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December 2021

Chadabe, Joel, revised
Chadabe, Joel, revised
Perelman, Ivo, revised
Picard, John, revised
Russell, Hal, revised
Smith, Paul, revised
Spring, Bryan, revised
Surman, John, revised
Tchicai, John, revised

November 2021

Dudek, Gerd, revised
Frith, Fred, revised
Gare, Lou, revised
Gibbs, Mike, revised
Golia, Vinny, revised
Guy, Barry, revised
Ind, Peter, revised
Jenkins, Karl, revised
Lovens, Paul, revised
Lytton, Paul, revised

October 2021

Abrams, Ray, revised
Anthony, Bill, revised
Arnet, Jan, revised
Bean, Billy, revised
Capp, Frank, revised
Crowder, Bob, revised
Gold, Sanford, revised
Hill, Ernest, revised
Jonas, Peter, revised
Kroměříž, revised
Lawson, Harry, revised
Lessey, Bob, revised
Levine, James, revised
Lewis, Herbie, revised
Lowe, Curtis, revised
Macurdy, John, revised
May, Billy, revised
McCord, Ted, revised
Ombra, revised
Perrin, Mimi, revised
Porcino, Al, revised
Pring, Bobby, revised
Sachs, Aaron, revised
Sample, Joe, revised
Shank, Bud, revised
Sharon, Ralph, revised
Shaw, Hank, revised
Slinger, Cees, revised
Smith, Derek, revised
Smith, John, revised
Smoker, Paul, revised
Watts, Trevor, revised
Weil, Kurt, revised
Wildman, Joan, revised
Woods, Jimmy, revised
Yagi, Masao, revised

September 2021

Igoe, Sonny, revised
Isola, Frank, revised
Kelso, Jackie, revised
Konitz, Lee, revised
Kramer, Gorni, revised
Lee, Sonny, revised
Loeb, Chuck, revised
Ludvík, Emil, revised
McKusick, Hal, revised
Mosley, Bob, revised
Porter, Jake, revised
Porter, King, revised
Reedus, Tony, revised
Rivera, Mario, revised
Root, Billy, revised
Ros, Edmundo, revised
Rudd, Roswell, revised
Sirone, revised
Third stream, revised

August 2021

June 2021


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