Technical Support

For information about your subscription/purchase, including how to log in to your administrator account, access usage statistics, and download MARC records, please visit our Customer Services page. 

Click on the question to be taken straight to the answer. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I add my library's logo to the website?
Yes, you can. To set up a logo please contact us.

Is Oxford Music Online OpenURL compliant?
Yes, Oxford Music Online is compliant with OpenURL 0.1. Find out how to set up OpenURL referrals in Customer Services.

Does Oxford Music Online make use of digital object identifiers (DOIs)?
Yes, a digital object identifier (DOI) is available for every article, shown at the top of each article page.

Does Oxford Music Online support meta search software?
Yes. Meta search software helps our customers to find our content from across a number of different searching databases.

What content can Google, and other search engines, crawl from Oxford Music Online?
All articles will appear within Google search results (and results from other search engines). You will still see a small amount of teaser content before you are required to login to the site.  Google can also crawl all the publicly available pages (for example, About and Privacy Policy and Legal Notice). Google will not index or show the full text of any article.

What discovery services contain metadata from Oxford Music Online?
We currently provide metadata to EBSCO, ExLibris, OCLC, Paratext, Sirsidynix, Softweco, and Proquest (aka Summon).