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September 2021

Igoe, Sonny, revised
Isola, Frank, revised
Kelso, Jackie, revised
Konitz, Lee, revised
Kramer, Gorni, revised
Lee, Sonny, revised
Loeb, Chuck, revised
Ludvík, Emil, revised
McKusick, Hal, revised
Mosley, Bob, revised
Porter, Jake, revised
Porter, King, revised
Reedus, Tony, revised
Rivera, Mario, revised
Root, Billy, revised
Ros, Edmundo, revised
Rudd, Roswell, revised
Sirone, revised
Third stream, revised

August 2021

June 2021

May 2021

Fleetwood Mac, revised
France, Percy, revised
Ho, Fred, revised
Lateef, Yusef, revised
Mesplé, Mady, revised
Nettl, Bruno, revised
Prine, John, revised
Reddy, Helen, revised
Romanou, Katy, revised
Ross, Annie, revised
Senfl, Ludwig, revised
Smith, Jimmy, revised
Suter, Robert, revised
Van Halen, revised
Wilson, Olly, revised
Withers, Bill, revised

March 2021

Benford, Bill, revised
Galloway, Jim, revised
Gill, Elmer, revised
Gold, Harry, revised
Gordon, Bobby, revised
Gorni, Kramer, revised
Green, Urbie, revised
Greene, Bob, revised
Harvey, Eddie, revised

February 2021

Davis, Tiny, revised
Gaines, Will, revised
Gilson, Jef, revised
Gumina, Tommy, revised
Haendel, Ida, revised
Hall, Jim, revised
Hambro, Lenny, revised
Harrell, Lynn, revised

January 2021

Banks, Buddy, revised
Brooks, Bubba, revised
Bujić, Bojan, revised
Carr, Mancy, revised
Christie, Ian, revised
Cobb, Jimmy, revised
Conners, Gene, revised
Coxhill, Lol, revised
Cranshaw, Bob, revised
Dallas, Sonny, revised
Davis, Spanky, revised
Dean, Vinnie, revised
Diéval, Jack, revised
Dodge, Joe, revised
Drakes, Jesse, revised
Drootin, Al, revised
Ermoll, Serge, revised
Flory, Med, revised
Ross, Elinor, revised

December 2020

Alix, May, revised
Allen, Geri, revised
Ardley, Neil, revised
Bailey, Derek, revised
Ball, Kenny, revised
Bank, Danny, revised
Baraka, Amiri, revised
Beck, Gordon, revised
Beck, Pia, revised
Bell, Aaron, revised
Berk, Dick, revised
Bley, Paul, revised
Bohannon, revised
Bonner, Joe, revised
Briggs, Bunny, revised
Brown, Brian, revised
Brubeck, Dave, revised
Burns, Dave, revised
Cabo Verde, revised
Grimes, Henry, revised
Konitz, Lee, revised
Kraftwerk, revised
Longo, Mike, revised
Mays, Lyle, revised
Rogers, Kenny, revised
Satie, Erik, revised
Schorr, Eva, revised
Tarr, Edward, revised
Tyner, McCoy, revised


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