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Grove Music Online is the world’s premier online music encyclopedia, offering comprehensive coverage of music, musicians, music-making, and music scholarship.

Updated frequently, Grove Music Online is an essential tool for anyone interested in researching, teaching, or just learning more about music. Written and edited by nearly 9,000 subject experts, Grove’s 51,000 articles offer clear overviews of topics from a scholarly perspective and include extensive bibliographies, which are curated to guide users through existing scholarship. Grove’s 33,000 biographical articles provide life information and detailed works lists for composers, performers, and other important musical figures. Grove Music Online also features more than 5,000 images, musical examples, and links to audio and video examples. It is the perfect starting point for scholarly research, but with a clear and engaging writing style, Grove is easily accessible to amateur music-lovers as well. 

While Grove Music Online was first launched in 2001, it originated as a print dictionary that has been in continuous publication since 1879. The online edition includes updated versions of previous Grove publications as well as hundreds of articles commissioned specifically for the online edition. Titles include:

  • The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2nd edition (29 volumes, 2001)
  • The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, 2nd edition (3 volumes, 2002)
  • The New Grove Dictionary of Opera (4 volumes, 1992)
  • The Norton Grove Dictionary of Women Composers (1 volume, 1994)
  • The Grove Dictionary of American Music, 2nd edition (8 volumes, 2013; in process)
  • The Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments, 2nd edition (5 volumes, 2014; in process)

Current and recent online projects include:

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History of Grove Music

For more information on Grove Music and links to historical documents about Grove Music, please visit our History of Grove Music page.

Editorial Board, Advisory Panel, and Major Project Editors

The Grove Music Online program at Oxford University Press has an editorial board of five distinguished scholars who guide the long-term development of Grove, an advisory panel of representatives from eight societies devoted to music scholarship, and a team of major project editors who oversee the production of Grove’s specialized works. Meet the Editorial Board, Advisory Panel, and Major Project Editors.

Author Resources

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