Warrington
GB.WC.m Winchester
GB.WI.m Wigan
GB.WW.c Warwick
GB.WW.m Warwick
GB.Y.m York


GCA.G.mae Guatemala

GEORGIA (GE) Tbilisi Tbilisi


GH.A.nm Accra
GH.L.u Legon


GR.A.a Athens [Athenai]
GR.A.mpi Athens [Athenai]
GR.A.Papageorgiou Athens [Athenai]
GR.NA.pff Nafplion


H.B.birinyi Budapest Budapest
H.B.l Budapest
H.B.mmh Budapest
H.B.mnm Budapest
H.B.nm Budapest
H.B.semmelweis Budapest Eggenburg
H.KEC.leskowsky Kecskemét
H.S.m Sopron


HR.S.em Split [Splitu]
HR.Z.em Zagreb Zagreb Zagreb
HR.Z.zif Zagreb


I.A.c Assisi
I.A.f Assisi Bologna
I.B.c Bologna Bologna Bologna Bari
I.BG.m Bergamo Brescia Brugherio, Lombardy
I.BSC.giulini Briosco Cremona
I.CR.pc Cremona Cremona
I.CR.sf Cremona Castelfidardo Florence [Firenze] Florence [Firenze] Florence [Firenze]
I.F.msn Florence [Firenze] Forli Faenza
I.G.mao Genoa [Genova]
I.IB.borromeo Isola Bella, Lago Maggiore
I.M.pms Imola
I.M.msm Milan [Milano]
I.M.mst Milan [Milano]
I.M.ts Milan [Milano] Mantua [Mantova] Magliano Alfieri
I.MO.m Modena
I.MRO.cp Merano
I.N.c Naples [Napoli] Naples [Napoli] Naples [Napoli] Novara, Piemonte Parma Pesaro
I.PI.carreras Pisa Palermo Palmi Pistoia
I.QS.msq Quarna Sotto Rome [Roma]
I.R.mat Rome [Roma]
I.R.mpe Rome [Roma] Rome [Roma] Rome [Roma]
I.RIM.mce Rimini Siena Scapoli Siena Savio Turin [Torino] Turin [Torino]
I.TS.con Trieste Trieste
I.V.c Venice [Venezia]
I.V.ip Venice [Venezia]
I.V.mao Venice [Venezia] Venice [Venezia] Verona
I.VE.cap Verona Verona


IL.B.mb Be'er Sheba' Haifa
IL.HE.zeldis Herzliyya Jerusalem Jerusalem
IL.J.ra Jerusalem
IL.T.a Tel Aviv
IL.T.weinstein Tel Aviv

INDIA (IND) Ahmedabad, Gujarat
IND.AM.sgs Amreli, Gujarat Alwar
IND.BHU.osm Bhubaneswar
IND.BO.c Baroda, Gujarat
IND.BO.m Baroda, Gujarat
IND.BOL.rb Bolpur, West Bengal Calcutta Calcutta
IND.C.cri Calcutta Calcutta Calcutta
IND.C.rbm Calcutta Chhindwara
IND.D.u Delhi
IND.DH.lw Dharampur, Gujarat Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh Goa Gauhati, Assam Gauhati, Assam
IND.GAU.uc Gauhati, Assam
IND.J.msm Jaipur Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Mumbai
IND.M.pwm Mumbai Madras Madras
IND.MU.hp Murshidabad, West Bengal
IND.MY.maa Mysore, Karnataka Nagpur, [AMaharashtra New Delhi
IND.ND.nm New Delhi
IND.ND.sna New Delhi Patiala, Punjab
IND.PU.dkm Pune
IND.PU.twm Pune Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu
IND.RA.wm Rajkot, Gujarat Shillong Udaipur
IND.VA.bkm Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh


