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April 2022

Aho, Erkki, revised
Bream, Julian, revised
Foss, Niels, revised

March 2022

Bach, Jan, revised
Claviorgan, revised
Felber, Erwin, revised
Hall, Tom T., revised
Harlow, Larry, revised
Perry, Lee, revised
Zender, Hans, revised

February 2022

Byard, Jaki, revised
Gale, Eddie, revised
Gibson, Jon, revised
Singer, Hal, revised
Totah, Nobby, revised
Vick, Graham, revised

January 2022

Peacock, Gary, revised

December 2021

Chadabe, Joel, revised
Chadabe, Joel, revised
Perelman, Ivo, revised
Picard, John, revised
Russell, Hal, revised
Smith, Paul, revised
Spring, Bryan, revised
Surman, John, revised
Tchicai, John, revised

November 2021

Dudek, Gerd, revised
Frith, Fred, revised
Gare, Lou, revised
Gibbs, Mike, revised
Golia, Vinny, revised
Guy, Barry, revised
Ind, Peter, revised
Jenkins, Karl, revised
Lovens, Paul, revised
Lytton, Paul, revised


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