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November 2023

Agogo, revised
Ars Nova, revised
Bailey, Dave, revised
Bas, Vlady, revised
Blevins, Leo, revised
Bowman, James, revised
Byrds, the, revised
Composition, revised
Crosby, David, revised
Elsdon, Alan, revised
Fawkes, Wally, revised
Pearce, Dick, revised
Walker, Mike, revised

October 2023

Brice, Percy, revised
Coco, revised
Kelso, Jackie, revised
ROVA, revised
Smith, Tommy, revised
Talbot, Jamie, revised
Tracey, Clark, revised
Wells, Spike, revised
Worth, Bobby, revised

September 2023

Bruder, Rudy, revised
Burke, Vinnie, revised
Coxhill, Lol, revised
Dean, Elton, revised
Dee, Brian, revised
Depeche Mode, revised
Garland, Tim, revised
Horler, David, revised
Horler, John, revised
Hutton, Mick, revised
Jordan, Ronny, revised
Kerr, Anthony, revised
Lamb, Bobby, revised
Loose Tubes, revised
Newton, David, revised

August 2023

Brook, Peter, revised
Corghi, Azio, revised
Froom, David, revised
Gibin, João, revised
Modernism, revised
Moloney, Mick, revised
Ochs, Michael, revised
Ostin, Mo, revised
Pešek, Libor, revised
Rorem, Ned, revised
Simon, Lucy, revised

July 2023

Basso, Gianni, revised
Bates, Django, revised
Bay, Francis, revised
Bee, David, revised
Bennink, Han, revised
Bland, Jack, revised
Bolar, Abe, revised
Brady, Stumpy, revised
Capp, Frank, revised
Charig, Marc, revised
Company, revised
Cortez, Jayne, revised
Gordon, John, revised
Hála, Kamil, revised
Hing, Kenny, revised
Houston, John, revised
Jones, Randy, revised
Jones, Virgil, revised
Jullien, Ivan, revised
Koch, Klaus, revised
Papa Bue, revised
Pedersen, Guy, revised
Roda, Ricard, revised
Shy, Robert, revised
Steckar, Marc, revised

June 2023

AMM, revised
Ashton, Bill, revised
Axen, Bent, revised
Barker, Guy, revised
Barnes, Alan, revised
Duke, Vernon, revised
Eszterháza, revised
Rääts, Jaan, revised
Reilly, Jack, revised
Six, Jack, revised


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