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Gulbat Toradze

Arakishvili, Dimitri ( b Vladikavkaz , Feb 23, 1878; d Tbilisi , Aug 13, 1953 ). Georgian composer , musicologist and teacher. An academician of the Georgian Academy of Sciences and Laureate of the USSR State Prize ( 1950 ), Arakishvili is one of the founders of the Georgian School of composition. In the period 1894–1901 he attended the school of music and drama (attached to the Moscow Philharmonic Society) where he studied composition with A. Il′insky, and theory with S. Kruglikov ( 1894–1901 ), later improving his compositional technique


Legend of Shota Rustaveli, The Opera by Dmitri Arakishvili; see Tkmuleba Shota Rustavelze .


Stephen Johnson

He leaves in high dudgeon and Nina commits suicide. It is a little surprising that Arakishvili should have chosen this variant against the legend’s more common ending, where Rustavelze in his fury kills the nameless youth, only then to discover that it is Nina. Tkmuleba Shota Rustavelze had its triumphant première just before Paliashvili’s now more highly regarded Abesalom da Eteri , and it thus enjoys significance as Georgia’s first national opera. Like Paliashvili, Arakishvili used a number structure, largely in separate ballads and choruses, with a hint of


Joseph Jordania

female folksinger in Georgia, she was expert in eastern Georgian (Kartli-Kakhetian) traditional singing, with a repertory acquired from her family. Her debut with a choir came in 1910 , and by 1920 she had organized a tour throughout Georgia with her own choir. In 1921 Dimitri Arakishvili invited her to lead an ethnographic choir at Tbilisi State Conservatory. During the 1930s she made personal appearances in Russia and the Ukraine, including recording sessions and radio broadcasts. She performed the traditional repertory of both women and men, and many of her versions



Leah Dolidze, Christian Hannick, Dali Dolidze, Grigol Chkhikvadze, and Joseph Jordania

‘Gruzinskaya narodnaya pesnya i ego sovremennoye sostoyaniye’ [The Georgian folksong and its modern form], Artist , 1/5 (1895), 134 D. Arakishvili : Kratkiy ocherk razvitiya gruzinskoy kartalino-kakhetinskoy narodnoy pesni [A brief study of the development of Georgian Kartlian-Kakhetian folksong] (Moscow, 1905) D. Arakishvili : Narodnaya pesnya zapadnoy Gruzii [Folksong of western Georgia] (Moscow, 1908) D. Arakishvili : Gruzinskoye narodnoye muzïkal′noye tvorchestvo [Georgian folk music] (Moscow, 1916) R. Lach , ed.: Gesänge russischer Kriegsgefangener