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December 2021

Chadabe, Joel, revised
Chadabe, Joel, revised
Perelman, Ivo, revised
Picard, John, revised
Russell, Hal, revised
Smith, Paul, revised
Spring, Bryan, revised
Surman, John, revised
Tchicai, John, revised

November 2021

Dudek, Gerd, revised
Frith, Fred, revised
Gare, Lou, revised
Gibbs, Mike, revised
Golia, Vinny, revised
Guy, Barry, revised
Ind, Peter, revised
Jenkins, Karl, revised
Lovens, Paul, revised
Lytton, Paul, revised

October 2021

Abrams, Ray, revised
Anthony, Bill, revised
Arnet, Jan, revised
Bean, Billy, revised
Capp, Frank, revised
Crowder, Bob, revised
Gold, Sanford, revised
Hill, Ernest, revised
Jonas, Peter, revised
Kroměříž, revised
Lawson, Harry, revised
Lessey, Bob, revised
Levine, James, revised
Lewis, Herbie, revised
Lowe, Curtis, revised
Macurdy, John, revised
May, Billy, revised
McCord, Ted, revised
Ombra, revised
Perrin, Mimi, revised
Porcino, Al, revised
Pring, Bobby, revised
Sachs, Aaron, revised
Sample, Joe, revised
Shank, Bud, revised
Sharon, Ralph, revised
Shaw, Hank, revised
Slinger, Cees, revised
Smith, Derek, revised
Smith, John, revised
Smoker, Paul, revised
Watts, Trevor, revised
Weil, Kurt, revised
Wildman, Joan, revised
Woods, Jimmy, revised
Yagi, Masao, revised

September 2021

Igoe, Sonny, revised
Isola, Frank, revised
Kelso, Jackie, revised
Konitz, Lee, revised
Kramer, Gorni, revised
Lee, Sonny, revised
Loeb, Chuck, revised
Ludvík, Emil, revised
McKusick, Hal, revised
Mosley, Bob, revised
Porter, Jake, revised
Porter, King, revised
Reedus, Tony, revised
Rivera, Mario, revised
Root, Billy, revised
Ros, Edmundo, revised
Rudd, Roswell, revised
Sirone, revised
Third stream, revised

August 2021

June 2021

May 2021

Fleetwood Mac, revised
France, Percy, revised
Ho, Fred, revised
Lateef, Yusef, revised
Mesplé, Mady, revised
Nettl, Bruno, revised
Prine, John, revised
Reddy, Helen, revised
Romanou, Katy, revised
Ross, Annie, revised
Senfl, Ludwig, revised
Smith, Jimmy, revised
Suter, Robert, revised
Van Halen, revised
Wilson, Olly, revised
Withers, Bill, revised

March 2021

Benford, Bill, revised
Galloway, Jim, revised
Gill, Elmer, revised
Gold, Harry, revised
Gordon, Bobby, revised
Gorni, Kramer, revised
Green, Urbie, revised
Greene, Bob, revised
Harvey, Eddie, revised

February 2021

Davis, Tiny, revised
Gaines, Will, revised
Gilson, Jef, revised
Gumina, Tommy, revised
Haendel, Ida, revised
Hall, Jim, revised
Hambro, Lenny, revised
Harrell, Lynn, revised

January 2021

Banks, Buddy, revised
Brooks, Bubba, revised
Bujić, Bojan, revised
Carr, Mancy, revised
Christie, Ian, revised
Cobb, Jimmy, revised
Conners, Gene, revised
Coxhill, Lol, revised
Cranshaw, Bob, revised
Dallas, Sonny, revised
Davis, Spanky, revised
Dean, Vinnie, revised
Diéval, Jack, revised
Dodge, Joe, revised
Drakes, Jesse, revised
Drootin, Al, revised
Ermoll, Serge, revised
Flory, Med, revised
Ross, Elinor, revised

