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Hellmut Federhofer

(b Venice, c1540; d Graz, bur. Feb 2, 1611). Italian composer and singer. He was probably educated in Venice, and he became a canon at S Salvatore there. On 1 November 1578 he was appointed a tenor in the Graz Hofkapelle, to which he belonged for the rest of his life. In 1580 he became court chaplain and in 1595 Hofkapellmeister; by then he was also principal court chaplain and almoner. His appointment to both posts resulted from the Graz court’s efforts in support of the Counter-Reformation. Bianco resolutely continued the italianization of the Hofkapelle, a task already begun by Annibale Padovano; in order to recruit musicians and obtain music, he visited Venice several times, and Venetian music became the most important influence on music at the Graz court. Bianco attracted musicians such as Georg Poss, who was trained in Venice, and Giovanni Gabrieli’s friend Francesco Stivori and pupil Alessandro Tadei. His testimonials on the Graz court musicians (in ...