IR.KE.hg Kernan Teheran Teheran Teheran
IR.TA.qm Tabriz


IRL.D.nm Dublin


J.FU.keiji Fuchu
J.H.mmi Hamamatsu
J.HIG.ot Higashi-Kurume, Tokyo Kyoto Kyoto
J.K.u Kyoto Matsue, Shimane Matsuto, Ishikawa Nagoya Nagoya
J.NR.kt Nara
J.NR.s Nara
J.NR.tu Nara Osaka Osaka
J.S.nm Sakura
J.SH.i Shimane
J.SH.m Shimane
J.SHI.a Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Tokyo
J.T.k Tokyo
J.T.mam Tokyo
J.T.mus Tokyo
J.T.nm Tokyo
J.T.o Tokyo Tokyo
J.T.tsumura Tokyo
J.Y.u Tokyo
J.T.uu Tokyo
J.T.wu Tokyo Uwajima, Ehime
J.YA.h Yamanashi


JA.K.ij Kingston

CAMBODIA (K) Phnom Penh



KZ.A.bbs Almaty Almaty


LT.V.nm Vilnius


LV.R.em Riga Riga

MALTA (M) Mdina

MA.T.c Tétouan

MALAYSIA (MAL) Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
MAL.KL.nm Kuala Lumpur Kuching
MAL.ME.m Melaka
MAL.PE.lm Pecan, Pahang
MAL.PE.sab Pecan, Pahang


MEX.C.aa Cozumel
MEX.M.arias Mexico City [Ciudad de México]
MEX.M.iim Mexico City [Ciudad de México]
MEX.M.lm Mexico City [Ciudad de México] Mexico City [Ciudad de México]
MEX.M.mai Mexico City [Ciudad de México] Mexico City [Ciudad de México]



N.A.aam Arendal Bergen
N.B.u Bergen
N.D.m Drammen
N.EG.df Egersund Elverum
N.F.vm Fagernes Gjøvik
N.HAL.hs Halden Hamar
N.HAR.stm Harstad Haugesund
N.JA.rm Jaren
N.KSS.vam Kristiansand S
N.KSN.nm Kristiansund N Lillehammer
N.MO.rm Molde Nesbyen
N.O.em Oslo Oslo
N.O.k Oslo Oslo
N.O.nt Oslo Rysstad
N.S.m Stavanger
N.SA.msf Sandane Sandnes
N.SAR.øm Sarpsborg
N.SIG.kk Sigdal Skien
N.T.aksdal Trondheim
N.T.ntnu Trondheim
N.T.r Trondheim
N.T.rh Trondheim
N.T.tfs Trondheim
N.TØ.vm Tønsberg
N.TY.nm Tynset Utne


NL.A.bruggen Amsterdam
NL.A.frank Amsterdam
NL.A.hasselaar Amsterdam
NL.A.laquestra Amsterdam
NL.A.oostrom Amsterdam Amsterdam
NL.A.vries Amsterdam Asten Barger-Compascuum
NL.BE.klm Bennekom Berg-en-Dal Delft The Hague [Den Haag]
NL.DH.schepel Voorburg, Den Haag Elburg
NL.EZ.huysser Egmond-aan-Zee
NL.G.m Groningen Haarlem Helmond
NL.KA.olthof Kampen
NL.L.rv Leiden Leiden
NL.LE.nm Leeuwarden
NL.MON.stuttenburgh Monnickendam
NL.N.vm Nijmegen Oudkerk
NL.U.ehrenfeld Utrecht Rotterdam
NL.SP.vester Spaarndam Utrecht
NL.U.stam Utrecht
NL.U.u Utrecht
NL.VL.ts Vlaardingen
NL.ZA.veer Zaandam

NZ.A.smith Auckland
NZ.D.m Dunedin
NZ.GB.mobbs Golden Bay Oamaru
NZ.W.nm Wellington
NZ.W.u Wellington


P.AL.mao Alcains
P.CV.s Castelo de Vide
P.C.uma Coimbra
P.L.c Lisbon [Lisboa] Lisbon [Lisboa] Lisbon [Lisboa] Lisbon [Lisboa]
P.L.msr Lisbon [Lisboa]
P.PD.u Ponta Delgada, Azores
P.PG.scm Pedrógão Grande
P.Q.m Queluz
P.SEIA.mb Seia


