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Israel J. Katz

Bibliography A. Temprano : ‘Panorama actual de la musica religiosa española, IV: Eduardo López-Chavarri’, TSM , 54 (1971), 21–5 A. Fernández-Cid : La música española en el siglo XX (Madrid, 1973) E. López-Chavarri Andújar : Compositores valencianos del siglo XX (Valencia, 1993) E. López-Chavarri Andújar : ‘Eduardo López-Chavarri Marco’, Ritmo , no.548 (1984), 103–4 R. Díaz Gómez and V. Galbis López : Eduardo López-Chavarri Marco: correspondencia (Valencia, 1996)


Ellen Highstein

Sumac, Yma [ Chavarri, Emperatriz ] ( b Ichocan , Sept 10, 1927; d Los Angeles , Nov 1, 2008 ). Peruvian soprano , active in the USA. Brought up in the Andes, she sang in local festivals until she came to the attention of government officials and the family moved to Lima, where she appeared in concert and enrolled in school. From 1942 to 1946 she sang in South America in various groups with her husband Moises Vivanco and cousin Cholito Rivero; the three named themselves the Inca Taky Trio, and in 1946 they arrived in New York.


José López-Calo

Echevarría [ Chavarri, Chavarría, Echavarría ] Spanish family of organ makers , active during the 17th and 18th centuries. Originally, they seem to have been from the Basque provinces, and were probably born in different towns. The more important members of the family are here discussed in an approximately chronological order. Pedro de Echevarría (i) was working on the organs of the Cathedral of León in 1644. A Fray José de Eizaga y Echevarría (i), a Franciscan friar from Eibar (Guipúzcoa), built the organs of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) and of Eibar (


Antonio Ruiz-Pipó

orch, 1945 Maror (op, 3), 1953–6 sacred and secular choral pieces, 25 songs, chbr pieces, pf music Principal publisher: Unión Musical Española Bibliography SubiraHME H. Collet : L'essor de la musique espagnole au XXe siècle (Paris, 1929) E. López Chavarri : Compendio de la historia de la música (Madrid, 1930) A. Mingote : Manuel Palau, musico contemporaneo: vida, cultura, obra, caracteristica (Valencia, 1946) F.J. León Tello : La obra pianistica de Manuel Palau (Valencia, 1956) A. Fernández Cid : La música español en el


Marta Cureses

org, 1987 Monodías españolas, pf 1988 Principal publisher: Salabert Bibliography K. Volans , ed.: Summer Gardeners (Durban, 1985) J. Ruvira : Compositores contemporáneos valencianos (Valencia, 1987), 69–77 E. López Chavarri-Andújar : Compositores valencianos del siglo XX (Valencia, 1993) S. Provost : ‘José Evangelista: de la mélodie comme élément unificateur du discours musical’, Présence de la musique québécoise (Montreal, 1999)


Greta Olson

(Madrid, 1869) 6 hymns; 1 ed. in G c 92 Sp. devotional works; 15 ed. in G; 18 on the Holy Sacrament ed. in C i; 15 on the Nativity ed. in C ii; 11 to the Virgin ed. in C iii; 12 to the saints ed. in C iv Bibliography StevensonRB StevensonSCM M. Paláu and E. Chavarri : La obra del músico valenciano Juan Bautista Comes (Madrid, 1944) J. Climent : ‘¿Que año nació Juan Bautista Comes? una fecha equivocada’, TSM , 58 (1975), 20–22 J. Climent Barber and J. Piedra Miralles : Juan Bautista Comes y su tiempo (Madrid, 1977) [incl. list of works]


José Climent

Pascual Pérez y Gascón, became a conservatory, and in 1968 was raised to the status of Conservatorio Superior de Música, now the Conservatorio Joaquín Rodrigo; its most important directors were Salvador Giner y Vidal ( 1894–1911 ) and Manuel Palau Boix ( 1952–67 ). Eduardo López-Chavarri y Marco was professor of aesthetics and music history there from 1910 to 1921. In 1986 the municipal Conservatorio José Iturbi was established. Under the influence of Giner y Vidal the city’s wind bands were organized into the Municipal Banda in 1901 , directed initially by Santiago


Jack Sage

revised by Susana Friedmann

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Robert Stevenson, Louise K. Stein, Albert Recasens, Belen Perez Castillo, Josep i Martí i Perez, Martin Cunningham, Ramón Pelinski, Jaume Aiats, Sílvia Martínez García, and Arcadio de Larrea Palacín

revised by Maricarmen Gómez

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