These timelines have been editorially compiled to lead the reader into the content of Grove Music Online, revealing areas of the dictionary that some readers may not yet have explored. As specific content areas of Grove continue to be developed, we will be adding new and updating existing timelines.

100 Operatic Premières

The timeline of 100 operatic premières is intended to introduce the reader to Grove Music Online’s articles on operatic works. This is not a comprehensive timeline of opera but a chronological overview, representing all historical styles of opera and including all the major works. The timeline also includes a number of lesser-known works, with the hope of introducing the reader to operas that, though perhaps heard less often, are nonetheless worthy of attention.

Contemporary Music

The timeline of contemporary music begins in the 1880s, with events and compositions that pointed the way forward, and ends with recent events from the 21st century. This is a selective timeline, intended to guide the reader through the wide variety of topics related to contemporary music that are covered in Grove Music Online.

Women in Music

The timeline of women in music is intended to provide an overview of the breadth and depth of women’s contribution to music throughout music history. It is representative rather than comprehensive, and is aimed at pointing the reader toward relevant material in Grove Music Online.