French Music of the “Long” 19th Century

 Society for Seventeenth-Century Music

Grove Music Online is pleased to partner with the network ‘France: Musiques, Cultures, 1789-1918’ in an update project in which members of the group advise the Grove editorial staff and Editorial Board on the revision needs of our 19th century French content.


About ‘France: Musiques, Cultures, 1789-1918’

‘France: Musiques, Cultures, 1789-1918’ is a project covering all aspects of music in France in the long nineteenth century: music in the theatre, instrumental, military, popular, and sacred music, historiography, pedagogy, and theory. It encourages and promotes research of all types in the field: documentary, cultural, biographical, hermeneutic, bibliographical, archival, and analytical. It also develops work at the boundaries of musicology, dance history, theatre, medicine, science, ideas, and jurisprudence. At the heart of its work lies analysis of the musical press, and the press more broadly conceived, as it relates to music.

The project encompasses:

  • a network of over 300 academics, librarians, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers with interests in the music of the French long nineteenth century
  • a repository of nearly 4,000 documents (5.3 milllion words) digitized, searchable texts relating to French music and ballet in the nineteenth century
  • bibliographical resources, work in progress, and information of a more general nature
  • one international conference per year



Katharine Ellis (University of Cambridge)

Mark Everist (University of Southampton)


Grove Liaison Group:

Mark Everist

Ralph P. Locke

Catherine Massip