PE.L.maa Lima


PF.P.m Papeete, Tahiti
PF.PU.m Punaauia, Tahiti


PK.K.nm Karachi
PK.L.m Lahore Saidu Sharif


PL.B.fp Bydgoszcz
PL.BI.rm Biecz
PL.CZ.jg Czestochowa
PL.GD.nm Gdansk Kraków
PL.K.em Kraków
PL.LZ.mae Lódz
PL.OPA.mhp Opatówek
PL.P.mim Poznan
PL.PRZ.mnzp Przemysl Rzeszów
PL.SZYD.m Szydlowiec
PL.W.kil Warsaw Warsaw Warsaw Warsaw
PL.W.tmn Warsaw Warsaw
PL.WR.em Wroclaw Wroclaw Zakopane


PNG.B.nm Boroko Port Moresby

PARAGUAY (PY) Asunción


RA.AT.msg Atamisqui
RA.BA.inm Buenos Aires
RA.BA.c Buenos Aires
RA.BA.mah Buenos Aires
RA.BA.mnh Buenos Aires
RA.LP.mcn La Plata
RA.LP.mim La Plata San Salvador de Jujuy


RCA.B.mbb Bangui

CONGO (RCB) Brazzaville

CHILE (RCH) Santiago Valparaíso

GUINEA (RG) Nzerékoré


RI.DE.mb Denpasar, Bali
RI.J.nm Jakarta, Java
RI.J.wm Jakarta, Java Medan, North Sumatra
RI.RE.i Rengat, Riau
RI.SSI.p Siak Sri Indrapura, Riau
RI.SU.r Surakarta, Java
IR.YO.pd Yogyakarta


RM.A.u Antananarivo


RMM.B.nm Bamako


RN.N.cfpm Niamey
RN.N.nm Niamey


RO.B.cmt Bucharest [Bucuresti] Bucharest [Bucuresti] Bucharest [Bucuresti] Bucharest [Bucuresti] Cluj-Napoca
RO.C.mi Cluj-Napoca Chisinau Iasi


RP.B.nm Butuan City
RP.BON.m Bontoc, Luzon
RP.CE.u Cebu City
RP.CO.u Cagayan de Oro Manila
RP.M.mai Manila
RP.M.nm Manila
RP.M.ust Manila
RP.MA.ak Marawi Pasay City
RP.Q.u Quezon City
RP.ZA.em Zamboanga


ROK.S.cmi Seoul



RUS.KL.c Klin Moscow [Moskva] Moscow [Moskva] Moscow [Moskva]
RUS.M.mram Moscow [Moskva]
RUS.N.k Novgorod
RUS.PA.p Pavlovsk
RUS.SP.hmm Saint Petersburg [Sankt Peterburg]
RUS.SP.m Saint Petersburg [Sankt Peterburg] Saint Petersburg [Sankt Peterburg] Saint Petersburg [Sankt Peterburg]



S.BOS.m Borås Eskilstuna Falun
S.G.vkm Gothenburg [Göteborg] Gothenburg [Göteborg]
S.GÄ.lm Gävle
S.H.m: Helsingborg Hudiksvall
S.K.lm Kalmar
S.KK.ln Karlskrona
S.KR.lm Kristianstad Lund
S.LI.lm Linköping
S.LK.m Landskrona
S.LB.h Leufsta Bruk [Löstabruk]
S.LU.nm Luleå
S.Ö.lm Örebro
S.Ö.lm Östersund Stockholm
S.S.e Stockholm [discontinued] Stockholm
S.S.lm Stockholm
S.S.m Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm
S.S.vkm Stockholm
S.SK.vm Skara
S.SKE.m Skellefteä Norrala, Söderhamn Uppsala
S.VÄ.lm Vänersborg


SD.L.nm Lobamba


SGP.S.nm Singapore


SI.L.em Ljubljana
SI.L.nm Ljubljana
SI.L.terlep Ljubljana Maribor Novo Mesto Ptuj


SK.BB.m Banská Bystrica Bratislava
SK.BR.nm Bratislava
SK.M.nm Martin



SRB.B.em Belgrade [Beograd]
SRB.B.mi Belgrade [Beograd]
SRB.B.uam Belgrade [Beograd] Belgrade [Beograd]


