Grove Music Turns Twenty

Celebrating 10 years of Oxford Handbooks Online

Grove Music Online launched in 2001 offering web-based comprehensive coverage of music, musicians, music-making, and music scholarship. Grove Music Online originated as a print dictionary that has been in continuous publication since 1879. Now twenty years old and fully digital, Grove Music Online provides 52,000 articles, written by 9,000 subject experts, on musical topics spanning eras and regions, from composer biographies to musical instruments, recording technologies, the music culture of cities, and beyond.

To celebrate this anniversary, we have selected twenty articles published in the twenty years since Grove Music Online first launched, showcasing the quality, breadth, and depth of Oxford University Press’s world-renowned scholarly list. Delve straight in now by reading a freely available article below.

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Beethoven African American Music Kendrick Lamar Ragtime
Du Fay  BeriloizFanny Hensel Josquin 
   Lin Manuel Miranda Pop Music   

 "Beethoven, Ludwig van ” by R Joseph Kerman, Alan Tyson, Scott G. Burnham, Douglas Johnson and William Drabkin

 “Vamp (jazz)” by Deane L. Root, revised by Barry Kernfeld

 “Rubio, Hilarion (Francisco)” by Lucrecia R. Kasilag

 “Du Fay [Dufay; Du Fayt], Guillaume” by Alejandro Enrique Planchart

 “Berlioz, (Louis-)Hector ” by Hugh Macdonald

 “Oberthür, Charles ” by Alice Lawson Aber-Count

 "Coltrane [née McLeod], Alice ” by Franya Berkma

 “Overture” by Nicholas Temperley

 “American Bandmasters Association ” by Raoul F. Camus

 “Southwell, George” by Lavern John Wagner

 "Josquin (Lebloitte dit) des Prez ” by Patrick Macey, Jeremy Noble, Jeffrey Dean and Gustave Reese/

 “African American music” by Guthrie P. Ramsey

 “Ragtime” by Edward A. Berlin

 “Field holler ”by Paul Oliver

 “Popular music” by Richard Middleton and Peter Manuel

 "Pops concert” by Susan Feder (revised by Michael Mauskap)

 “Berry, Chuck” by Timothy D. Taylor

 “Hensel [née Mendelssohn (-Bartholdy)], Fanny Cäcilie ” by Angela Mace Christian

 “Lamar [Duckworth], Kendrick” by Lauron Kehrer

 “Miranda, Lin-Manuel” by Elizabeth Craft