December 2020

Alix, May, revised
Allen, Geri, revised
Ardley, Neil, revised
Bailey, Derek, revised
Ball, Kenny, revised
Bank, Danny, revised
Baraka, Amiri, revised
Beck, Gordon, revised
Beck, Pia, revised
Bell, Aaron, revised
Berk, Dick, revised
Bley, Paul, revised
Bohannon, revised
Bonner, Joe, revised
Briggs, Bunny, revised
Brown, Brian, revised
Brubeck, Dave, revised
Burns, Dave, revised
Cabo Verde, revised
Grimes, Henry, revised
Konitz, Lee, revised
Kraftwerk, revised
Longo, Mike, revised
Mays, Lyle, revised
Rogers, Kenny, revised
Satie, Erik, revised
Schorr, Eva, revised
Tarr, Edward, revised
Tyner, McCoy, revised

November 2020

Allen, Gene, revised
Ash, Vic(tor), revised
Babs, Alice, revised
Badgley, Bob, revised
Balaban, Red, revised

October 2020

Krafft family, revised
Lamb, Joseph, revised
Richter, Hans, revised
Romania, revised
Rust, Giacomo, revised
Wemba, Papa, revised

September 2020

Carr, John, revised
Jež, Jakob, revised
Lebič, Lojze, revised
Merkù, Pavle, revised
Petrić, Ivo, revised
Štuhec, Igor, revised
Z, Pamela, revised

August 2020

Feigin, Sarah, revised
Freni, revised
Heath, Jimmy, revised
Kupfer, Harry, revised
Léonin, revised
Mazura, Franz, revised
Pérotin, revised
Rush, revised
Serkin, Peter, revised
Trad Jazz, revised

July 2020

Ballet, revised
Beach, revised
Blackfoot (i), revised
Celesta, revised
Durang, John, revised
Festivals, revised
Götz, Franz, revised
Haberhauer, revised
Hip hop, revised
Hustle, revised
McIntosh, revised
Modern dance, revised
Psaltery, revised
Reggaeton, revised
Rhythmicon, revised
Social dance, revised
Sound art, revised
Swing dances, revised
Tyrrell, John, revised
Zydeco, revised

June 2020

Badura-Skoda, revised
Belissen, revised
Blaine, Hal, revised
Bryant, Clora, revised
Bylsma, Anner, revised
Cars, the, revised
Craft, Robert, revised
Cramer family, revised
Cream, revised
Dale, Dick, revised
Davis, Ivan, revised
Day, revised
Demus, Jörg, revised
Dr. John, revised
Freeman, Paul, revised
Jepson, Helen, revised
Jordan, Irene, revised
Manina, revised
Murray, Sunny, revised
Musorgsky, revised
O’Leary, revised
Orphéon, revised
Raum, revised
Salzman, Eric, revised
Seede, Brice, revised
Telfer, revised
Trojan, revised
Willis, Larry, revised

May 2020

Emilio, revised
Fall, the, revised
Gabriel, Juan, revised
Haar, James, revised
Harrán, Don, revised
Huber, Klaus, revised
Hüsker Dü, revised
Kamae, Eddie, revised
Kivy, Peter, revised
Moman, Chips, revised
Moravec, Ivan, revised
Motörhead., revised
Murray, Sunny, revised
Nixon, Marni, revised
Pack, Simon, revised
Page, Robert, revised
Tomita, Isao, revised
Zadek, Hilde, revised
Zechlin, Ruth, revised

April 2020

Denss, Adrian, revised
Gilles, Jean, revised
Waxman, Franz, revised

March 2020

Duke, Vernon, revised
Elfman, Danny, revised
Field, John, revised
Nettl, Bruno, revised
Newman, Randy, revised
North, Alex, revised
Price, revised
Raksin, David, revised
Rota, Nino, revised
Voice., revised
Weavers, the, revised

February 2020

Powell, John, revised
Buchla., revised
Can., revised
Conrad, Tony, revised
Gedda, revised
Giles, revised
Video, revised

January 2020

Barry, John, revised
Elfman, Danny, revised
Newman, Randy, revised


December 2019

Lamar, revised
Motet, revised
Musical film., revised
Regieoper, revised
Emmons, Buddy, revised
Jabbour, Alan, revised
Lane, Louis, revised
Remo., revised



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