The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz

 Jazz cover

Second Edition
Edited by Barry Kernfeld

The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, 2nd edition (2002), is the largest, most comprehensive reference work on jazz ever published. Building on an explosion in jazz scholarship, the second edition is more than twice as large as the 1988 first edition, including pioneering coverage of jazz musicians in Japan, South Africa, the Caribbean, and elsewhere. This edition marks an unrivaled effort within the field of jazz research in accuracy, with detailed cross-checking and source comparison in the ever-changing realm of jazz information. With over 7,000 articles on every aspect of the field, from jazz groups, composers and arrangers to instruments, terms, record labels and venues, The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz is an essential tool for scholars, musicians and aficionados alike.

Associate Editors

Gary Kennedy
Howard Rye

Copy Editor

Caroline Richmond

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