T.B.nm Bangkok


TA.D.m Dushanabe

CHAD (TCH) Abéché

TN.C.atp Carthage
TN.SS.m Sidi ben-Saïd
TN.T.c Tunis


TR.A.em Ankara
TR.I.ak Istanbul Istanbul
TR.I.tks Istanbul
TR.IZ.m Izmir Konya Konya

TAIWAN (TW) Taipei


UA.K.gusac Kiev
UA.LV.m L'viv


US.AA.s Ann Arbor, MI Albuquerque, NM
US.AMB.oe Ambridge, PA
US.ASH.frederick Ashburnham, MA
US.B.bso Boston, MA
US.B.c Boston, MA
US.B.germann Boston, MA
US.B.mfa Boston, MA Boston, MA
US.BA.hs Baltimore, MD
US.BAH.sanfillipo Barrington Hills, IL
US.BAK.kcm Bakersfield, CA
US.BE.lanier Berkeley, CA
US.BE.m Berkeley, CA
US.BE.u Berkeley, CA Berea, KY
US.BEL.lm Beloit, WI
US.BEN.m Bennington, VT
US.BET.m Bethlehem, PA
US.BIS.hs Bismarck, ND Bloomington, IN
US.BLH.cis Bloomfield Hills, MI
US.BOI.hs Boise, ID
US.BOO.asu Boone, NC Bowling Green, KY
US.BRB.eo Brattleboro, VT
US.BRO.mpi Browning, MT
US.BRS.leone Brookside, NJ Burlington, VT
US.BV.wm Bartlesville, OK Chicago, IL
US.C.oi Chicago, IL Cambridge, MA Cambridge, MA
US.CBD.u Carbondale, IL
US.CD.hs Concord, NH
US.CEN.flint Centreville, DE
US.CH.j Charlottesville, VA
US.CHA.m Charleston, SC Cincinnati, OH
US.CL.hs Cleveland, OH
US.CL.rr Cleveland, OH
US.CLB.namm Carlsbad, CA
US.CLD.dbm Clarksdale, MS
US.CM.eric Costa Mesa, CA Corning, NY
US.CS.m Colorado Springs, CO Detroit, MI
US.D.ia Detroit, MI
US.DB.hf Dearborn, MI
US.DE.mnh Denver, CO
US.DEC.nam Decorah, IA
US.DK.niu De Kalb, IL
US.DM.u Durham, NC Davenport, IA
US.ED.uam Edwardsville, IL
US.ELM.hc Elmira, NY
US.FAY.cholthitchanta Fayetteville, AR
US.FL.m Flagstaff, AR
US.FRA.db Franklin, PA
US.GE.elrod Germantown, MD
US.GRI.c Grinnell, IA
US.HAN.hs Hanover, MI
US.H.hs Hartford, CT Harvard, MA
US.HOM.dudgeon Homer, NY Honolulu, HI
US.HON.u Honolulu, HI Hopkinton, MA
US.HOU.mns Houston, TX
US.HUN.ppm Hunter, NY
US.IN.m Indianapolis, IN
US.IN.pas Indianapolis, IN
US.IO.u Iowa City, IA Ivoryton, CT
US.J.chaney Jacksonville, AL
US.K.u Kent, OH
US.KA.ptg Kansas City, KS
US.KAL.vm Kalamazoo, MI Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA
US.LA.usc Los Angeles, CA
US.LA.wt Los Angeles, CA
US.LB.u Lewisburg, PA Lincoln, NE
US.LIT.m Lititz, PA Le Mars, IA
US.M.m Milwaukee, WI
US.M.pv Milwaukee, WI
US.MAN.u Honolulu, HI
US.MC.u Montclair, NJ
US.MEM.ppm Memphis, TN
US.MH.hs Manhattan, KS
US.MI.wu Middletown, CT Monroe, MI
US.MT.m Morristown, NJ Nashville, TN
US.NA.csm Nashville, TN Nashville, TN Nashua, NH
US.NAZ.cfm Nazareth, PA
US.NAZ.m Nazareth, PA
US.NC.sigal Newton Centre, MA
US.NE.m Newark, NJ New Haven, CT
US.NH.y New Haven, CT North Newton, KS New Orleans, LA Norris, TN
