The New Grove Dictionary of Opera

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Edited by Stanley Sadie

The New Grove Dictionary of Opera (1992), is a comprehensive resource on the study of opera designed for scholars and opera aficionados. Its 11,000 articles, written by more than 1,300 of the world's leading critics and scholars, cover 1,800 operas from the late 16th century Florentine Camerata, through the great 18th and 19th century operas, to contemporary works such as the minimalist theatre pieces of Philip Glass. The lives and works of more than 2900 composers and hundreds of singers from Francesco Rasi in the 17th century to Luciano Pavarotti in the 20th are discussed in biographical articles. Indexes of character names and arias make it easy to find what you are looking for. Illustrations throughout the book present rare photographs, reproductions of original posters, set and costume designs, and scenes from modern productions.

Managing Editor

Christina Bashford

Senior Consulting Editor

Leanne Langley

Consulting Editors

Marita P. McClymonds
Elizabeth Forbes
Barry Millington
Richard Macnutt
Roger Parker
Patrick O’Connor
John Roselli
Ellen Rosand
Thomas Bauman
Advisory Board
David Charlton
Lorenzo Bianconi
Will Crutchfield
Andrew Clements
Imre Fabian
David Cummings
Harry Haskell
Laurel E. Fay
Arthur Jacobs
Marina Henderson
Malena Kuss
Gaynor Jones
Steven Ledbetter
Andrew Lamb
Nancy Malitz
Lowell E. Lindgren
Curtis Price
Charles Pitt
Graham Sadler
Thérèse Radic
Richard Langham Smith
Lionel Salter
Robert Stevenson
John B. Steane
Richard F. Taruskin
Andrew Stiller
Mercedes Viale Ferrero
John Tyrrell
John C.G. Waterhouse

Illustration Editors

Elisabeth Agate
Helen Ottaway

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