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November 2022

Appleton, Jon, revised
Bond, Jimmy, revised
Brodie, Hugh, revised
Bryant, Bobby, revised
King Crimson, revised
Mumma, Gordon, revised
Taylor, Gene, revised
Webb, George, revised
Wells, Henry, revised
Wheeler, Ian, revised
Whistler, revised
White, Carla, revised
Wick, Joe, revised

October 2022

Bennett, Lou, revised
Bodky, Erwin, revised
Burton, Rahn, revised
Cameron, Jay, revised
Carr, Mike, revised
Dixon, Ben, revised
Drew, Martin, revised
Gay, Al(bert), revised
Howard, Noah, revised
Isaacs, Ike, revised
Mackel, Billy, revised
Moore, Oscar, revised
Payne, Cecil, revised
Procol Harum, revised
Renaud, Henri, revised
Romano, Joe, revised
Rose, Boris, revised
Rowser, Jimmy, revised
Ruiz, Hilton, revised
Smith, Jimmy, revised
Smith, Keith, revised
Tucker, Bobby, revised

September 2022

Appleton, Joe, revised
Bauld, Alison, revised
Blake, Cyril, revised
Dean, Demas, revised
Gerard, Fred, revised
Hedges, Chuck, revised
Hughes, Bill, revised
James, Billy, revised
Jarvis, Jane, revised
Jumbo, Fredy, revised
Levin, Tony, revised
Maize, Bob, revised
Maneri, Joe, revised
Masso, George, revised
Melvoin, Mike, revised
Miller, Taps, revised
Shanty, revised
Termos, Paul, revised

August 2022

Bennett, Max, revised
Blake, Jerry, revised
Crumb, George, revised
Crumb, George, revised
Ewing, Maria, revised
Ewing, Maria, revised
Ewing, Maria, revised
Harris, Barry, revised
Mayers, Lloyd, revised
Mayl, Gene, revised
Ricketts, Bob, revised
Ronettes, the, revised
Saury, Maxim, revised
Smith, Viola, revised
Ventures, the, revised
Venuto, Joe, revised
Warren, Butch, revised
Watkins, Earl, revised
Whitlock, Bob, revised
Wilson, Juice, revised
Wood, Hugh, revised
Young, John, revised

July 2022

Duran, Eddie, revised
Horn, Paul, revised
Jarczyk, Jan, revised
King, Morgana, revised
Klein, Oscar, revised
Lucier, Alvin, revised
Marsh, Arno, revised
Mills, Jackie, revised
Murphy, Mark, revised
Potts, Bill, revised
White, Andrew, revised
Wilber, Bob, revised
Wright, Leo, revised

June 2022

Andre, Wayne, revised
Castro, Joe, revised
Clark, Buddy, revised
Cobb, Jimmy, revised
Collins, Dick, revised
Efford, Bob, revised
English, Bill, revised
Graham, Bill, revised
Hill, Buck, revised
Katzman, Lee, revised
La Roca, Pete, revised
Lemon, Brian, revised
Lucier, Alvin, revised
McGhee, Andy, revised
McIntosh, Tom, revised
Trenner, Donn, revised
Waters, Monty, revised
West, Cedric, revised
Wilder, Joe, revised
Wilson, Nancy, revised
Wootten, Red, revised
Wyble, Jimmy, revised
Young, Lee, revised
Young, Snooky, revised
Zarchy, Zeke, revised


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