US.NY.amnh New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY
US.OA,phm Oakland, CA
US.OB.caldwell Oberlin, OH
US.OB.k Oberlin, OH
US.OB.s Oberlin, OH
US.OK.abm Oklahoma City, OK
US.OK.cwm Oklahoma City, OK
US.OK.hs Oklahoma City, OK
US.OK.payne Oklahoma City, OK Onchiota, NY
US.OR.ap Orlando, FL Orlando, FL Orono, ME
US.P.dt Pittsburgh, PA
US.P.hhc Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh, PA
US.PA.pease Palmer, MA Pine Bluff, AR
US.PD.hs Portland, ME
US.PH.ism Philadelphia, PA
US.PH.maa Philadelphia, PA
US.PH.pma Philadelphia, PA Phoenix, AZ
US.PHO.mim Phoenix, AZ Portland, OR
US.PL.hs Portland, OR Poughkeepsie, NY
US.POT.csm Potsdam, NY
US.PRO.hs Providence, RI Provo, UT Rochester, NY
US.R.valenza Rochester, NY
US.RH.welch Rolling Hills, CA
US.RID.eldredge Ridgewood, NJ
US.RL.wilson Red Lion, PA [dispersed] Rockford, IL
US.RW.hs Red Wing, MN Seattle, WA Seattle, WA
US.S.em Seattle, WA
US.S.mhi Seattle, WA
US.S.spu Seattle, WA
US.S.uw Seattle, WA
US.SA.ei Salem, MA
US.SAN.bmm Santa Ana, CA
US.SAR.rm Sarasota, FL
US.SB.hs Santa Barbara, CA
US.SB.uc Santa Barbara, CA San Diego, CA
US.SF.fam San Francisco, CA
US.SFE.mai Santa Fe, NM
US.SFE.mia Santa Fe, NM
US.SHB.m Shelburne, VT St Johnsbury, VT
US.SI.sjm Sitka, AK
US.SJO.m St Joseph, MO
US.SL.hartenberger St Louis, MO
US.SLC.mch Salt Lake City, UT
US.SPA.hs St Paul, MN St Paul, MN
US.ST.u Stanford, CA
US.STB.v Sturbridge, MA
US.SU.hs Superior, WI
US.STG.otm Sterling, CO Tallahassee, FL
US.TA.ucm Tallahassee, FL
US.TAR.miner Tarzana, CA
US.TC.asm Tucson, AZ
US.TL.richards Toluca Lake, CA
US.TO.hs Topeka, KS Tulsa, OK
US.TU.pma Tulsa, OK
US.U.u Urbana-Champaign, IL
US.V.n Vermillion, SD
US.W.c Washington, DC
US.W.dar Washington, DC
US.W.nmai Washington, DC and New York City
US.W.nmnh Washington, DC
US.W.nps Washington, DC Washington, DC
US.WAR.ucm Warrensburg, MO
US.WG.aa Williamsburg, VA Williamsburg, VA
US.WI.c Williamstown, MA
US.WIC.hensley Wichita, KS
US.WIC.u Wichita, KS
US.WIL.howe Wilbraham, MA
US.WIS.wh Wiscasset, ME
US.WS.whs Winston-Salem, NC York, PA


USB.S.m Samarkand
USB.T.aam Tashkent Tashkent Tashkent
USB.T.sel Tashkent


UY.M.mhn Montevideo Montevideo


VE.C.fe Caracas


VN.S.nm Saigon


WAG.B.nm Banjul


WAN.B.nm Benin City
WAN.J.m Jos
WAN.L.nm Lagos
WAN.L.ncm Lagos


Z.L.m. Livingstone
Z.M.mmm Mbala


ZA.C.m Cape Town
ZA.C.u Rondebosch, Cape Town
ZA.EL.m East London
ZA.G.ilam Grahamstown Johannesburg
ZA.J.steafel Johannesburg
ZA.J.uw Johannesburg


ZRE.B.dac Bukavu Kinshasa


ZW.H.qvm Harare

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